Monday, August 26, 2013

Noah [10 months]

Noah, you are 10 months and on the move!!

It was VERY difficult to get a picture of you holding still, unless you are being held or strapped into something. Whew.

You LOVE to climb stairs. You know you are watched closely when you do you start to take off, you have to peek over your shoulder to make sure you have our attention. You can zip around on the floor really fast when you want to...especially when you are wanting me to hold crawl over and climb up my legs. You've started a new kind of crawl where your right foot pushes off and your left knee stays down. This way you can be standing once you find something to lean against in no time! You walk along furniture very well...I'm sure you'll be doing it all by yourself in no time!

You are a tough guy..a bit of a "bowzer" as Grandpa and Grandma would say. I tell Christian he better teach you to play nice and show you how to be gentle...because you don't mind being rough. You're pretty solid...and you already like to wrestle around with Christian. The other night, you were laughing when Christian was saying, "that's enough!!!" We are often saying, "gentle...gentle..." when it comes to your hands whacking around. You are very playful, but my dear, you are getting strong too!

You love music...and really love to sing. It is quite funny how noisy you are when you try to "carry a tune", especially in church. Once the song is started...your voice comes alive!! You also like it when I play the piano...and think you need to help me out :) 

You can be such a sweet boy. Your toothy (4 teeth now!) smile gets me every time! You are still bashful when strangers look/talk to you...but you almost always check to see if they are still there after you turn your head and give them a big smile. You get SO excited when I come in to get you out of your crib. You know how to make your mama smile!

You are doing much better at eating. You eat better when you get to feed yourself eat what we do often. Some of your favorites; pizza, macaroni, spaghetti, meatballs, bananas, peaches, bread. As long as we have something for you to grab and put in your mouth...we still are able to feed you the baby food at the same time. You aren't very good at drinking out of a sippy chew on it VERY well, and you don't mind it...but you don't seem to necessarily have a  need/want for it.

I still feed you at least 4 times I seem to appreciate that quite a bit!

I have big hopes for your sleep pattern this month. You are ten months old I think you can master sleeping through the night, right? Not to be picky...but it really is a good idea. You take a morning nap, usually an hour long...and an afternoon nap, usually 2 hours or so. You go to bed around 9:30...and you HAVE been getting up around 1:30-2 for a snack (although I've been turning this option down, and you will sometimes go back to sleep with some coaxing...but other times I give in...because that's what kind of mama I am!) And then you will get up another 2 or 3 times! Yes, see...this is why I have big hopes for this let's work together and see if this can happen...okay, buddy??

As far as your looks and growth. You still wear 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. Your hair gets thicker and longer every month. It still has a strawberry blonde tint to different than Christian's. You have a rounder face/head than him too. Your eyes are still very blue. You hold yourself very well...but you're solid. I can't tell you how many people say you look like your Grandpa (Sweigart). It is so funny seeing you and Christian together...because you really don't look like each other...yet you are quite the brothers!

Love you Noah are quite the little keep me on my toes!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Preschool [1st Day]

Christian is going to preschool this year!
The family open house was the night before his first day of school.
We all went to check it out, meet his teacher, and play with all the fun toys.

On the way home, Christian said, "I don't think I want to go to preschool."
Oh boy... I said, "Well, I think you would have fun playing with all the toys. And I bet you will get to do some really fun projects!"
C: "Wellllll...I think you can come with me."
We didn't really push the issue anymore. Instead, I put on a WonderPets episode of the first day of preschool for a fish while I cut his hair. All was well.

In the morning, Christian was only agreeable to just "one" picture.

 It almost broke my heart when we getting in the van to go to school, and Christian was talking to Noah. I asked what he was saying, and he did his 'I'm-embarassed-to-tell-you-so-I'll-answer-you-really-fast". He said, "I don't want to tell you." and then he said, "I was telling him he could come with me to preschool."
I said, "Oh, buddy, I think he would be too little."
"Well, I think he could just crawl and play with me."

I took him in...and he did so good. He gave me a hug and then slowly walked to the door. But he didn't hesitate once he looked in his room, he ran in! I actually had a dentist appointment during this time..which worked out well for me. I got back in time to pick him up and he was just fine. He didn't have a lot to say about his time there. 
After picking him up after the second day, he wasn't so sure he wanted to leave. He is already very fond of his teacher. After I told him even Ms. Larissa doesn't stay there, that she would need to go home to eat...he said, "Well...I think she will eat there. She will be there." (I think he thinks she lives there.)

Ah, this is only preschool I realize. But it is change, and it is new. We are looking forward to hearing all about his stories, friends, and all the things he learns. 
I love you are my brave..and oh so big boy. (but you'll always be my baby!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We left for Colorado Thursday (8/1) at noon. The trip out went much better than I expected...following our Arkansas trip, my expectations were very I'm glad it exceeded expectations! 
Not too long after we passed into CO, we saw something in the short distance that looked like a cloud of smoke or a trail of dust from a truck going down a dirt road. The closer we got, the bigger it was. It was a dust storm..that looked something like this (I took this right after we were through it).

After some minor bathroom issues (Christian...but he told us "not to worry about it")...we arrived in Woodland Park. We met Ben's parents and Sam there, and we stayed at Tim & Faith's place there. It is a very nice 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathroom house.

Grandpa H and Christian being silly "loft monkeys" the loft that was in our room.

Friday...Christian's 4th Birthday!!!
We enjoyed the beautiful day outside. We went for a mild hike..which was probably best...I was carrying Noah in the carrier, Diana just had hip surgery the beginning of June, and Christian was just done with the glamorous idea of "hiking" right after we turned around to head back. It was the perfect amount of time and length of a hike...and such a pretty day!

Noah did well..he fell asleep on the way to the trail...and stayed sleeping in the carrier for quite awhile. 
It was a pleasant surprise :)

Sam and Christian

4 fingers for Christian's birthday!

After the boys took naps..Christian got a couple presents...and we blew bubbles outside.
Christian likes to blow the bubbles on Noah's makes them both laugh!

We had spaghetti and garlic bread for supper (one of Christian's favorite meals) and then ice cream for dessert!! He had a great birthday!

The day was complete with a rainbow next to Pike's Peak...the view from the balcony. 
Truly awesome.

Saturday we went to a dinosaur museum in Woodland Park. We walked around a bit. There were alot of people in town for various types of we weren't able to have a picnic like we thought. We came back to the house, ate our lunch, and then hung out inside most the day since it was rainy.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and then got our things around to head back home. It was a nice treat to get to go spend time with Grandpa and Grandma H and Sam in such a peaceful and beautiful setting!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Drive-In ~ Birthday ~ Anniversary

We had a fun filled weekend.
After Ben got off work on Friday we went for a walk (Christian rode his bike of course!) around Crosswinds. We've been going on walks/rides more routinely either at the Arboretum or Crosswinds...Christian especially loves to be able to ride his "super-fast-bike". The other day, he turned back to look at Noah and me to say, "Are you comin' slow pokes?"

On this particular outing, Christian was tired and hot..and needed a break from riding his bike...and Noah was tired and hot...and desperately wanted out of the stroller. I had stopped to get my hair out of my face...and this image just made me want to freeze time. "Super Dad" holding Noah..while pushing the bike...everything was now right (for at least 5 minutes).

Then we decided to go to the drive-in in see "Planes". What an adventure. We ate supper, then took baths, got our PJ's on...then headed out. We stopped at Walmart for just a couple snacks, and I let Christian come in with me to use birthday money ($5) to either pick out a car or a plane...he chose a  car, and was SUPER excited. He was also so taken back by the fact that he was going into Walmart with his pajamas on...when we were walking in, he looked up and said, "Mommy, this is SO funny. I am wearing my PAJAMAS in WALMART!!" ....I nearly lost it. What a foreign concept to a four-year old...but grown adults do this every single day. (I actually have a picture of an example from just a couple weeks ago...but maybe that's not nice to put on here..) At any rate, I thought it was funny he thought of that.

A very unclear picture...but here's the boys waiting for the movie to start. It looks really bright..I think that's because the flash went off on my phone. The movie was good..we all enjoyed our time (even Noah..he fell asleep, and sleep peacefully during the movie!). And now we hear all about Dusty Crophopper and Jolly Wrenches. 

Saturday morning, we found out there was a parade going on in we went with our friends, the Hofstetters! The parade was to celebrate 90 years of the Gleaner combine...very exciting, you know :) We saw many, many combines...from over the years. Christian was especially grateful for Karl's ("the candy man"...sorry, just kidding Karl) personal candy we were toward the end of the parade...1 piece for each kid was A parade just doesn't seem complete without candy....I guess getting to see all the combines was good enough (hmm?).

The boys...ready to see these combines!

Saturday evening, we went to Mark & Beth's house outside of Inman to celebrate Mark's 60th birthday. 
It was a perfect evening. Due to the next day's celebration...there were family members from out-of-state that could come, so it was extra special. Christian brought his bat and ball...Grandpa H. played with him before supper.

They have a very woodsy view surrounding their house, which they just moved in this year. I liked's crazy how un-Kansas certain areas can feel like when there are alot of trees.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to go to first service. All the Hershberger clan was going to be there, in honor of Howard and Martha's 65th wedding anniversary celebration (on 8.15.13). We then continued the celebration at the Water's Edge building, for a good meal and program. It is so special to see a marriage that gets to last this long, not only because they are still alive...but because they have and still love each other for 65 years!! I hope in another 60 years, Ben and I can have a big ol' celebration with a room full of our family and friends!!! Definitely something worth congratulations to you Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger!

Not the best picture...but its the only one I had of the event (somehow my arms were full or chasing after a certain somebody). Martha was directing everyone in singing a hymn. A program was put on by Tim and Daniel Penner; part of it included poems to each other, and the original wedding vows were read by John (their oldest child) and Jana (their oldest grandchild). It was a very nice way to honor and celebrate their 65 years together. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Interview with CMH [age 4]

What is your name? Chris-shen. Chris-shen Mitchell Hersh-burg-er. My name starts with a C.

What color is your hair? Brown

What color are your eyes? Brown. And I can see!

What is your favorite food? Cereal.

What song do you like to sing? Madagascar...because its my favorite (I Like to Move it, Move it)

What are your favorite treats? Let me see here....hmmmm....maybe..Gobstoppers (thank you very much Grandma).

What is your favorite color? (looking down at his shirt..that is grey today) hmmm... Silver?

What animals do you like? The one with the mask at Tanganiyka. The one with the colorful bootie. It's the monkey with the mask.

What books do you like to read? Ahhh....ahhh....maybe....ahhh...I don't know. The Truck Book (the one Grandpa reads, with the purple truck and the red truck)

What is your favorite Bible story? Jonah

What do you like to do with Daddy? Play with him. Cars

What do you like to do with Mommy? Read books.

What is your favorite movie? Madagascar (he recently saw this for the first time!)

What is your favorite store? "The grocery store. I like to pick out fruit. Say what kind of fruit?" -what kind of fruit? Watermelon...sandia." (apparently that's how you say watermelon in spanish)

Who are your cousins? Maddox, Ava, and Kade, and Maddox (funny, because usually Ava is listed twice..but not today)

Who are your friends? Maddox, Ava and Kade, and Ava.
Owen, Grant, Briiiley.

What do you like to play inside? Cars.

What do you like to play with outside? Baseball, sand, and pick stuff in the garden..but I get kinda hot. Kinda not fun to get hot. I put a shade hat on, and I go in the sprinkler.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A grown up. And wash dishes. (Because that's what grown ups do!)

What makes you laugh? Pictures. Funny pictures.

Who do you like to spend time with? Grandma. Because we LOVE to go to grandma's house.

What are you afraid of? Saws. Because they are loud and they scare me when I hear the loud noise!

What makes you happy? Playing out in the snow. (random)

Where do you live? In Hesston.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ben's Summer "Jobs"

While getting paid to do a summer job would be nice...
it was equally nice to have Ben at home to finish some bigger projects.

1. The Bathroom
(this may get a few separate posts of its own to remind us how it got to this point)
From the partial bathroom that it started was gutted with the rest of the basement last year. This past spring he started doing the walls...and took all of June to complete the rest.
I'm a big fan...its so handy to have a functioning and clean/new bathroom downstairs!

2. The New Paint Job
Oh, and my I am ever so happy for this to be finished. The outside of our house has always been one of the biggest things I wanted changed. He power washed and caulked every single piece of siding underneath and all over the windows....lots of caulking (I think he said around 17 tubes). Then painted it with the paint sprayer. The garage doors are either yet to be painted or replaced...we'll see.

3. The Closets
The closets in the basement were left unfinished last summer. A "collection" has started to accumulate in various areas that need a home...but no place to be organized. The solution is underway. He finished the I "just" need to organize!

4. The Raised Beds
He did this at the beginning of the summer. Built raised beds out of scrap wood boxes from a local shop. Then he covered them with thicker plywood and put in irrigation tubing. It ended up that we didn't need the irrigation but for just a couple weeks! I have enjoyed this way of gardening much more than on the ground...of course there is always things to be tweaked, but that's part of the fun of figuring it out. All of our plants got very LARGE this year...the zucchini and tomato plants looked like they were on steroids! We had filled in the raised beds with dirt Dad dropped off from the shop...I guess it was good stuff!

These are the ones I deemed as bigger projects...he has been a handy husband/daddy to have around on a daily basis. I'm glad he has a job he gets paid to do during the school year...but I am grateful for all he's accomplished here too!