Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Year [2016]

(Only a couple months behind!!!)


The highlights from this year: 
(links are provided throughout if you care to click on them to see more pictures)

In February, we celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday both with extended family/friends and with our immediate family. Both were fun and memorable!

In March, Noah and I joined my cousin and her two kids for a trip to Iowa It was a fun short getaway visiting my college roommate and her family. It was also special to have some one on one time with Noah.

In April, my parents gifted all of us to a very special trip to Mexico! It was in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary coming up in August. The boys will still ask at least every other week if we can go back to Mexico. 

In May, I had an extra special Mother's Day. That was the day I found out we would be adding another baby to the family! I am a very blessed mama. 

In June, we took a family vacation. This was a trip I was really looking forward to. We had picked a spot based off of availability of VRBO places in pretty spots that were affordable. We chose Elk Rapids, MI...and it was a very good choice. That is another vacation, the boys talk about frequently! Many special memories.

In July, we went to the Birky reunion in MN. Christian also got his tonsils removed. It was amazing how quickly he felt better and could breathe! Ben started working on some house projects...both our bathrooms getting completely redone, and he took off our current deck. (That has yet to be finished...hopefully next spring!)

In August, school resumed with Christian in 1st grade, Noah in preschool (2 mornings a week) and Ben teaching high school Spanish (I still work in LDR just prn). We also found out that we were adding not just a baby...but another baby brother! The excitement has grown as my belly does too!

 In November, Ben and I were able to have a weekend away prior to adding another member to our family. We went to Kansas City, and just enjoyed some non-parenting quiet moments :) 

December 1st was Ben's deadline he gave me that the bathrooms would be complete...which is glorious! Both the main bathroom and master bathroom turned out really nice. There ended up being a few other projects added to "just" redoing the bathrooms. All in which have been loved! (New carpet, new paint in a couple bedrooms, closets redone, new doors throughout the upstairs) He is very handy..but I think our "projects" in our own home are coming to an end (it is increasingly difficult the more children in the house!). 

And these three boys are a huge highlight to our lives::

Loves school, very social, enjoys learning (asks many questions!) and reading. He also loves to hear stories; personal ones from his Daddy and Grandpa and Bible stories. He has enjoyed playing soccer on a team this year, and likes to play outside most anytime he can. Summer is his favorite time of year as he can wear shorts, flip flops, and go SWIMMING! He is strong willed, a thinker, and sensitive. 

Loves books, coloring, puzzles, activity books, Magnets, and Legos building. He is quite the action and in how he talks. He is "shy" and will tell us that, much more reserved in public. He enjoys preschool, and retains ALOT of knowledge. He loves sea animals, all of them, but most of all whales. He is compassionate, funny (without trying), and a good helper for Daddy's projects.

Loves animals, action, books, trucks/tractors and doing anything he sees his big brothers doing. He is so ornery, and has the face to go with it. Its hard to stay frustrated with him, when he follows up his actions with hugs, kisses and his eyes that can melt your heart. His vocabulary is ever growing, and he can communicate very well. He says "me" before everything pertaining to himself, which is sometimes quite hilarious. He is full of spunk, sass, and makes us laugh alot.

We are very blessed. Thankful for what 2016 brought, and definitely looking forward to what is in store for 2017!

(almost 37 weeks)

Enjoying break

We had a good break from school...

Reading books ::
Christian & Jace ------- Grandpa & Noah

 Playing in the dirt pile with cousins ::
Jace, Noah, Christian, Maddox, Kade

Playing with new Christmas presents

Going on walks to checkout the bridge process (they are getting close to finishing...finally.)
On the way back, Ben hauled all three boys!

 Playing games with family ::
lots and lots of laughing.

And there was even time for some snuggling.
"Me sitting on the baby. He likes it." -Jonah

Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas (Hershberger family)

Friday afternoon, Phil & Diana and Sam came over to celebrate Christmas.
We opened presents, ate supper (lasagna), and played!!

Noah playing with Sam..he has very detailed commentary to explain either how to play with the toy, what its made/used for, or some deep thought regarding it. I'm sure Sam learned alot..whether he planned on it or not!

Another Merry Christmas...
so fun to get to play with all family!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Tuesday we (Mom, Alyssa & her kids, Carissa & Tim's family, and our family) went to the sports center place in Wichita.

Lots of trampolines, foam pits to jump in, various ropes to climb on, trapeze, etc....
Lots of energy to be burned off at this place! The kids loved it!

Jace is in the red shirt, Christian in the blue, and Kade in the orange.

Noah was very apprehensive of going on the trampolines by himself, and Jonah who I thought wouldn't go at all..was all about it :) Thankfully, there is a smaller kid area and these two stayed very busy there with Ben and Eliana. They pretty much had this area to themselves the whole time, which was also very nice (Noah is incredibly shy when it comes to playing with kids he doesn't know).

Christian walking the tightrope...

and falling down!

All the bigger kids loved the trapeze..


 Kade, Ava, Jace, Maddox

Christian flying!!

 Thanks Grandma for letting us come here!
Ava, Jonah, and Eliana watching the jumpers

We got to eat at Jimmy's afterwards...
a fun and special day out!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas [Sweigart family]

Christmas Day!!!

All the cousins in their jammies.

After breakfast..Santa came to visit! 
It's safe to say Christian was very excited about his remote control helicopter. Jonah maybe wasn't the biggest fan.

Waiting to open presents.
We opened all the presents from each other (not the ones from Mom and Dad) before dinner. There was not a shortage of gifts! 

Following dinner, Carissa and Tim had an activity for us to do while the little ones were napping.
They had a box we opened, and inside were cans of silly string. Hmm...
We took it outside (prior to the rain), and they stood in the center of a circle. The color that came out would tell us what gender their baby is going to be!! They will be having another GIRL :)

We opened the presents from Mom and Dad in the sunroom. 
We are all quite spoiled.

Last year, some of the grandchildren got blanket/quilts made by Grandma. This year, the others did...she was a busy lady!!

The future cousins...
so crazy to think next Christmas, they will look mighty different (and hopefully their mama's do too!).
Baby Boy Hershberger (due January) ------- Baby Girl Gredler (due May)

We had to squeeze in our annual nativity play!
The cutest little sheep you ever did see. "Ana" (that's what Jonah calls her) and Jonah.

The pickle tradition...
I'm guessing Mr Sassy Pants didn't want to give the pickle back. He's not so good at hiding his emotions! We had to find the pickle in shifts...some people get a little too physical (ahem....Mitchell, Brent, and Ben!).

And whenever there is downtime...there were always at least a couple boys up for a game of foosball.

That was the nutshell of the day. I don't feel as though I am giving a clear picture...but there was alot of food, presents, food, laughing, food, games, food, laughing.
It was Christmas. A very good one!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

As you reach the end of pregnancy, there are a few things that seem like they just shouldn't have to happen. 
#1: Someone parking EXTREMELY close to much so, that you cannot physically even get to the driver's side you "get" to climb through via the passengers side. This was following my shift at work.

and #2: Getting the stomach bug on Christmas Eve! Oh my, it hit around 6 am...and it went strong for a good 12 hours. Cruel I tell you, having to get in and out of bed quickly is a joke in and of itself, but add a terrible reason to have to run to the bathroom and it was no good! 

I missed out on the fun times at Mitch's house in the afternoon/evening. But I made it to the Christmas Eve service and then to Mom and Dad's with everyone else afterwards. The kids all got matching jammies...they looked so cute. 

We opened up our stockings, and then played some games.
 Lots and lots of laughing.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Christmas

Christmas break started on Wednesday...we were all ready for it!
Playing, baking, puzzle making.

On Friday, we celebrated our own family Christmas in the afternoon/evening. 
We complete our Star from Afar advent, and read the Christmas story prior to opening presents. 

 Ladies...he's all mine. He asked for work suspenders!! I have a hard time taking him serious with this look :)

As soon as we were finished opening presents, Noah couldn't WAIT to get to his room to build with his magnets. He LOVES these things...and he loves sea animals...double win!

Our Christmas supper: Hamloaf, cheesy potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, jello salad.

What a good Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for...our boys (the one to be born too!), our home, our safety, and most important our Savior who came to this world as a baby to save us all!

Jonah decided he had so much excitement for the day, he didn't want to call it a night when his brothers did. He had gotten out of bed, running around like a crazy boy...blanket covering his head, playing with all the loudest fridge toys! So Daddy said he would take him outside on a walk, which he promptly replied with clapping/shouting "HOORAY!! Me go on a walk!!! Bye Mommy!!!"