Monday, September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

I love fall. 
I love the weather, I love the smells. I love the scenery.
This last weekend the weather was absolutely beautiful...with minimal wind (what?!?) so we went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was the first weekend they the past we haven't made it until the very end of the season. Crazy to think last year, Noah was still inside my belly when we went! 

Christian didn't want to sit next to Noah got his picture by himself this time.

 They had more things on the playground area..these barrels were fun!

Christian loved climbing on these tractor tires. 
To see his face light up...truly makes my heart happy!

Then we went in search of pumpkins. Ben let Christian cut them off the vine. He did surprisingly very good at it...and even cut it at the right spot. He was so proud..we ended up with 6 smallish pumpkins.
We had so much fun "browsing" through the pumpkin patch, then "checking it out", then cutting them off. Sometimes, I don't know how he's gotten so big that he can "handle it".

All the pretty colors....
I love the green ones.

We had to stick the bigger ones next to Noah...otherwise he just thought of them as a ball and threw them around.

Oh....I just love these two.
Melt my heart.

Hey there are a little too better have a seat.

Ben and his mini me...silly, silly boys.

Last, but surely not least...the slide. 
A blurry picture..but Christian sure did love it.
Since we went the first weekend they were open...I'm sure we'll be able to make it back again before the end of the season. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A special treat

Phil and Diana asked if we would like to join them for pizza at John & Chris's with their small group from church. Ohhhh, what a treat. It's by far my favorite pizza.

Grandma H and Noah

We could hardly pull Christian away from their train track outside to eat. Last time we were here for my 30th birthday...he ate 6 pieces. SIX! From the child who is very picky and we have to creatively get him to try his food.

My little angels...some days :)

Thank you for inviting us Phil and Diana....and thank you for the delicious food John and Chris!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Noah [11 months]

Noah...eleven months old!

Your smile is so sweet. The bigger your teeth get, the older you look! You only have 4 for now...but you chew on most anything to try and help those side one come in. You are definitely becoming more verbal within the last month. You make a growl sound with the letter "A" sounds so funny. You make a lot of "ba-ba-ba and daa-da-daa" sounds, but have yet to put a word to anything in particular including mama or dada :) 

You are a go-getter and a tough little guy. Your big brother gets a little frustrated at how much you can get into "his" stuff, and has to be reminded not to push you away. However, you think it's a game to be pushed down, and you laugh! This usually makes Christian say, "No, Noah...its not funny!"...which just causes you to laugh more. Oh you two!

You eat a variety of food. You prefer to have whatever it is we are having most of the time. You are a big fan of most fruit, whether it be fresh peaches or the baby food version. Anything you can pick up usually try it out. You're not a big fan of drinking from a sippy cup. You would rather it be just a regular drinking cup that I have..or a bottle (to mainly chew on).

You nap good. You sometimes get to take a short nap in the morning (often it is shortened because we need to pick up Christian from preschool)..and then you lay down for a two hour nap in the afternoon. Night time is getting better??? The last several nights you have only woke up once..we'll get least you go back to sleep fast! You like to sleep with your white blanket. When you wake up, you are SO bang on the top rail of your crib..and start your form of laughing when I come to pick you up. (your socks are coming off in this picture..your feet look a little wonky)

You have your own look. 
It feels as though you are staying around the same weight now, your chubby legs are not quite as chubby, and your face not so round. Perhaps this has to do with how much you get around. Either way you are still wearing alot of 9 month clothes,  a few 12 month outfits and PJ's. Your hair is getting long, still strawberry blonde...and your eyes are still blue, although some days they have a hint of gray in I'm wondering if they will stay blue (Christian's changed after he was one).

You love...
to bang your hands on things and are reminded often to be "gentle"...which you just find funny
to swing know how to throw really well
to sing...and listen to music
a wreath that hangs in our living makes you so excited when you go past it
to see the rolling pin..again, you start getting so excited when you see it (I don't know why!)
your brother...he can really get you to laugh the best
for us to clap our hands when you do something and say "YAY YAY!" clap your hands too
to get into anything you are not supposed to!!

You are getting much faster and swifter at walking with help (whether it be leaning on something or somebody). You are just getting so big my dear, I'm sure you'll be walking on your own very soon!
For now you know how to make a bee line for what you need in a hurry...drop to your knees and crawl very fast!

Sweet Noah Bear, we love you so much. 
Hard to believe next month you will have your FIRST birthday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

To lighten your day

One day a couple weeks ago, Christian was making up words to Old McDonald and I was making a face at him when he did...oh man, he had the giggles.

I can't decide which makes me laugh more..listening to his giggles..or what he says a little after a minute in. Silly little boy.

The Office

Ahh, the office. 
It has been virtually untouched since we've moved in...other than removing ALL the previous things that were left in there, and replacing them with our own stash of "stuff". It is the one room, I really don't like to go in..and it is time for an update from top to bottom.

After Ben finished the closets in the bedrooms downstairs, he moved all the things that were in the office down there. That is a whole different project in finding a home for all the things...but nevertheless the office upstairs is now empty. We were waiting for a day that wasn't so hot to take out the door that was going to that room. 

Here are some "before" pictures:

 While he had the door off...we took out that big ol' bookcase...and he went ahead and ripped out the carpet too.

Our super helper..I used that thing (I'm pretty sure its for getting under a car) to help with my part of "carrying" the bookcase. It actually worked rather nice.

Ben put the sheets of drywall in the office before closing in the door. Oh man, it already looks SO different. I would've never classified the room as "spacious"...but for whatever reason, with everything out if now looks very small! Funny how your eyes play tricks on you like that.


I'm looking forward to the changed that will happen to this room!
Glad for that handy guy :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013 can go now.

We had a VERY mild summer. It is actually warmer now than it has been all summer..which is just crazy to be able to say. Somehow I feel as though when September comes around, fall should be here too. (Not the case..but maybe if I do a recap of the summer, that means its coming to an end.)

So, here are a few pictures of times we spent at my parents house. 
They finished the pool deck this year now Ben refers to it as the "resort". Occasionally, we help out around their gain our annual to the pool :)

In July we had a few of our friends and their kids over there to swim and have supper. We had a good time. Mom even watched Noah and Braxton for us. 

Kira playing basketball with the boys :)

Mom with the boys...they are 5 months apart.

While Tim & Carissa were here..we all enjoyed the pool together too.
Again, very lively games of basketball were played. Lively = exhausting...and so entertaining to watch!

It looks like Brent is edited in...nope..just a funny picture!

Then there's the big ol' sand pile in their back yard. I tell you what...this is Christian's favorite thing to do outside (other than swimming). He could stay out here for a very long time...and he doesn't mind playing by himself. I really think we should get a pile for our backyard. Somehow, its better than a sandbox. 

And Cleo...Mom and Dad's new puppy (in July). She's a golden retriever..and Noah LOVES her. Christian is a bit undecided on his appreciation for her. She is pretty cute...and VERY playful!

There you have it. 
We actually just swam in the pool today...Sept 8...and it was 102 degrees outside.
Summer, you were fun....but you may step aside now and let Fall have a turn!