Thursday, February 23, 2012

spe·cial [siblings in Mexico]

Definition of SPECIAL

: distinguished by some unusual quality; especially : being in some way superior 
: held in particular esteem 
a : readily distinguishable from others of the same category: unique b : of, relating to, or constituting a species : specific
: being other than the usual : additionalextra
: designed for a particular purpose or occasion
— spe·cial·ness noun

This was indeed a special night out.
Our last night before heading back home...the siblings that were still in Mexico went into the town.
I felt it was necessary to give the definition of special..because it was special in that we don't normally get to go out together, let alone while in Mexico...but also because the males that joined Alyssa and I were in rare form.
Nevertheless, we had a really fun time. A big priority was finding the scarf store..and prior to finding "the one", we had running commentary on how we were passing ALL KINDS OF SCARF STORES and then we found one that sold many that we decided to stop at. 
Not only were the scarves a good price, but they had a sign on the store that said "fixed prices." Clearly that was just a mistake, according to one of the boys that had joined us..oh my goodness!
The poor ladies at this shop were probably SO ready for us to leave..he had talked and TALKED and TALKED...of course attempting in spanish using Ben to translate the words he wanted to say. We bought what we went for..apologizing for all the ridiculousness :)
We ended up finding "the store" we were trying to find..
so many wonderful things!
Then we walked around just looking at the variety of stores and people. It seemed crazy that there were so many people out and about, shopping and carrying on at 11 pm.
Here are a few pictures from the evening...brace yourself :)

see how we're normal...

and what we dealt with was not...

They are special alright...
real special.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MJ..Mexico 2012

I got a disc of pictures that mom had taken in Mexico and didn't really feel like going back and changing I thought I'd just pick out a few I really liked and put them on their own.

Just a typical day...on the beach, eating pizza.

This was on the 1st afternoon there...the activity was soccer and so all the boys and I participated....take note of the guy to the left that is really tan and is in black shorts.

There's me..I did more than just stand there (not claiming I was any good at my contributions)...until that man that I made note of totally stomped all over my right shin. That sucker bruised up IMMEDIATELY...I no longer felt the need to play a little "harmless" game of soccer on the beach.

Family photo with the first sand castle...

 The big boys in front of sand castle #2

 the front side of sand castle #2

 Our family mexico shirts...

 Nice job looks like a screensaver...or maybe it is your screensaver. Either way..its a pretty picture. 

 The last day there..Christian thought it was SO funny to dump a cup of water on Grandpa's head.
Oh man would he giggle!

 A little game of hot potato

 Aren't they precious...

GJ, MJ :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

adios...Mexico [mexico-day 5]

Our last day on the beach...Christian was put inside the sandcastle from yesterday. I guess I did have a picture of my had a sea turtle on it too.

We didn't have to leave until shortly after noon, so we spent a little time at the beach and a little in the pool. It was hard to get out to get packed up :(

 There was no running in airports this time. A little of the opposite, but that's okay.
We had perfect weather the whole was just a good vacation. The only bummer was that Mom was sick for part of it, and was on some medicine that made the sun rays do crazy things to her poor skin...but she managed to take part in all the activities and felt better by the end. We all received some sun!!!
The look out of my window in the plane coming into Houston. Christian slept almost the whole trip from Cancun to Houston....not at ALL the trip from Houston to Wichita...he was a jabberbox!! I said that to him, and he happily exclaims, "I not a jabberbox..I CHRISTIAN!" The lady ahead of us I'm sure got an ear full of the random stories he was telling! 

Gracias padre y madre!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012 photos..japanese [mexico day 4]

We were down a few family members for most of the day today. Tim and Carissa flew home last morning...and Dad and Mitch went to a place that had zip lines and water stuff. The rest of us managed just fine on the beach!!

The girls

The next two are some of my favorites...

Christian loves the water!! He didn't mind getting in the ocean with me to go swimming..when he would get splashed in the face with a wave, he wasn't very pleased. Either way, he likes to be in the water.

The food was really good. I'm not a huge fan of buffets usually..but here its different. There is a variety of things I like. I usually ended up getting the same thing at lunch time though...some kind of rice with steamed was SO good. Ben would always get a big plate of guacamole and fresh salsa to have with chips or whatever else was on his plate. Christian..well, his pickiness didn't stop just because we were on vacation..he did alright though. His favorite part was of course cream (which he didn't wait for a spoon for apparently)!

Nap time on the beach. Had we been here for many more days, I would've joined him instead of playing in the sand :)

This is the final sand castle octopus with a volcano on top...I didn't get a picture of my was stairs and I don't know other castle-y type things.

I wanted some pictures of our family.
The last ones we have, were from 4 years ago when Ben and I got engaged.

(Mom was our photographer...thank you!)

Then we stayed down by the beach since we were already dressed for supper and took a few many more pictures. Here are a few of them...

That evening we went to the Japanese restaurant...who knew it was SO good. Ben was surprised that I liked it so much!! I'm telling you...I loved the sushi..but maybe its because I didn't know what was in's all about the texture..and these weren't squishy and squirmy. Anytime we were eating, both Brent and Mitch decided they needed to pretend they knew more Spanish than what they really did...of course they are both ridiculous and they use Ben as their go to translator. A lot of phrases were was a bit amusing, and I'm sure the workers were at least slightly amused :)

Thanks to these lovely people we had a WONDERFUL family vacation :) 
Thank you thank you thank you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012 [mexico day 3]

Another day on the beach. It was a bit more windy, so the waves had a bit more of a kick. We enjoyed playing in the the sand...and just soaking up the warm sun!

Maddox looks so grown up in this picture...craziness.

Christian was a big fan of the cheapy tractors I brought for him to play with. They never really left his hand! 

One of my favorite pictures....Ava and Carissa.

Dad, Brent, Carissa, and Tim G in the water

Another favorite...Ava and Alyssa.

Kade and Christian playing with the remains of yesterday's sandcastle.
before today's was constructed

Sand castle #2...

my side                                                                                    Carissa...Tim

Ben's side....with the 13 members represented

Brent's side (and maybe Mitch was on the far left..I forget)

More time in the pool...

Still has that tractor in his hand...

the Gredlers

Ready for our evening...

All of us at the steakhouse restaurant...another delicious meal.

Kade and Christian....they can be the best of buddies!

We ended the evening playing games in Carissa and Tim's room.

Another fabulous day!!!