Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in Topeka

We drove up for the day, to celebrate our family Christmas with Ben's family.
It was windy outside, but otherwise nice, so we spent some time outdoors for a bit.
We had a lady take family pictures..
a slightly amusing story in regards to this...
Ben and I set everything that we wanted to take the night before and then planned on leaving right when Christian woke up and just change him once we got there. Fine. We pull in to the driveway around 11, and empty the car. I asked Ben to grab the green bag with Christian's clothes. Fine. "Where did you put it?" "I didn't put it in the car, you did, remember? It was sitting on the couch, and you grabbed it." Hmm..not fine. Grandpa and Grandma H. were greeted briefly, and we dropped Christian off..and we went to Target to buy a whole new outfit for him. Not a huge deal..just silly how when we got home,  the green bag awaited us all nice and prepared

playing with Uncle Sam

Oh boy..he got a fire truck, with a dalmation, and a recycling dump truck. 
He was pretty excited.
And I know once we start using the easel to draw on...he will have much more to say about that!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

progressive meal

We did a progressive supper on Tuesday night at the KS sibling house's.

Appetizers at Mitch's.
I think we all were shocked with his performance.
He made potato skins from scratch.
He also had peppers, jalapenos, and chicken lightly breaded and fried.
It was GOOD.
Not sure we needed the main course after this!

Then we came over to our place for the main meal.
I made lasagna and chicken tetrazzini.
Carissa brought a side salad, and mom brought the bread. 

We had to use the blocks while here..I think its one of Dad's favorite things to do.

Dessert was served at Brent & Alyssa's.
They speak for themselves.
Pretty sure I could've kept popping these in my mouth.
Some of us may have done just that :)...starts with a M, ends with an addox. Who can blame him really??

Ava was showing us her dolls and her new doll house that she got for Christmas.

This was fun.
I vote we do it again sometime!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blast off!

We all ended up staying the night on Christmas night too. 
So we had breakfast...made by Alyssa and Mom.

I think this picture is so funny... it looks like everyone's watching Carissa drink her coffee.

The rest of the day was spent doing various things.

One of the things the kids worked on was making a gingerbread house. They did a good job!

And some of the big kids worked on building a rocket!
We sent them off in the afternoon so we could all enjoy seeing them going up together!

It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon.

Here are the rockets.


And then the standby crew...Brent and kids on the four wheeler..went to retrieve the falling rocket.

Do you see it??? It right above the tree line...

 We did it again with a bigger engine...


And the spectators stand in awe :)

I remember VERY vaguely watching them do this when I was little in MN.
So it was pretty awesome to watch now..they sent them up so HIGH!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Celebration continues..

We returned to the Sweigart house on Christmas evening..for more fun, food, and games.

Guitar Hero...


Finding the Pickle...


Fun new Jammies...

We also played the train game, ate more food, watched the ridiculous video from the night before of chubby bunny, and finished the evening by watching Elf.

This poor little fella couldn't quite make it through the movie..
so his big brother tucked him in nice and snug.

Hershberger Christmas [Harper]

Christmas day continued...
From my parents house, we left to celebrate with the extended Hershberger family in Harper.
On our way to Tim & Faith's house in Harper...Christian was a happy boy!

He was giggling at me pull down my sunglasses onto my nose and say, "excuuuuse me??" Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain him (yet sometimes it takes EVERYTHING you've got! We won't talk about the car ride home several hours later. Let's just say, nap time is a very sacred time...and on this particular day, it was especially missed!)

Christmas Dinner
( all but Dan & Marla's family were there. Pictured here are Beth, John, Martha, and Howard)

Christian and his Great Grandpa Hershberger (which he does call him by his FULL name) 
matching in their red vests

 Christian with his Grandpa and Great Grandpa...getting a lesson in the things phones can do these days!

It was good to see everyone that was there and celebrate Christmas together.

Christmas (Papa & Grandma's house)

My disclaimer for the majority of the Christmas photos taken....they are somewhat to really somewhat blurry (I didn't pay attention to the! I think you can still make out who is who though :)

On Christmas Eve we spent our morning playing with the toys Christian had opened. In the afternoon we headed over to "Grandma's house" (even though Papa lives there is also known as this). We had heard that Santa might be making an appearance a day we wanted to make sure we could catch him. Prior to his arrival we played bocce ball and colored the sidewalk with chalk. Not exactly typical Christmas weather, it felt more like fall.

Sure enough he did. If you notice, poor Santa's beard grew a little out of control this year...I'm not sure how he was breathing.
Christian had talked about Santa for DAYS and was so excited to say, "Santa might come. He might bring me a present." Of course when Santa made his appearance, Christian was not sure what to think.

But he sat on his lap, while he opened his red sack and distributed the toys to all the kids.
And oh BOY, he was a fan after he got his present...a skid steer (or digger..he uses the names interchangeably). It is a heavy duty piece of machinery..and Christian loves it!

We then opened up stockings...very FULL stockings :)

And then, we ate our appetizer supper. Dips, dips, more dips, little smokies, crackers (which Ben did a marvelous job of displaying...ha!), cheese, veggies, jalapeno poppers, meatballs..oh you know, just a little of EVERYTHING!
By 7:30 we were headed into the Christmas Eve service. All 13 of us sat in the row together. It was a good service. Then we came back home and the kids went to bed..and the adults opened our white elephant gifts. It was our first year of doing used items..there were some real gems to be had. Luckily the women picked separately from the men.

Then the evening somehow progressed into a conversation about food games. Who knows how...but that was the start of ALOT of laughter...
I will have to get the picture and possibly the video of the chubby bunny boys. 
This is the saltine challenge, which basically just ended in a total cracker crumb disaster. Can you see the debris? Oh and the guy on the is Mitchell..who knows why he felt the need to put on a nasty wig and headband for Christmas? I guess because he's Mitchell.

We all stayed the night at Mom and Dad's. And started the day off with a yummy breakfast of egg casserole, coffee cake, Christmas rolls, and fruit...probably more..but I can't thiink. There was a steady flow of food the entire time!

We then all participated in acting out the Christmas story with costumes and all.
And then we opened gifts. 
Christian was a very gracious receiver..."Oh thank you. Oh THANK YOU." Even when it wasn't his, he was still ready to thank somebody. We were all spoiled!!

His new tractor set...oh boy. And that picture is taken with my NEW lens (even though it does not prove its glory...due to the wrong setting on the camera). Now that's an OH BOY!!
I'll just be taking more pictures...getting used to it!!

Then the three of us left for dinner/afternoon to have Christmas in Harper with the extended Hershberger family.