Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve...
we were instructed to dress up for the party.
We dressed up and put our party faces on!!!

Carissa made homemade tacos...and we had ourselves an all out FIESTA!
The kitchen was alive! Ole!
We had authentic music, dancing, and sombreros to ensure a proper good time.

Ben playing Sorry with the boys in his fancy attire.

Christian and Mia saw us getting dressed they did too.
Yes, Christian is wearing high heals..and a necklace :)

Jonah had no idea what all the commotion was about...

Kade and Noah creating their own fun

Enjoying dessert in our fancy clothes..pumpkin pie or cherry pie.

The kids made gingerbread houses.

Some of us played round table

 And the girls dressed up and performed a show with singing and dancing for us.

It was a New Year's Eve party to remember :) Can't say I've ever experienced one quite like it!

Goodbye 2014....hello, NEW YEAR!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Siblings Night Out

Monday, the boys and I went over to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. 
We were just hanging out, and played a little Blokus. 

The two "C"'s in green :)

That evening, Mom and Dad watched all 9 grandkids, so the 'big' kids could go out. We just went to Moundridge...and then to Mitch's house afterwards to play! We got to play :) I stopped to get Jonah prior to going to Mitch' he got in on the good times. (He actually slept on Alyssa nearly the entire time.)

Silly Aunt Alyssa wearing a coonskin hat :)

Shuffleboard, pool, and a movie...
(I may have not been the best shuffleboard partner to have that night...I successfully knocked off all of my color, but left the opponents standing...on multiple turns. Not ideal to win the game.)

This was what bedtime at Grandpa and Grandma's looked like...

and in the morning, Carissa had them all doing "school".

It was good to get together...and not have bedtimes to tend to.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday Surprise

We got home from the Hershberger Christmas gathering late afternoon. 
Christian and I went over to Mom and Dad's while Ben and the other two stayed home and took naps.

We were told in preparing for the events surrounding Christmas to keep Sunday evening open for a surprise. Well, to Christian the surprise was blasting off rockets (they had put them together while we were off having Christmas). He was SUPER excited to watch them take off. It was a perfect day for it, it was so still out, hardly ANY wind! That very rarely happens.


Grandpa showing Maddox how to make it launch.

Blast OFF!

Christian and Jace..
two very happy 5 year olds.

The actual surprise was not launching rockets...
but rather a trip to Wichita in a big bus altogether to look at Christmas lights!!!
Our good friend, Ivan, was our bus driver :)

We had a very good time.

These people had a few lights!

Before heading home, we stopped at Coldstone Creamery for dessert.
What a treat!

 It was a very fun outing all together...
thank you Mom and Dad.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas [extended Hershberger family]

Sunday after church, we came home for a brief nap for Noah..and then went to Inman for the Hershberger family Christmas at Mark and Beth's house.
(for some reason the quality of these pictures are not very good...but you get the idea anyway.)

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger with Jonah

Noah squeezed in there too.

We had a very tasty meal.

We brought along some things to play with and read.

Gift opening..
we draw names. Jessica Penner spoiled me (a necklace, lotion, and a gift card to a spa in Wichita).

It's always nice to see everyone...
even if our time spent together is a little distracted with three little boys.

Progressive Day

Following our brunch with the Birky family on Saturday morning, we began our progressive meal process.

The first stop was Brent and Alyssa's house. It served as both the appetizer portion of the progressive meal AND a birthday party for Maddox! He turned 11 on Dec 19, but this way he had quite the family turn out...including Tim and Carissa's family and Alyssa's brother and sister-in-law's family.

Happy Birthday Maddox...we love you!

And originally, we were going to have our family pictures taken in the afternoon by the same lady that took ours in November. It had to be done outdoors...and it was QUITE chilly. So we cancelled the appointment. But really, it worked out, as Joel (Alyssa's brother) ended up taking our picture out at the BAMAK ranch. They found a relatively sheltered area, it was still cold, but it wasn't SO windy.

(Next two photos by Joel Sawyer)

 Of course a silly cracks me up

There is just ALOT of areas to explore, climb, and enjoy nature out at their place.
This picture makes me smile..they were all looking down at the ground (not being told to do so).

After Brent and Alyssa's place, we went to Mitch's house.
There is plenty of space for us all to play.
 He was a pretty popular uncle for getting a new hot wheel set up for them to put together.

and a popular son for getting a pinball machine added to the collection of fun to play in his basement.
Pinball can be serious business. 

Jonah found a sweet spot on Daddy...
he's turning into quite the thumb sucker, and it is the cutest.

The chef busy in his kitchen.
Two different kinds of gumbo, sweet potatoes (they were SO good), homemade chicken fingers (for the kids), crab cakes, and boudin (pronounced bu-dan. It is a sausage from Louisiana filled with pork and rice stuffing. He is familiar with it from his work down there.) And Carissa brought a cole slaw.
I think he made enough food for another whole family the size of ours to enjoy :)

Noah had been playing hard..look at those rosy cheeks.

And lastly, they all came to our house for dessert.
Cherry crisp with ice cream or chocolate pudding pie.

The kids played and played.

This was a VERY full day of fun, food, and family.
I think we were all beat by the end.