Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christian...more material

When going down for a nap..he NEEDS both his green and brown blanket.
He likes them to be "open wide".
I said, would you like one in between your legs.
"Sure, that would be comfortable."


"Good morning Christian, did you sleep so good?"
"Yeah, I did."
"What did you dream about?"
"Ahhh, trains." And then he broke out in this song...
"Here comes the Bible train, coming round the bend..choo choo
I know the engineer he's my special friend...choo choo
**Don't you hear the heaven that past along the way...choo choo
All aboard we're leaving, so get on board today...chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga.."

(Close to the real words..but he's own rendition)
**Destination's heaven, with stops along the way.


While eating his breakfast he looks up and says,
"The lizard's won't go away!!" (said with a big smiling face)
"Are you going potty?"
"No, I'm just 'cheesing' (teasing)".

On his pull-ups there are characters that go away when they get wet..on some of them it is lizards.


"Dry my hands off." (When in all actuality he is asking for them to be washed.)


The words "kind of" are said QUITE a bit.
When asking a question...he will say, "Well, I just kind of.....(some explanation)."
Or if he is wanting something..he will say, "Well, I kind of need...(usually some kind of sweet treat)."
Used to describe something..he will say, "It is kind of a....(many descriptive words all together..such as 'very, huge, big, HUGE truck')
When answering for what he believes someones response to be..he will say..."You kind of do...or...I think he kind of does."


"This is making me fus-trated!"

"Oh rats!"

"Those stinkin' birds (or moths..or bugs)" .....this one may or may not have a direct correlation to what I say to the birds that repeatedly build a nest on our front porch light..or the moths when they get inside..or the bugs that bite my legs.

Brotherly love...already.

The other morning, Christian climbed up into our bed as he sometimes does. He rolled towards me and said, "Can I pet the baby?"
"Yes, you can."
He "pets" my belly, and says, "does he like that?"
"I think so."
"Does he have a shirt on?"
"No, he doesn't have a shirt on."
"Does he have underwear on?"
"No, he doesn't have underwear on."
He looks a little sideways at me...and says, "you mean he is NAKED?"
"Yes, the baby is naked."
"You better tell his mama to put some clothes on him!"
"Well, who do you think his mama is?"
"I don't know?"
"I am. I am the baby's mama, just like I am your mama."
"I am a baby. You are MY mama."
"Your right I AM your mama...and I will always love you! And you will make a great big brother."


We were checking out the progress in the basement, where there are still some baby things stored.
The high chair was sitting down there and he asked, "what is that?"
"Well, its the high chair. The baby will sit in it when they get older."
"And then he will go home."
"Well, he will stay with us. We will love him."
"And I was squeeze him SOOOO tight! And then he will go home."
"You will be a good big brother. You will get to play with him and show him things."
"Yes, I will. And then he will go home."

At this point, there isn't much more to say....later on he was explaining to Grandma that the baby will be staying at our maybe it's starting to sink in. I'm guessing it won't probably truly sink in until the baby actually does come home :)


We went to Wichita the other night to get a few ended up that the weather got kind of ugly and we left before being to productive. The only thing we did get was a blanket for the baby. We picked out 4, and had Christian choose one for the baby. He has a deep appreciation for his 2 blankets..and so we thought at some point we would have him choose one for the baby so it can be identified as the baby's and not his. They had only ONE that was the same style of both of his, except this one was white. Out of the 4 we laid out he chose that one.
On the way home it was storming and he hadn't taken a nap. He asked for his blanket, and I said we didn't have it with us. I said, maybe we could ask baby brother if he would let us use his.
"Can I use your bank-it?"
I answered for the baby..."yes, you can."
"Oh thank you!! He is nice! I will share with him. Here do you want my Lightning McQueen?"
....."oh thank you. (I drove it over my belly a little bit)"
"Ok I need it back now. He IS good at sharing!!"

He proceeded to fall fast asleep with the blanket. In the morning it was folded and lying on the couch. He saw it and said, "I think that baby brother wants to share his bank-it with me again."
"No, I think we better save it to give to him, so we don't get it dirty. That was nice of him to share last night though wasn't it?"
"Yeah, it was. I think he likes sharing with me."


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 Memorial weekend we got to see Kenny & Carol (uncle/aunt), Natalia & Drew (cousin/her fiance), Grandpa & Grandma H, and Jack & Karen (Ben's uncle/aunt).

Kenny, Carol, Natalia, and Drew were all here for a wedding they attended. We got to see them over at Mom and Dad's where they stayed though, so that was nice to get to visit and see them for a little bit.

Then on Saturday evening, we went over to Grandpa & Grandma Bergey's place for supper. Jack and Karen came from Colorado. So we spent time with them and Grandpa & Grandpa H, and Sam too.
Grandpa H and Christian walking down by the water, while the food was getting ready.

Christian was pretty excited to get a present from them...a lego dump truck...and some clothes...and some colored gold fish! 

And then we ate together Sunday noon. A rather odd photo arrangement..but it has all of us in there all the same.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

wheat { 2012 }

The wheat was harvested earlier than ever before this year. We had a very mild winter, and the spring was warm enough I guess. I'm obviously not a farmer, but I know its not usually not until sometime in June that it's ready..and we're not in there yet.  
Anyway,  here is our annual wheat photo session...including the baby :)

 My favorite ones of Christian :)

Thanks to our photographers for the family and dad :) 

These last pictures I had taken a couple weeks prior..there were storms all around and it looked so pretty over the wheat fields. I just really like wheat :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mitch

Uncle Mitch had a we got to celebrate with another evening outside at mom and dad's.

Who won?? Tough call.

I just love Ava's face!

Happy 26th Mitch!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those days that makes me feel overwhelmingly blessed.
Blessed that I am privileged to be a mama to such a sweet little, loving boy.
Blessed that I have such a loving Mom who I consider my close friend.
And blessed that I have family, on both sides, who value time spent with one another on such days to celebrate.

This little guy has my heart...always has and always will. I'm truly grateful that I get to be his mama.
so does this baby..
him or her..I love them already! 
It amazes me how much you can love something that you've never seen.
I am a little over 3 months pregnant in this picture (14.3 weeks...since this is what I do for my job..I never talk in "months"..its ALWAYS in weeks!)

We went to Ben's family gathering at John and Chris's place. 
My absolute FAVORITE food was the appetizer...outside open fire-baked pizzas! 
They do such a nice job, and serve so generously.

Then we went home for awhile, took naps...and went over to my parents for the evening.
Everyone was so looks so summery and happy!

Grandma with her grandkids

I thought this picture was funny...they are all distracted by "something" on the ground.

My snuggle bug

Christian and Kade being silly

I just thought this was a sweet picture of Kade and Grandpa

One of the many things Mom is good at...making pies! This was the BEST strawberry pie..yep, I ate 2 pieces..and I LOVED every bite!

And a little thief swiped some of the whipped cream from Uncle Mitch.

Then we played a game croquet.

The picture of us three more than a tad blurry..the boys took it!

What a good day!