Friday, April 29, 2011

in my eyes

there's something innocent about dandelions

for whatever reason they make me think of faith like a child

how freeing it is to blow off the dandelion fluff

these pictures make me smile

for whatever reason they make me think of Heaven..

I miss my Grandma.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Gpa & Gma Hershberger

We stopped by Great Gpa & Gma Hershberger's house after church on Easter Sunday to drop something off...but I decided we needed a picture since they looked quite fancy in their Easter attire (and I think I only have one other picture with them and Christian together).

Christian wasn't really in the mood..but we work with what we have.

Lovely, aren't they?

The bird bath fountain got Christian's attention...curious little guy.


Happy Easter!
The whole Sweigart family was able to get together for Easter this year, and Grandpa Birky!

We all went to church together. Christian really enjoys singing "Christ the Lord has Risen today"..
and then the aaahhh-laaa-luuuu-aaa!

Grandpa (Papa) and Grandma with the grandchildren.

The cousins checking out the baby chicks.


Us..with one tired Christian.

The traditional Easter egg hunt...never too old to hunt for eggs!

Christian's first Easter egg fun!

Ahhh, what a wonderful day.
It was such a special time to celebrate the gift of eternal salvation! HE HAS RISEN!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Good Friday was indeed a good day.
First of all, I am grateful for Jesus dying on the cross for our sins (since that is why we have a Good Friday). Then for this Easter, we had some special people that were able to be here with us.
Carissa, Tim (Gredler) and Grandpa Birky all had arrived by Friday for the Easter weekend.

Dad and Grandpa going on a golf cart ride of the yard...Kade must have been supervising by walking behind.

I just had to include this..I thought it was too funny how Maddox and Kade were playing on the swings.

 Carissa took us on one of her infamous "adventures"...I must say, it's fitting for her to be a teacher..she has QUITE the imagination!

 This was one of my favorite pictures from the day...Tia C and Christian in the dandelion ditch.

 We were celebrating Dad's birthday (April 17) since we were all going to be together. So Ben was in charge of the grill, so Dad didn't have to on his "birthday".

and then....
to top the already very GOOD Friday off..

it became GREAT when
Carissa and Tim announced they were ENGAGED!

Praise the Lord

 I'll just get right to it.
Ben got a job.
A full time, teaching job (most likely 1st grade, but maybe kindergarten), in McPherson.
Either way, he has a job..the contract is signed.
Praise the Lord!

To celebrate his good news, we went to Wichita last Wednesday. It was quite the successful trip. We had a trunk load of plants/flowers/trees for our front yard. On Friday we planted all of them. 
Here's just a taste..ahhh, it makes me feel alive doing yard work and enjoying the beauty!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dear Christian,

You are growing up so fast. You are turning into such a big boy. 

Your vocabulary is getting bigger by the day, and you are figuring out how to combine words to get a point across. One of your favorite things to say lately is, "DA-ee (Daddy). DA-ee." And when he's not around I will respond with, "where's Daddy?" and you usually say "hii-ing (hiding)??" as you shrug your shoulder with your palms up. I say, no he's not hiding, he's at work..or bye-bye, or wherever he is. Most of the animal sounds have been mastered by now (except really want a cow to sound like a sheep), and you love the game that we play "what does a ___ say". It is probably equally as entertaining to us and it is to you. 
Sheep = BAAA
Duck = qak, qak
Pig = you make a funny sound in AND out of your nose
Cat = you scrunch up your face and make a whiney sound (I don't know why)
Donkey = you go up with your head, "eeh" and down with your head "uh"
Dog = "whoo whoo"
Bear = the typical just now are so proud when we act scared if you do this..its pretty funny
Fish = "fshh fshh"
Horse = "heeeee"
Elephant = (thanks to daddy) you purse your lips together and I need to remind you that your room is kind of an elephant we hear this alot
Rooster = the classic, but in small child form "rrrr--r-rrr-rr-roooo"
Chick = "pe,pe, pe", and papa just got a batch of chicks, so this is moving up to a frequently used one!

Here are a few pictures for us both to remember what a sweet and growing boy you are!!

My little snuggle bug.
You like bath time most of the time. If I make it a bubble bath, you get pretty intrigued and try to eat the bubbles "bu-bu's". In general you think the bath water is the time to catch up on drinking...not encouraged or really allowed by your mommy and daddy. When you get out, you love to get all cozy and cuddled up by your towel! It's one of the few times you actually like to be held close for a few minutes.

You love to be outside, and usually strongly DISLIKE to come in. Some of your favorite things to do these simply roam around. I'm not such a fan that you like to head towards the street (even if it is a quiet street). You get SO mad at me, when I take your hand and take you back to the yard. You recently got a new sand/water table (an early birthday present from Papa and Gma) that we put outside...oh the fun you've already had with that. You also like to be chased..that alone can entertain you for quite some time!

So silly about SHOES!
You and your shoe fetish. You are your father's son. It cracks me up, how you go to our closet or find your shoes and put whatever you can on. I don't think you've ever got them on the right feet however (one of the several times you remind me of your cousin Kade).

So sweet and innocent??
You know how to look the part..but you're a little stinker sometimes too. This picture with you and the apple is so cute...but you had just stole it from me..and never gave it back! You usually like to eat whatever we eat, but this was a first you ate the whole apple.

Tractors, trucks, trains...and buses.
All four of these you say OFTEN, and pretty clearly (except for train, you refer to it as "chooo-chooo"). You play with them alot, and can entertain yourself for quite some time. Since you enjoy climbing on whatever you can, you combine the activities by climbing on the window sill and play with your tractor. When we drive in the car, you recognize the vehicles correctly. The one day you really impressed saw a truck and you pointed and said "caa (car)" but then said "noo, tuck (truck)". Every time we round the turn where the buses are parked for the schools, you know just where we are...and say "bus" with such a big smile! 
Its hard to pick out your really like them all ALOT. Oh you are all boy aren't you!!

You and Uncle Mitch.
You love your uncle "booch"..he takes you on short drives in his car! Oh boy, you think you're something else and get all serious. Sometimes, its a little scary how ornery you your uncle "booch". I guess you can be pretty funny like him too though.
Christian Mitchell...maybe there's something in the name.

Curious Christian.
You do like to explore anything and everything. Whether it be inside or out, you like to know what's going on. You recently started tugging on our pant legs when you need to show us something or take us to what you are wanting to get into. It is pretty cute, since you're so little trying to pull us places. You really like playing peek-a-boo, which is a little more like hide and seek now. You "hide" and we find you, or act surprised and OH how you laugh and smile. If we play "Ring around the rosy" with wait until we all fall before you ever so gracefully go to the ground! Silly boy.

Treasure every moment.
I feel like if I blink, I might miss you in this very lively, yet fun stage! Sometimes it feels like a blur (especially if I work three 12 hr shifts in a row).
  But just know Christian Mitchell Hershberger, I love you very VERY much....and you might be getting all grown up..but you'll always be my baby!

~ love, mama

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 
John 3:16

I'm so glad that we can live in the truth of this verse and know that we will have an eternal life in heaven. As we went to the Botanical Gardens last Friday, I couldn't help but wonder if there were tulips in heaven. I came to the conclusion I think there are...just because they are too beautiful not be there!

We all enjoyed the gardens (I think)..I know I did. Christian is pretty much in full blown curious mode. It was actually pretty warm, poor guy had to take off his outer shirt because he was sweating. I was surrounded by true beauty AND my two favorite was a good day!