Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas [Sweigart family]

On Saturday, the 28th, we drove back from Topeka in the morning and went straight to Matt & Marissa Alison's wedding in Hesston.
 In late afternoon, we went over to Mom and Dad's...
now EVERYONE was there to begin the Christmas celebration!!

We had soups and appetizers for was really good. We opened our stockings that evening. And then played some "minute-to-win-it" games. Very entertaining to watch. It was mostly for the smaller kids...but there were some for us big ones too! 

Mitch and Brent were shaking the ping pong balls out of a kleenex box that was attached to their lower back. Quite amusing to say the least!

We stayed up and played some games...lots of laughing...oh it always a good "happy high" to laugh so hard I cry!

We all stayed the night.
And in the morning...we had cinnamon rolls, then got ready to open presents.

Good morning buddy! Your hair was exceptionally awesome this Christmas morning!!

We each picked a Christmas song to sing, then Maddox read the Christmas story from the Bible before we opened up gifts upstairs. 
We ate our big Christmas ham dinner...and then moved downstairs for the next events.

The Christmas story acted out with characters...

Then we opened up presents downstairs from Mom and Dad...
we are all spoiled!

We played some RockBand and other various games. Then of course had more food throughout the day.

Grandpa helped Christian put together his brand new bike! He just couldn't wait to ride it...even though it was VERY cold.

All the cousins had fun playing together (I will put pictures of them ALL when I can :) )
Christian was needing a happy chat...probably several of them throughout the day. Lots of excitement and activity doesn't always mean pleasant behavior unfortunately. 
But by the looks of it...Carissa turned his attitude around.

It was a good Christmas indeed! Lots of wonderful gifts..but truly the time spent together was even more special and memorable. Happy Birthday Jesus...I'm so glad you came to this world for us!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Topeka Christmas

Friday afternoon we arrived in Topeka to celebrate with Ben's mom's side.
It was a beautiful afternoon.

Noah loved the very short ramp...he went UP and DOWN over and over. Prior to getting so brave to walk down it, he would turn around and "slide"down. It was very entertaining for him..and probably equally to watch him.

We checked into the hotel (thank you Jack and Karen!!) and enjoyed the pool for a couple hours while Noah took a nap. Sam, Diana, Phil, and Great Grandpa John came over to enjoy the water too. Christian thoroughly enjoyed himself.

We went back to Grandpa and Grandma H's house for the celebration part.
Noah was supervising his great aunts and grandma in the kitchen.

 Mary Hope (Arizona), Diana, and Priscilla (Berlin, Germany)

Prior to eating we opened presents...
Grandpa H read him the book he and Grandma gave...Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel.

Priscilla and Christian played with his new bath toys...his orcas. He is so funny about orcas, ever since he learned about them at preschool. He has many facts that he can share about them!!

Jack and Karen (Colorado) flew in, and arrived around 8:45. So we opened a few more presents...all the "light" gifts were a big hit for everyone!!

A John/Betty Bergey family photo

The four cousins...
Ruby (Germany), Paulina (Arizona), Ben and Sam

We got back to the hotel about 10:30ish...I've never seen Christian fall asleep so fast. It was very impressive. I guess the fun-filled day, and two hours of swimming without a nap will do it! I'm glad we got to see everyone, we had a very Merry Christmas with the Bergey's!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Progressive meal

 We had a progressive meal today (Thursday)...
starting at Mitch's for appetizers around 5ish. He made alligator, crab cakes, sliders, quesadillas, crab dip with crackers.....he fed us well!!! 

We played in his basement (we sound like little kids!)....shuffleboard and pool.
I don't think I was doing so hot on this round of shuffleboard, hence the strange face!

We went to Mom and Dad's for supper....lasagna, bread, salad...YUM!
And then to our house for dessert...brownies and icecream. I don't have pictures of the other two places...we were too busy talking and laughing. It was a night of honesty and some memorable conversations! 

December 25

We went over to Mom and Dad's late Christmas morning. We didn't have our actual celebration...since Brent and Alyssa's family were out of town..but we still go together for the day.

Noah and Grandma were looking rather Christmasy together

We opened a few presents..Noah's little tool bench...oh boy, does he LOVE to bang on things!

We played games almost anytime we were over there. The "train game" and blockus were the two main ones!

Mitch and Ben...they are special folks.

An added present for me on Christmas...was I didn't have to go into work. I was scheduled 3p-9p...and I got called off!!! YAY :) It was much more enjoyable to spend it with the family :)

Merry Christmas [2013]

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas season I am daily reminding myself of the reason for this season.
Reason to be so grateful. Grateful for our Savior. 
Grateful for all we have...our family, our home, our health.

It has been a memorable Christmas.

This is the first Christmas that Christian has really understood why we have Christmas. He reminds whoever will listen about why we have Christmas...that it is because of Jesus, not Santa. He has enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights around town..and one had a Santa in the yard..his response, "Uhhh-ooohh. Oh, no. Mommy, they don't know Jesus. They just have Santa. We better go tell them."
We've had discussions since then, that people can have Santa in their yard and still know Jesus...but that Jesus is just the reason for Christmas...and Santa is a nice man. He has been very enthusiastic about the other parts of celebrating Christmas...singing the songs (he insists on singing more than one verse of Away in A Manger), decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and of course the SNOW! Ever since we said Christmas was going to be Oct or Nov..he said than it HAS to just had to snow in order for Christmas to come. Thankfully, we have had a white Christmas..other wise he would've been so disappointed.

Noah, well, he doesn't understand what Christmas is...but he has sure enjoyed all the lights that are out and about this time of year! In general, he's just into absolutely he makes getting things out and decorated much more difficult ;) 

The most memorable this Christmas is that our house is getting a big fat makeover...a new kitchen/dining room. It has been a process over the last month, and we can see the's getting pretty close really. It has just been many hours of work and many bumps along the way...but it's coming! Ben has worked so hard at this. And this is why when I catch myself getting frustrated that my house is just a complete in, not a single room feels organized...I tell myself how good I have it. And we do, we have it so kitchen or not, we have two precious little boys and a warm home, and most of all the gift of JESUS.

So despite the fact that my Christmas cards literally just arrived as I'm typing this (hence they did NOT get out before Christmas)...I hope you HAD yourself a Merry little Christmas...and you took time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

One of these days..I will update this with pictures and give a full before/during/after of the kitchen (and that was never done either).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Our Christmas"

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve...rather spontaneously. 
We had worked longer than anticipated on the kitchen project (hmm..that happens). But following supper and in between leaving for the Christmas Eve service at church...

Christian was so excited and genuinely thrilled with each gift. 
The dollar bin calendar he received from Noah was first...oh boy! 
"YES!!!! NOAH!! This is what I've always wanted. I just LOVE it! Thank you Noah. Thank you!!!!"
Followed by a hug that knocked him over!

Noah didn't really care one way or another. He was fine with tearing a few pieces..but nothing crazy.

 Ben and his new paint brush. 
He is quite particular about his paint brushes :)

 Noah did get excited about his light up, singing book. He LOVES lights...and win win!

And lastly, Christian opened his remote control monster truck (which he helped me pick out!) 
Oh he was so happy.

We finished up our Christmas..and went to church...where we saw Carissa & Tim and family!! They got in late afternoon. So we went over to Mom and Dad's for a bit after church then came home so we could be well rested for Christmas!

In the morning, we opened up a few presents that Great Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger sent home with us from church. *We were supposed to have the Hershberger Christmas on the 21st...but due to snow and sickness, it was rescheduled for the 28th..which we will be celebrating in Topeka during that time. 

Christian was so impressed with his light up penguin pin! 

And since we didn't have a family picture of us at our own Christmas...
this was taken on Christmas Day. Difficult to get everyone looking nice during the same picture...I'm sure no one else has that problem :)


Monday, December 23, 2013

SnOw much fun!

Last winter it may have snowed...but not until well after Christmas.
Not this year. Christian was pretty thrilled to be able to go out in it!

The one day I did my attempt at offering a ride on the sled. 
They both liked it...the wind was so bitey and COLD I'm not sure how.
It was one of those times where getting everyone ready to go outside was about equally as long if not longer (for Noah) than the amount of time spent outside. But it was worth it!

Yay for snow! (I like the seasons...I appreciate the snow (not the ice)...but I'm not too sad to see it go if it would melt sometime in January.)

December randomness

December brought randomness throughout our house with the kitchen project...
so I bring you just that. Some of our random highlights of the month.

Christmas lights...they bring a smile to both boys!

Ornament making...

New PJ's from the Brokaws...(he HAD to wear them NOW!...I should've taken a picture of what ended up being what he wore to bed. I made him put something TWO sets of PJ's were worn that night!)

Fun at Grandmas...and all her Christmas pretties.

Snow!! We went for a short ride around our house. BRR! They both loved it!

A cousin sleepover...Maddox, Ava, and Kade came over one night for supper, a movie, and slumber party in the basement. Christian often says, "I just LOVE my cousins."

A "family friends" brunch at Mom and Dad's.