Monday, April 28, 2014

Bugs and Worms

Christian didn't used to be a big fan of bugs, or things that crawled outside. Some of those things, he's still not a fan about and makes quite the noise when he comes into contact with them.
However, since last fall, when he learned about various bugs in preschool...which ones were good for the garden and just other tidbits about bugs, he's come quite the affectionate one towards them. 

He knows which ones help plants grow...and I guess that means he will be friends with them too!


Then in preschool last week they talked about worms. I would've never guessed he'd be this friendly with worms..but you'll have to check out the the picture of him on the preschool blog! When Grandpa gave a reaction...he said, "Well GRANDPA...worms are good for the garden!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

He is RISEN!

I think each year it is fun to see how much more Christian understands about holidays..and why we celebrate. With Easter, we talked about the real reason...and he said "because Jesus died on the cross for us..and then rose from his grave." It is especially neat to hear his questions that come very randomly...but they are very sincere about understanding Jesus and death and Heaven and how that all works. I think I especially find it intriguing because it challenges me to think and really think like the raw mind of a 4 year old. Somehow, I think that's more real than how some adults tend to think sometimes when it comes to faith and understanding the power and the love that Jesus has for us.

There are some fun things we did to celebrate...dying Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts. Both very entertaining. 

Noah..the little stinker..he grabbed an egg and promptly made the small crack a big one. So we just set him in the highchair and let him have it. He tore it in a million pieces..but never did try it.

Christian did a good job mixing colors to make new ones, and dipping them halfway in different colors...he had fun. I was kind of surprised, he seems to have a mind of his own on what crafts/projects he wants to do these days. This one was fun though!

 Easter Sunday we went to church..we were back in our is finished being remodeled. It looks very nice. Between church and going out to Mark and Beth's for lunch we stopped at home to play outside and take a few pictures. It was a good thing we did, because it sprinkled the rest of the afternoon.

Here are some of the my favorites...

Poor Ben..he was my test to see if we would fit in the picture...
this task was a bit taxing on his patience. Or perhaps, the concept of taking a family picture in general is just about enough to test anyone's patience. 

But his efforts paid off. We all fit in the picture :)

There were plenty of "outtakes"...but I liked Noah's smile in this one..despite Christian's best effort to make a ridiculous face.

For the most part, Christian tried his best..and Noah won the award of 'most difficult'.

The only way to get Noah is on-the-go...he is quite the guy :)

Hard to believe he will be a BIG BROTHER with Christian this fall! 

We went to Mark and Beth's for lunch and spent some time with the Hershberger family. Then mid afternoon we went to the Sweigart house..with the other Kansas Sweigart's...did some more egg dying and egg hunting...and eating. It was a good day. A somewhat dreary, but almost pleasantly-dreary-to-relax kind of day! 

He is RISEN.....indeed!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sunshine and family times

 It was a beautiful nice that we even got to wear shorts!
 (Christian has been OBSESSED with the idea of wearing shorts daily...even when the high is in the 50's..and is very upset when this is not allowed).

Ben had taken a personal day, he helped Alyssa do some painting in their new home for a little bit in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to the Arboretum for a walk/bike ride/stop to blow bubbles.

Mid afternoon we headed to the MCC sale. I wanted to get there early enough to get some opened at 4..we got there at 4:30. Let's just say, alot of people must get there at 4:00 sharp to get their plants picked out! I did get some..and truly, I don't think they had want I was wanting anyway...but I was shocked at how speedy things can get picked over!

The highlights for Christian were the BIG SLIDE, the coin tornado thing that he saves his money for, and the inflatable play area. 

This was the crew that ALL went down the slide! That thing is high...and the path up there is...shall we say, a little sketchy.

He is not spitting his food out...he's trying to keep ALL of his New Year's Cookie (which is actually a doughnut) IN. He saw me get my camera out...and he tilted his head back to pose. Lucky Uncle Mitch got to hold him after he ate this. He let him ride on his shoulders..I'm sure he didn't notice any form of stickiness from his hands on his head or face afterwards!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Preschool program [2014]

This little man is nearing the end of his first year in preschool! They had a family night for parents/grandparents that included a potluck dinner and program. Christian did a good job :) It was SO cute to watch all of them cute.

I can't get the video to show up on if you click on this'll be able to watch a few of the songs they did. My personal favorite is the peanut train song..I just love his 'toot toot' that's high pitched.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No, No Noah

This little guy is a mover..and a climber...and a all around go-getter.
We've said the phrase, "no, no Noah" a few times in the last several months. He understands exactly what that means...and usually turns to look with an "innocent" face, eyes looking upward while tilting his head down...then proceeds to do whatever it is he was doing! He doesn't seem to have any fear. Thankfully, he's a happy, curious boy...who has frequent moments of being a lovable, snuggle-bug!

In February for about a month..he had a rough go of it with feeling well. We had a couple trips to the doctor/hospital for testing and that was just a bummer. He had viral pneumonia...then bacterial pneumonia. He just wasn't "himself" for a quite awhile...poor buddy. And Christian was so sympathetic some days and say, "Poor Noah....he has ammonia. That is just too bad. Poor little buddy."

These two pictures were during that time he was not well...his eyes have the 'look'. But he still would smile!

He is a decent eater...nothing to brag about, but comparing it to his older brother I won't complain! Some of his favorites are bananas, pizza, hotdogs, meatballs, cheese, macaroni and cheese, yogurt, raisins (especially covered in yogurt!), dry cereal, yogurt melts, and a variety of the baby food fruit (its so easy to take with!) He drinks lactose free milk..and that seems to agree with him much better than whole milk. He was a pretty big fan of my frozen yogurt at proud...of course he claimed it as his own!!

Some days he will roam and roam...find books and browse through them, go into Christian or his room and play..and other days, he likes to be my little shadow. He doesn't talk much at ALL. I know he can say mama...he has several times..but definitely choses not to anymore. He says "dada", "shut", "yigh" (light), "cli" ( seat, or high chair), "ni-gh" (nice), "hot", "go", "shh" (shoe...he LOVES shoes!), "siigh" (out'side'). None of these words are by any means on a daily occurrence, but he will use them. He will sign 'please' and sometimes 'more' and 'thank you'.
He may not say very many words...however, I KNOW he understands much of what we are saying. He is very expressive with his eyes..or shaking his head 'no'...or just following whatever directions we are saying. And if he even THINKS you might be leaving or going outside...he will make a break for the door to join you!

Don't get the idea that he isn't vocal just because he doesn't use words!! The boy SINGS his little heart out some days :) He loves music. He will climb up on something, usually the couch, and stand there singing and clapping his hands when the music is on. He will also help me play the piano at any given opportunity. He will also use that ol' voice to let us know if something isn't going as it should...he has a pretty good squawk and feisty side to show off if need be!

He hasn't mastered sleeping all night on a regular basis. It's just not his thing...but I'm open for his mind to change at any time. (Actually within this last week, he has slept at least a solid 8 hrs..once even 12!!) He usually takes a 1.5-2 hour nap..sometimes a little longer in the early afternoon. He loves to sleep with his music on, and his white blanket (although not against other ones when the white one is not around). My favorite is when he just wants to rock...and not necessarily go to sleep during the day.
He is a HUGE fan of his Grandpa (and Daddy..and many males in general)! He'll give most anybody attention (usually its a big bashful smile). He also loves Cleo, my parents dog. He will squeal and smile so big when we pull in the driveway and he sees Cleo running around. Being outside is probably his favorite thing to do..swinging, going on walks, just roaming around. He likes to wear his hat...although I've discovered if it doesn't have a strap underneath his chin, it is very difficult for him to leave it on right now! When inside, he is perfectly content getting into the small areas that he knows he's not supposed (ie behind the couch, in closets, etc.) or climbing out of or on top of any thing he can. He is very skilled at climbing out of his high chair while being strapped in and the tray is close to his body. I thought for sure the one day I had done it tight enough so I could go get ready...only to come out to find him on top of the kitchen counter top! He is also very fond of going into the laundry room (and it is a BIG deal when we don't let him!)

Noah, you definitely keep things lively around here. We love you so much! Your smile, your laughter, your squeals, and your playful spirit bring happiness to all of us!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Christian...and his ways

"Noah says 'thank you' for giving him a fun car ride in the laundry basket. (then answering Noah as if he really said that....) Oh you're welcome Noah. Thank goodness you like it!"

"Go on with your bad self." (whattt???? who says this, hmm.... ;) )

Daddy came home and he says first thing...."Pulled out the big cards today! Mommy made chocolate cupcakes!!!"

"Can I have gum? Root beard (root beer) gum??"
(I only hear this maybe....oh....10-15 times a day. Gum is one of the ultimate treats!)

"Bad time" = big time. "I really want to _______ bad time!" or "Noah stinks bad time! Mommy you need to change him!" He is very in tune with his smeller...poor guy...I feel for ya, I was 'blessed?' with an exceptionally sensitive sense of smell!

Playing "undy-heads"...what a great game, right?

"Chri-chin"....this is just how he says his name. I'm sure it'll change soon...but for now, I don't want to forget how he says it!

For whatever reason when we ask him to go to the bathroom..QUITE often he corrects us and says, "It's not called anything." (I have no idea where he got this idea from that we can't refer to the bathroom as what it is, or potty, or toilet, or whatever term you want to use. So we will say, "fine...go do nothing." And that usually works.)

"Gruin." It is still a term used frequently, especially when Noah 'ruins' his building projects. "OOOhhhh man!!! Noah is gruining my stuff. Now its all gruined. All my hard work...just gruined." It can be very rough being the big brother sometimes...I do have sympathy for him sometimes.

He gets the terms for warm/cold weather mixed up sometimes. He will often think it is warm enough to go outside without a jacket, or in his very STRONG wishes, he would wear shorts.
But this is how it comes out when he's saying it, "Well, Mommy....I can take my jacket off if it gets to cold." Or in the car, he'll say, "Can you put the windows up, it looks like it is nice for that?"...when he really means, roll them down. When dealing with the really isn't funny, except when he ironically says what the temperature really is...not what he would like to claim it is.

He is VERY strong willed when it comes to his clothing...and I mean VERY. He is adamant that he can 'handle' wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts. And if I dare ask him to put on nicer clothes than just play clothes...oh mercy, some days that is just the worst thing any one could ever think of....the wear "fancy clothes (jeans and a shirt)!!!" There are a select 'favorite' shirts/pants (the brown 'team' shirt, his Paraguay shirt, and then the clothes that have that silly 'swoosh' on them). Soon enough my dear, you will be able to wear shorts every day..and probably even tell me that it is TOO hot to go outside :) At this rate though, I'm completely understanding in wishing those days would come!

At LEAST once (but more like 15x) a day he asks "can-I-go-to-Grandma's-house". It is said as if it is all one word like that.

Lately he has been taking naps in the afternoon, which have helped all of us feel better about life. The way he likes to best is to sleep in the 'fort' in his room. He will also squeeze his body in the bottom of the bookshelf, or any small area...he can fit his body in some strange places!

He is still not a very good eater. There are a few things that are a sure hit though..."hamburger and ketchup" (not a single other topping...don't you dare put cheese on the thing!) "sta-beggi" (spaghetti, topped with applesauce of course, and sprinkles 'parmesan cheese') "pizza and/or cheese sticks", "stick yogurt" (yogurt that comes in the tube packets, that we stick in freezer), occasionally a "meat sandwich on a bun", "carrots, slice up with ranch dressing" (he had been eating them ONLY whole, as in I'd peel it and he ate the whole long carrot!). Last but not least....ALWAYS cereal! I really think the boy could eat cereal for every meal of every day....his favorites are Cinnamon Life, Frosted Mini Wheats, Rice Krispies...and sometimes Honey Nut Cheerios, Honeycombs, and IF we would let him...Frosted Flakes (somehow he gets these at Grandma's house from time to time!).

We all have nicknames...Squirt (Christian), Snookums (me), Ol' Daddy (said rather southern, for Ben), and twinkle toes (Noah).
Recently, I was telling Christian goodnight and this is how it went.

"Goodnight squirt...sleep good." 
He replies with his little smile...
"Goodnight 'snookums' and 'you ol' Daddy' and Noah is twinkle toes."

5 minutes later he calls Ben in..."daddy...daddy...daddy..." He goes in there. "Um, Daddy, I really miss you because you go to school tomorrow. Do you need a hug before you go to work?" 
He may be good at stalling..but at least on occasion it's pretty funny and/or sweet.

Help a brother out

The other day, Noah was in a fragile state. He was just fussy and didn't seem to know what he wanted. He has two bottom teeth coming in...and they seem to be the culprit of the unhappiness. I think Christian had heard enough...and said, "I think Noah just wants ME to hold him." I said he had to go sit on the couch if we were going to find out. And this is what happened....