Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two boys, Six Chickens, and Mud

The Greats are growing, they moved out to their new permanent home now. Ben has made a real nice chicken house...maybe a little nicer than first planned. Regardless, they are enjoying themselves.

Christian and Noah are still very intrigued by them. They handle them freely and so far, they don't seem to mind.

Lola and Fannie "kissing"

And it has rained a decent amount lately...
glorious rain!
Christian was thoroughly enjoying the mud, and Noah was much more hesitant...which is pretty ironic. Recall The Muddy Encounter from last summer.

Noah enters the puddle, wearing his shoes (his green Crocs).

Big brother rescues him, as he gets his feet stuck in the mud and can't move.

Ahh, fishing out the lost shoe!

Noah so devastated that his Croc is completely covered in mud.

My favorite picture.

This was the final straw...getting splashed in the face with mud.

Poor guy. He was a serious mess.
His clothes were removed outside, with a quick wipe down...and then a nice warm bath inside.

Not long after, Christian got cold...and he took a warm bath too.

Then they both wanted to snuggle on the couch...a rare, but sweet sight.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My biggest 'baby'

As the end of preschool draws near, I am very aware of how big my 'baby' is getting!
Thankfully, if I say something like this...he will remind me, "Mama, I will always be your matter if I get really big!"

I think the thing that always catches me off guard is how much he knows. He is very perceptive to what is being done and said around him. If it is within hearing or seeing distance, he will almost always bring it up at some point.
This is how he interprets the Bible, and how he can remember the stories read to him. I often can learn from him due to either the questions that make me think harder or from what it is he says from his view point. There really is something to "child-like faith".
Recently, a man in our church died. He is the father of one of the girl's in our youth group that has baby sat Christian before. After I heard the news, he asked, "What happened, mama?" 
me: "Kaitlyn's daddy died. He was in an accident, and he died."
Christian: "Oh....that's sure too bad. That's really bad." (pause) "Well, it IS bad for us here on the land..but it IS good that is in Heaven. The rest of us just have to wait our turn."
me: "You're right Christian, he is in Heaven and that will be a wonderful place to get to go."
Christian: "Yeah, I don't even think I'll want to take ANY toys!" pause "Well, maybe I could just take ONE toy."

He has entered a new role as self appointed "Junior Parent". Oh my goodness, he just thrives off of telling Noah what he should or shouldn't be doing...hovering over every move at times, just waiting to correct him. It drives me crazy. I don't know how many times during the day I say "Christian, worry about yourself." "Who's the parent?" and finally I ask if he would like to do other parenting, such as changing diapers, etc. Poor guy, just can't help himself somedays! It really gets interesting when Noah is aware of his hovering presence and intentionally does things to make him go bonkers. Ah, brothers.
I like to remember the moments when they look at books together, color together, build together...and just giggle like crazy. But those other moments are very real and present as well.

This particular morning of driving their 'cars' around the yard, was the morning they ended up down the road while I was inside feeding Jonah. It was not a good morning for me. I sat Christian down and discussed why it was dangerous for several reasons, and he was SOBBING. I'd like to think that it sunk in..but I'm not so sure with the reasoning, "Noah wanted to keep going"..that I will trust them outside by themselves for awhile.

Sharing his troubles with Daddy. Poor guy. He really can get bent out of shape, and have a hard time letting go (don't we all sometimes!). I'd like to blame it on needing a nap, or being hungry...which maybe add to it..but in reality, its just one of those things that we need to work on. A lot of reminding to "be happy with the things you have", "be grateful, be thankful", "treat others as you wanted to be treated." But alas, sometimes words just don't fix the troubles, and you just have to cry it out or hug it out!

A month or so ago, he decided he wanted to read "This Old House" magazine while he went to the bathroom. He often likes to look at some kind of book, and be left alone for quite some time to take care of business. And his conversations on going to the bathroom, that he takes very seriously..are just about too much for me to not laugh at him. (Having to sit a certain way and what not.) Anyways, he was very certain that the small papers within the magazine were coupons that were for whatever the picture was. It was the cutest thing, how he just knew that's what they were for.... I took a short video of him explaining. I often don't have the heart to correct him, he's so innocent and has the most genuine thoughts that he will be out of that phase all too soon!

He is playful. He can have a very good imagination and can play so nice. One of his favorite things to do is to tickle (especially Grandpa!). Oh, how he will giggle if he gets a rise out of someone from tickling or "getting" them. He is all for dressing up for a reason, on this particular day it was "Wacky Wednesday" at school. For Valentines, family birthday parties, etc..he chooses his 'fancy' clothes, usually complete with dress shoes. On any other day, he will be the first to request wearing shorts as his first option (as well as flip flops)...and Praise the Lord for warmer weather so that I can say yes without going through the explanation as to why he can't yet!

He has a tender heart. 
Yes, he has his moments of being rough and 'snatching' toys away from his brother. He is a softy at heart. He will let us know if he is sad, he may be confused as to how/why he came to that feeling (aka blaming someone else for "making" him sad), but simply relaying how he is feeling is more than some adults can do. He genuinely asks about people, prays for people, and is concerned if someone he loves looks to be sad. He wants to fix their sadness. He is a good hugger, smoocher, and always ends the day with "I love you's for everyone." He loves when I "talk" for Jonah at bedtime, and he will carry on a lengthy conversation (it is quite hilarious sometimes).

He loves to be active and outdoors. Jumping on the trampoline, digging in the dirt, swinging, playing baseball, playing in the sand pile, finding worms...he loves it all. With daily allergy medicine, we can be outside most days...I enjoy Kansas for many things, but the allergens that pester this poor child are not one of them! 
He can also be a very good helper. Going to the grocery store with the three boys, was only possible with him pushing the mini shopping cart, and using that to hold the majority of our groceries.
He is getting so big (not so much in width), but definitely in length! He loves any opportunity to get to go play at Grandma's house. He has been doing better about at least saying, "hi" to me when I pick him up from preschool before asking if he can "go to Grandma's today?"

Christian, you are a funny, growing boy. I truly do enjoy spending time with you...and I like that your 'wheels' are always spinning. You're smart and witty, and I love you all the way to space and back (that's what we say to each other at bedtime!). You surely are growing into a big boy, but as you'll always be my baby!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jonah [6 months]

Half of a year...already!

Jonah, you are SUCH a sweet baby
In the last month, you done some growing in more ways than one.
Your hair, it started to come back this month..and its already so much more noticeable than a couple weeks ago. I actually had to give you a trim, because it was WAY long in the very front and by your ears. So far without wearing a hat, you grab your hair...but you aren't able to pull it out.

See how those hairs were crazy long!

When you want to make yourself known with squeals and loud noises. Your cry is unique in that, you keep your mouth closed and make a 'moaning' like sound. You can make the crying sound, and if you do...that means you really mean it (the one time, you had an arm through your crib rail and couldn't get it back...and the other times are usually due to being startled/scared from something).

Your sweet smile greets me in the morning...and MANY MANY times throughout the day. Pretty much anytime I go to pick you up, unless you are just so tired you can't bare to put any more effort into show your happy face! I especially love that you reach out to grab my face and pull it close to you, and then give me a 'kiss'. Oh, how you are so sweet!
You definitely do have a serious side too. And you are more apprehensive around males you don't know. You can get startled easily, and if there is a loud noise, you check to see what my facial response is...and then decide if it is 'cry worthy'. (Not always the case, but it is funny how you do this.) 

Your brothers are very fond of you. Christian deems you as "our baby" and Noah loves you dearly.
They enjoy laying on the floor with you, handing you toys, holding you (although, its becoming more difficult with you getting so big..and wiggly!), and just talking to you.
They both giggle when you touch their face or tickle them inadvertently.

You had an appointment scheduled at the beginning of this month to visit a pediatric dermatologist for your head. This was scheduled a month prior, when I had taken you in..and your poor skin was so raw with a combination of eczema and cradle cap in a bad sort of way. Your cheeks also get very rosy and almost rash kind of looking. To both of these things we put various ointments on..and very often..and prayed it would get better. Your head cleared up a couple weeks before the appointment (so I cancelled the appointment), and to your face I still put a combination of Aquaphor and a dab of hydrocortisone cream on usually in the morning and at night. Your regular doctor was SO pleased (as are we!) that it cleared up...he was very surprised that we hadn't gone to the dermatologist, and that what we had done helped it clear up.
This picture was soon after you turned five months...your face is so much better now.

You celebrated your very first Easter! You were looking mighty handsome. (This picture is funny because of your crooked hat...but you were smiling so big!)

I am almost certain you are teething. Granted, I realize this process can take some time, so perhaps there won't be any proof of the actual pearly whites popping through...but you sure do like to chew on most anything. It is so cute when you are getting dressed for almost immediately draw your toes up and you put them in your mouth.

You like to be outside. We usually attach the 'sleep sheep' just for soothing noise when we go on walks or spend time in the stroller. You seem to like the sound, and are very content just being outdoors.

Noah likes having you as his buddy. He climbs up in your crib sometimes..just to talk to you or lay with you. You don't seem to mind at all. He only minds when you try and snag his glasses..then he says, "Jonah?! Gasses...give them back. Let go."
And for whatever reason this month, Christian has really liked snuggling with you in the morning. It's pretty sweet how much you are loved on!

Your newest achievement is rolling over all the way. You just learned how to yesterday, and you don't want to stop! You seem to be quite proud with yourself. You have been VERY wiggly for several weeks, maybe even over a month...and your arm and legs can get to going at a very rapid speed. You thump those ol' legs so hard and fast, I am a little worried your heals will get bruised.

We introduced baby oatmeal within the last week. You seem to like it...although you are very messy!
Christian gets the biggest kick out of watching you eat it. We were slow to start foods, just in case we would have gone to the dermatologist and the possibility of allergies would have confused the reason for your skin issues. Soon enough we will get you eating more of a variety. 

You are 17 lbs and counting. I have noticed a big difference in the last several weeks, you just seem to be growing taller too. I think at your check up a few weeks ago, they said for height you are in the upper 60th percentile. 
I got out your 9 month clothing, although you still wear a lot of 6 month things. Your hair is a medium brown, and I think your eyes are starting to change color too. They were a very distinct blue, and now they seem to have bits of hazel in maybe they will turn brown?? Although I don't really count the hours you sleep, I deem you as an alright sleeper. You usually wake up once, eat, and then go right back to sleep..which doesn't really bother me. Now that you know how to completely roll over, I'm hoping the times of you waking up due to being on the 'wrong side are over. You almost always prefer sleeping on your belly...but its pretty cute, when you have rolled to your back and your body is so relaxed and stretched out.

We all love you so much Jonah.
Happy half birthday :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015


We were glad to have some quality cousin time this week.

Jace-man with his Easter basket..ready for the hunt.

Gia and Christian (and Cleo..begging for attention)

Mia & Gia

A lot of time spent in the sand pile!
Collecting worms!!
Hundreds, yes hundreds, were in there when it was tilled up! 
They all loved it...they spent so much time getting them.

All the family came over to our place Tuesday evening for supper. 
They met the chicks..Ava holding Lola.

 I don't know what Noah was up to..but the other 8 cousins were in the picture (Jonah just snuggling with Grandma).

Jace came over one day for awhile.
Christian and him carried on for quite some time, their conversations are VERY entertaining to listen to. How they are going to fix things up, and what needs to happen, and how they play with certain things, how to properly build things..I mean, really, what is there not to talk about.

Jace was saying, "WHY?" something was a certain way in this picture, it really cracks me up.
(What's even funnier is thinking of how Carissa has said, "whhhhhyyyy?" many times in the past...hmmmm, makes me laugh.)

They loved jumping together. I just love these pictures...mid air nose wipe and all!

Building does not stop during their snack break.

Friday, we went to the zoo. We had lunch at a park before, then checked out all the animals.
It was a gorgeous day.

The three of us sat on the tram together..while Carissa and Mom had all the kids. 
Such a funny and random combo. 
And Ben was sitting on top of a very flat tire, a-whomp a-whomp. We told the driver when we got off, that perhaps he has a low tire, "oh yeah...its been like that."

Christian, you are no longer a penguin sized boy. 
Well, neither is Jace...but regardless, they are all pretty cute boys!

Noah loved to see the animals. 
Visiting the penguins.

Friday night we had a bon fire..what a beautiful night. 
S'mores, the was really a nice night.

 We had a very full week, filled with special memories...
thankful for cousins both near and far!