Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Scenes from the Dirt Garden

The weather has been SO nice today. It feels like it could be April! 
The boys had fun playing in the "dirt garden" (its where our garden has been the last couple years..but this year we're moving to a new spot!).

So, these next pictures are Christian in his "big-brother-type A" role...Noah was CLEARLY "gru-aning" (ruining) his newly dug road. 

"Noah!!!! WHAT are you DOING??????? You are gru-aning my road!!!" (pic on left)
Christian goes on to fix the road...Noah looks, as he has no idea what he just did seeings that there is ALOT of dirt and it didn't look like it mattered where he dug. (pic on right)

Christian very sternly talking to Noah, informing/asking him not to dig there anymore.
 I think Noah's innocent reaction is so funny..he still has no idea what Christian's big problem is.

In preschool, they were talking about Kansas (as it is Kansas's birthday on the 29th)..
they made Indian head pieces and names...
meet Brave Bull.

They found some neutral ground.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jonah [3 months]

Jonah, you are three months old.
Time is certainly going by too fast little baby.
You are actually getting to be a big baby, 15 pounds of your sweetness.

You are such a good baby. You eat well and sleep very well (probably average about 6-7 hours at night). Over the last month, you have really appreciated your thumb, the right one in particular. It is so cute how you plop it in your mouth and then drift off to sleep. If you forget where it is, you can get rather frustrated that you can't "find" it.

You smiles are SO filled with happiness. And the occasional laughs you give are the sweetest. You enjoy being talked to, sang to, rocked, and snuggled. You have many admirers in your life, so you are in good company that enjoy providing you these things.

You can be so serious. When I get the camera out, you put on the most serious face. I have to trick you sometimes, in order to get the "real" you! You are also easily startled if you don't know someone is there...you do NOT like this...your poor bottom lip can stick way out there, and your super sad face/cry comes out!

You celebrated your first Christmas this month!
You also welcomed 2015, and went on your first big trip (flying to PA).

You my dear have found your voice...and your "talking" is so cute (and kinda loud!). You enjoy to have conversations with the familiar faces that you know very well. It is quite entertaining. Christian especially is getting more excited about getting you to "talk" back to him and smile at him. Along with finding your voice, your cry is also more noticeable..it is no longer that newborn cry. You don't often belt out cries.

Your eyes can "tell stories"...they are still blue, and just very expressive. You have so many different looks...serious, happy, playful, sad, and just mellow. Your hair is still brown, although it looks lighter than it was initially. It has a hard time laying down somedays...you look like a baby chick!

You really like your baths. You lay back and enjoy the water. 
My clean little bambino...I love your chubby, soft skin...its so kissable!

We are so glad you are healthy and growing Jonah.
You are LOVED so very much.
I'll keep soaking in all the snuggles you have to offer!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrate the Gredlers [Monday]

Monday morning, we got our things around and packed up.
Had our last minute play times, snuggle times. Carissa and Mom made brunch for all us, Tim's parents and brother, and Mitch.

Before going to the airport we went to Bethlehem. We went to the steel factory..it looked like a scene from a movie. The steel that was made at this location was used nationwide....The Golden Gate Bridge, George Washington Bridge, The Supreme Court Building, and I think it said over 85% of the New York City buildings. I found it kind of interesting. Hard to imagine what those families that had workers that endured this kind of labor daily must have went through.

Then we went down just a block or so in town...checked out some unique shops and the oldest bookstore in the country. It was fun.

We headed to the airport...and our time in PA came to an end.
We had several fun-filled days and good times playing. So glad we could celebrate with the Gredlers...all 5 of them!!

Another two flights to home that went smooth...
and then Daddy picked us up at the airport! We were all glad to see him :)

Celebrate the Gredlers [Sunday]

 Sunday was the big BIG day! Adoption Party Day!

Mia, Gia, and Jace were going to get dedicated at church in the morning...and the party was scheduled for the afternoon. We woke up to rain Sunday morning...the freezing kind. Prior to knowing church was actually cancelled because of it, Carissa and Tim's family were on the turnpike. One car of others that were staying at the hotel had left, but were able to turn around. While watching the news, it was BAD out there...like 60 car pile up on the turnpike, with one dead kind of bad.
We went downstairs and made the most of the morning by playing games in the lobby.

I had to get a picture with this handsome fella....he was 3 months old on this day!

When the temperature was just above freezing closer to noon, we headed to church (the turnpike was still closed even then).

The party was from 2-4.
Tootsie the clown was quite the treat. She made balloons for the kids and then put on a show. Noah and Christian were both very intrigued with her. Christian had told her first thing about Uncle Mitch (I have no idea why)...and so Uncle Mitch became a favorite target for Tootsie to talk about!
There was lots of laughter and fun all afternoon!

Here is two different clips of Tootsie and Christian...he was chosen to help her.

Their pastor gave a special blessing during the party.

An overview of the guests...lots of people to support and celebrate their family!

They had veggies and dip, crackers, and fruit, and a popcorn machine...oh, and cake!
 Christian was a big fan.

They had a photo "booth" area..with props which all the guests were supposed to get their picture taken and write a special note to the kids.

Mom made this quilt wallhanging...

After the party, we came back to Tim and Carissa's...had lasagna, read bedtime stories, and went to bed!

Such a fun day!
So glad we could be there to celebrate with them.

Celebrate the Gredlers [Saturday]

Saturday was a big day...

In the morning, we started off with donuts that Grandpa picked up.

After we finished getting our things packed up (as we were going to stay in a hotel tonight)..we headed to the jump house.
Three very excited passengers on the way.

There were 5 or more large inflatable jump things for the kids to jump on. Noah was definitely not big enough to go solo...but that was a fun excuse for us to accompany him on the slide and other areas. The bigger kids were way too busy going from area to area to hardly get a picture of them. Other than Gia and Christian nearly giving me a heart attack (they had gone to an area where there was a TV and no one knew they were there..aka they were lost to us, but they didn't consider themselves lost at all!), it was a very fun time.

Following the jump house, we went to eat at Pudge's. It is a hole-in-the-wall sort of diner...with AMAZING food. They are known for their Philly cheesesteaks. I got a chicken cheesesteak...SO good. It was huge! And I nearly finished it all. They had excellent waitresses too. 

We all went to the church to start getting ready for the party on Sunday. 
Mitch and I worked on getting the fish bowls ready. He flew in late Friday evening. 
Carissa worked on the cake. The kids took naps there, before we headed to the hotel to swim!

A very random picture..
Dad and I walked through the cemetery a bit at their church. There were some OLD gravestones. This lady was born in 1774..died in 1865! 

We got the hotel..swam for awhile...ate pizza with everyone (more friends and their family came)...then some swam a bit more!
A full day, with more celebrating to come!