Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend trip to Iowa

This last weekend, I drove to Iowa to visit my college roommate and very good friend Ranee Brokaw, and her growing family. Luke is 5 months old, and the last time I saw him was at our wedding when he was 4 weeks old! He is very cute and quite smiley.

Justin, Ranee and Luke Brokaw

I also got to meet Isaac Birky, Kyle (my cousin) and Julie's (Ranee's sister) baby who is about 2 months old. Darren (my cousin) was meeting his new nephew for the first time this weekend. It was a mini cousin gathering in Iowa.

Kyle, Julie, and Isaac Birky

We all went to the fall festival in Kalona and also had supper together at the Birky's on Saturday night. Ranee and I went shopping as well, it wouldn't be a visit without a little shopping :) It was a short weekend, but so glad I could visit and see the growing babies too.

All of us eating at the fall festival (except Justin, he was working in one of the vendors for their church)

I was ready to get back to see Ben. He had to work on Friday, so he couldn't make it since I left Fri and came back Sunday. He went up to Hesston on Saturday for the college activities, the Paul Friesen art center opening. Phil and Diana came down for that as well, so they all spent time together.

Monday, September 22, 2008

cute little campers

This weekend we went to Hesston to spend the night with Maddox and Ava (Kade was there too, he wasn't quite old enough to partcipate in the camping part). They were staying at Grandpa and Grandma's house while their parents were at the bluegrass festival (I'm jealous!).
So, I thought we should have ourselves an adventure and campout in our tent. Maddox helped Ben set it up, and later in the evening we "hiked" out to the tent with all our goodies for a restful night of sleep :) Well, surprisingly after the bedtime story Ben told Maddox and Ava slept through the night. As far as sleep goes for Ben and I...well, it was worth the experience!

Friday, September 19, 2008

loving this weather

It's hard to believe that we had all that rain last week. This week has been absolutely gorgeous! Before the cool air starts in, we decided to get the windows painted. Perhaps it will be an ongoing process until the weather makes it impossible to complete...but hopefully it'll be done by then. The front windows are done, so I guess as far as looks go, that's a good thing. We are painting the trim of the storm windows as well so it all is brown..I must say I like the look much better. It's one of those things that you wouldn't necessarily think about it if they weren't painted, but you can tell the difference now that they are. (not sure if that makes sense?) At any rate, it is quite a time consuming task..but I can't complain because being outside has been just beautiful. I would show pictures...but oh yes, the camera hasn't come yet..apparently still on back order. I'll give a brief rundown of how it goes, since normally I would have pictures to demonstrate... unscrew the wierd old way that the storm window is connected, remove storm window, wipe it off (very dirty), use steel wool around the trim (I don't like the sound or feeling that it makes when you rub the metal), prime trim with special primer, paint x 2 coats, use razor blade to remove excess paint off glass, clean very well without leaving streaks...meanwhile, clean window and paint, cleaning very well again...then putting them all back together! Wa-lah!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Real WET!!

Well, I still don't have a camera..its on back order and hopefully will arrive within a couple weeks. If I did, I would show you all a picture of our new lake in our backyard...I didn't know we necessarily wanted one, but looks as if we have one that continues to grow as the day goes on. The rain started yesterday and it doesn't sound like it is going to stop until Monday. Mom had knee surgery today, and I had planned on visiting here before going to work at 11 am. Fortunately, I was put on call because just when I was getting ready to leave I realized that unless my Honda turns into a boat I won't be leaving our street anytime soon! I'm hoping that the rain lets up a little bit..because Ben went to work at the elementary school this morning, and I'm kind of concerned how he will get home. The news just said that west wichita (where we are) has received 9-11 in" of rain so far...YIKES! I guess we should be glad we aren't living in Texas and we still have our home.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

It was a bittersweet weekend for us...well, for me anyways.

On Saturday, we went to Marion Lake with some friends from Hesston College. One of them is heading off to live in Bermuda (must be rough) as he is starting a new job flying for a company down there. So we enjoyed an outing at the lake, and the weather was perfect. The not-so-perfect part was when we had a big splash come on board and absolutely soak the front part of the boat. That was where Ben and I, and my camera and phone were located. Needless to say, I won't have any pictures to post on here for a bit because it appears that I will be needing to purchase a new camera. Sad times :( But on a brighter side, my phone only temporarily died...and is now back to life again. These are what was left on the memory card (which survived the drowning).

Ben (below) and I (above) enjoyed wake boarding!!

Derek Christophel (left), Nathaneal Shue (middle, the one that's moving to Bermuda), and Chad Hershberger (right, not related). The couple sitting, Jason and Dani Roupp from CO.

Sunday, Mom and Dad Sweigart came up for church and then over to our house for dinner. In the evening, we went to Newton to hang out at Brent and Alyssa's and play the new Wii Fit!!! Brent had a pretty amazing find...not only did he find one for their family..but there was a second one in the store that he had picked up for us! It is quite the contraption, just let us know if you're wanting to try it is like doing a workout in game form on the TV.

Then today, Ben helped with Dad's workers of Kansas Electric at the Lowe's job in Wichita. I think it's a fast moving job and they had a hand-picked crew to do some catching up over the holiday "non"-workday. After picking up pizzas for the guys that were working, I went to Hesston and spent the day outside in the pool with Mom, Alyssa and the three little ones. I was actually on call all afternoon and evening, but apparently pregnant women chose all of last week to do their "laboring". We finished the day with a delicious supper at Mom and Dad's with the Sweigart men and Ben joining the rest of us already there.

general happenings

I'm happy to say that the house projects are nearly complete! The painting (other than around the windows, which will be a fall project) is done...the gutters are on...and the mega tree that was chopped down in the backyard is very close to being all removed from all over the yard! So YEA!!! For what we wanted done this summer, it has happened, so that's a good thing. For now, these are the only pictures...due to a reason in the next post, bottom camera is dead.

A general update on what we're up to now that the things on the house are not totally consuming our spare time. Ben is back in classes at WSU full time, and those are going well. He will continue to work at Cloud Elementary School, as he started last semester through a WSU program. This last Friday was his first day back this year, and he will be helping out in the first grade classrooms again. Then he will be starting another side job within the next couple weeks, painting a house of one of his boss's from his summer job. He had completed a different boss's house earlier this summer (these boss's are father and son..I guess they each wanted as good looking of a house as the other). As for me, I am still getting plenty of hours working at the hospital. Last week, I worked every day, some of them quite long hours. I'll be curious to find out how many twins we had delivered in the month of August, it seems like every day I worked there were more and more sets delivering..and at least 2 sets of triplets this month. I guess the statistic is true at least in our hospital, that the most babies are born in August. Hmm..anyways. So that's what keeps me busy...that and making sure Ben has enough food :).