Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas [our family]

We celebrated our family Christmas on the 23rd. We wanted to have a little time before the larger family gathering to be able to play with the things at our house. I made ham loaf, cheese corn, a favorite lettuce salad, dinner rolls, and a jello salad. We ate supper before opening gifts. 

After supper I finished reading the advent verses, we took a few pictures, and then we opened presents!
I love these pictures of them. All three of them. Our three sons.

Jonah's 1st Christmas
as you can see he was pretty excited :)

Noah was a fan of most anything he opened. He was VERY fascinated by his light up dump truck.

Mom and Dad stopped in right as we were finishing..so they took a family picture of us.

They were very anxious to take a bath. Christian got new bath foam soap, and Noah got some color tablets for the bath. It was an all out soapy MESS!!! They loved it, but oh my goodness what a mess.

Christian sporting his new undies (he was super pumped to have boxer briefs!).
Noah is wearing his new cape (I had stayed up til 2 am making it...he wasn't really that impressed at first). They both ran around saying "SU-PER MAAANNN!!"

Then there's this guy...
I'll keep him. Just the way he is. 
He's given me some kind of jewelry for Christmas from a place in McPherson ever since he started working up there. This year he gave me a necklace with 5 circles on it...our family, all 5 of us!

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