Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Year [2014]

Merry Christmas!

[Photos taken by Katherine Bach]

A bit of a recap of our year...
there are links throughout that you can click on to see the pictures that go with it.

Our year began with Ben finishing the kitchen remodel (completely finished in February)...and oh my goodness, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for it AND the dishwasher!! It was pretty funny how just the other day, Christian found a piece of the "old" flooring from the kitchen/dining room that remains in a closet and he said, "I just wish we had this same floor, it's so cool." The feeling is NOT mutual..the flooring was an image of stone on vinyl. We will not being going back to it.

Our summer was spent outside as much as possible. Ben worked for Preferred Builders from June -most of July. He also built a deck and tree house/swing set for us. It has been very handy to have the deck..and the boys love the tree house, it is not completely finished..but still very useable the way it is. A big highlight for us was our trip to Mexico with friends. We left the boys with Mom and Dad, and we spent 4 days relaxing at a resort in Cancun with 3 other couples. After we returned, Ben's school year started and he is still teaching spanish at McPherson High School. I continue to work prn at Wesley Medical Center in labor and delivery...always many babies to be born it seems!
In October, we celebrated Ben's 30th Birthday. October 18th, we welcomed Jonah Timothy into the world. He is so sweet and is loved, loved, loved! He is such a blessing to our family..and a really good baby. I'm glad he doesn't seem to mind the noise and constant attention he gets. These three boys will keep us on our toes I'm sure..but they sure are worth it!

Christian finished his first year of preschool in April. And since he turned 5 late this summer, we decided to go again this year. It is amazing how much of a difference we've already seen from last year to this in what he participates with and understands. He really likes to figure it out, and has a very good memory (crazy good!). Recently, he has been enjoying writing..on his own, he will ask how to spell out sentences and then get his own paper and write it out. Its a different level of 'developmental overload' than a toddler. I know it is a typical thing for this age, but it amazes me how 'all of the sudden' they learn how to write, and then soon read. Click here and here to see classic Christian conversations.
He thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors, helping his daddy, playing with Hot Wheels, playing any kind of sports, reading books (or looking at Waldo ones), going on bike rides, swimming (he is a little fish!) and recently drawing/writing. He is very social, although he informed me when asked if he played with his friends at school, "only Owen is my friend." I later found out, a "friend" by his definition is if he has been to their house :)

Noah is such a fun-loving, go-getter kind of little boy. Ever since he has learned to get around, he has not stopped. He likes to get into this and that..not really being destructive, just messing. This drives his big brother their personalities are very different when it comes to playing. They now share a room, a bunk bed..which occasionally makes for interesting bedtimes. He is just now starting to talk in sentences more clearly and say SO many more things. He has his favorite people he likes to talk about. He is very passionate about his love for babies, especially HIS baby brother. A couple weeks ago, he started wearing glasses..and it has been such a smooth transition and seems to be helping him!

Our day to day lives are filled with lots of playing, building, "being nice" talks, reading, wild moments, and the 'messiness' that goes along with raising children. I am glad for these days (definitely some more than others!)..they go by WAY too fast, as we are almost starting a new year! I hope as we start a new year and reflect on this past one, that we count our blessings and make the most it. For we have much to be grateful for!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
Enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus.

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