Sunday, December 14, 2014

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite.
Its full of hope, joy, and anticipation. I've enjoyed doing the advent readings with the boys again this year. The past two years I've read the Jesus Storybook Bible version..but this year I've followed the verses off of something I saw on Pinterest, and read out of The Message and NIV Bible. Noah doesn't get it yet, but Christian is very inquisitive. Questions about the Virgin Mary and how people get pregnant...oh man, he's maxed out my creative answers. I've held in many laughs :)

Here are a few other things we've done to prepare...
put up the tree. Christian helped alot with this. I didn't put up the glass ball ornaments this year..its primarily a very kid decorated tree. It gets something added to frequently...paper chains (C), snowflakes from pipe cleaners (C/N), cinnamon ornaments that were painted (C/N), snowflakes made from colored popsicle sticks (C), and crayon melted ornaments (basically me...won't do that again) so far.

The boys separating out the broken crayons by color to make the melted crayon ornament (the idea seemed a lot more fun than what it really was..for us anyway).

Making cinnamon ornaments. 
They both loved making these. Well, Noah just played with it like Play Doh. 
They made the house smell really good!

 Painting the ornaments once they dried. 

Making and packaging his preschool teacher gifts (peppermint sugar scrub..found on pinterest).
We did the same for our Sunday School teachers too.

 This bunting was a project that I did..I had fun making something too!

 Making sugar cookies. I found my favorite recipe this year...and it was so easy!
I guess I didn't put a picture of them frosting them, but they did. We used some baking squirt bottles (also recipe and recommendation from that same site), which made it WAY less messy and very doable for both Noah and Christian. 

Christian said he was a "gingerbread man".

And baby Jonah..he's usually a good sport while we're doing these things..he hangs out in his chair by the Christmas tree so he can look at the lights! 
His first year ornament is hanging there in back of his chair :)

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