Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cute cops

 Meet these two cops...
they are here to bring you cuteness.

April days

Here's a compilation of random days throughout the month...
many of these are generally how my day looks.
(You might notice that Noah rarely is wearing pants...and that is how he likes it. Silly guy, he starts out with them on, and he either spits up on them...or is just plain happier with them off!)

This little guy has gotten really good at holding himself up in this position. 
So proud :)

 Christian likes to be in the same room as me. He does not like to play by himself downstairs...
but on occasion he will initiate playing and go with it for quite some time. This was one of those days.

Whenever I feed or attempt to rock Noah...QUITE often Christian feels he needs to also be on my lap. Lately, he has been told he needs to wait...because there just isn't enough room AND Noah gets pretty distracted with his big brother. Having my lap full with these two makes me happy...especially if they are both awake and just wanting to snuggle.

Christian built his road around Noah....rocking the dino slippers.

A very grown up looking Christian..
I had been taking a picture of Noah, and he requested his picture be taken.

Noah looking at Christian...a very typical reaction.

Just hanging out in the "good ol' fashion tunnel". (This box has gotten some serious play time)

A visit to the arboretum. Throwing rocks in the water...Christian's favorite thing to do. 
We brought bread this time...and whoa there are some big fish and turtles buried in that water that come out for the food.

A proud Christian with his lego creation..its a "bulldozer" and there is a man inside (he's on the left in between the crack).

This look cracks me up...."what you lookin' at"

Helping Daddy with the raised beds, weeding, digging...he is quite the helper.
He went with me to the nursery to pick out flowers..and then helped me plant them.
I just wish allergies didn't have to pick on such little people (well, any of us really..but especially not kids!).

Noah looking all dapper as he is six months old :)

There it is. I'm ready to enjoy more time outside whenever the weather stays consistently warmer. Seems like spring is having a hard time getting sprung this year. 

A new knee

Mom had a total knee replacement almost 2 weeks ago.
We're hoping she is just weeks away from having pain free days!

I took the boys up the day after her surgery. They were good little hospital visitors :)

Hoping for a smooth recovery!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Noah [6 months]

Happy Half Birthday Noah...

Sweeter and sweeter everyday.
You can give expressive hugs (grabbing my hair and nuzzling your head into my neck)...and big ol' wet kisses too. 

Your big blue eyes tell me a story...especially when you poke your head up in the morning to greet me.
Speaking of waking up...you've learned how to sleep for quite awhile! You started sleeping longer...as in all night! You're not consistent yet, but I'm not complaining. You take two long naps, morning and afternoon. And, instead of sleeping with your pacifier, you decided that your RIGHT thumb is a fantastic replacement. You don't particularly liked to be rocked to sleep...you just give your cues that you're ready and we lay you on your tummy...you pop that right thumb in..and its lights out!

You still LOVE your baths. Oh my, you know how to kick those legs. Your brother is almost always at  the side of the tub when you get clean...he seems to "need" to watch what you're doing during baths, diaper changes, eating....well, most everything really!

The two of you are quite the combo...I have a feeling I will have my hands full in no time. 
I love watching you interact. Your face lights up when you see Christian..he can get you to giggle, which is just too cute! Almost daily, Christian comes to your room when you wake up and greets you with something along these lines..."Goooood morning Noah. Heey, buddy. Did you sleep good? Heey. I'm right here Noah. Yeahh, I'm right here."

You weigh around 19# (not an official Dr scale reaading). Still wear size 2 diapers...but only the Swaddler kind (amazing how size 2 can be so different between the same brand of Pampers!) You mostly wear size 6 month clothes...some of your pants are still 3 month...and anything connected is 6-12 month.

You're getting better about sitting up by yourself. You can do it briefly before tipping over, but are able to stay sitting with support for quite awhile before getting frustrated. AND you know how to roll over now!! You learned how to do it both front/back and back/front just one day before turning 6 months!

Your hair is getting thicker and somewhat longer. It's very light brown color...and in a certain light in almost has a hint of red to it. It's now long enough for "bed head".  Sleepy little Noah :)

You usually like your changing table. More so when it involves taking your clothes off. You LOVE to have your clothes off...and if they all can't come off, especially your pants. Silly boy. You kick and flap your arm like a bird when you get down to just a onesie.

You eat rice cereal sometimes in the evening, before bed. You're still not great at it, you push out with your tongue and aren't overly excited about it. So I haven't pushed it. The other evening, we gave you pieces of banana. You liked the idea...and were able to get a few pieces in your mouth..and you even seemed to like it. That lasted about 5 minutes. And then it ALL came up.

this was the end result of the banana night...a banana smeared hair-do. 
Good thing you like baths!

Your two bottom teeth are not able to be felt yet (and I think I'll know..you LOVE to chew on my fingers)...but you are diligently working on them. You chew on anything you get your hands on. Your favorite toy over this past month has been Sofie...the giraffe (and I don't even have a picture of her and you!). She has received lots of wet slobbery kisses and chews! But really most rattles or teethers get you all excited.

You are just a lovable little fella. I love to give you kisses all over...and oh my, how you get to giggling when I do that. You are so ticklish. I'm so happy to be your mama Noah Benjamin...you bring much joy to our home! 
Can't believe in another 6 months you will have your 1st birthday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mod girls

Were mod parents for the first time this year.
We had them over just a couple of times..and gave goodies for birthdays.
We had them over for a final supper before school's done (it worked for 5 of them to come.)

They gave Christian a present...their mod shirt, in his size!!
He loved having them come over. Five girls with their undivided attention!!

Megan, Josanna, Emma, Muna, and Jessica

He left his mod shirt on all night (over top of his pajamas)...then the next day he wanted to wear it again! He really loves his new shirt. I have deemed it a PJ shirt for now though, it is just a little too big yet. Thank you 3EA!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Safety First

Christian has been helping Daddy with his various projects he has going....
the downstairs bathroom,
the raised beds for our garden,
and the most recent was chopping down our gnarly mulberry tree.

He is not a fan of the sound of the saw, or air compressor, or any overly noisy tool for that matter. And, he has a very strong liking to Daddy's safety goggles he got for his birthday last year. So, frequently when helping he wears BOTH the "ear muffs" to block out the sound and the rather large safety goggles. 
Quite the combo for his little head.

The bathroom (thankfully, its further along in the process than this picture...but not far enough for a before and after picture!)

Daddy taught him how to remove a nail from a board, so they could build the raised beds.
Christian is more than willing to help with this...he is actually quite the helper sometimes!

Constructing the beds...
I just love this picture of them working together...it makes my heart happy.

Some of the boards needed to be cut...so here's the head gear I'm talking about.
Mind you, he might have the ear and eye safety covered...but climbing ALL over the truck, well, that he didn't find to be a problem. 

You'd think by the photo below, that we were struck by a tornado...or even that the ice storm last week ruined our tree. Neither..Ben just cut this ugly mugly down because we do not like it...at all. Its a mulberry tree. And originally, I thought, "oh, that sounds nice." Since then, I have discovered that mulberry's fall from this tree, staining anything and everything it lands on....AND birds eat mulberry's and they poop purple...staining whatever and wherever they poop. 
So there you have it, we no longer wanted the tree.
This whole scene will hopefully look completely different very soon..I hope.

The picture on the left..he's just acting silly (with his ear protection and eye goggles on of course).
The picture on the right...he's actually getting ready to fall off the cab of the truck. Luckily, he caught himself...and I then informed him that although he has alot of things keeping him safe on his head, he is not wearing a helmet...and we will no longer be climbing on the cab of the truck.

Good little helper...carrying the branches. 
He LOVED helping with this.

I hope his desire to help his Daddy continues...between the two of them, they will have this place taken care of in no time.

Fancy Crystal

The start of last week was quite nice, like mid to upper 70's nice. On Tuesday, I went to Wichita to run some errands. The sky was a bit funny the whole day, and it acted like it wanted to rain...but it didn't. It was 75 degrees when I left around 3:00.
And then...over the course about 10 minutes it dropped 20 degrees, and continued to drop another 10 over the next 10 minutes. That....is what you call a cold front. It rained, and got colder. And in the morning it was like God stuck everything in the freezer and forgot about it. EVERYTHING was incased in ice.
Wednesday was dreary, cold, and when we got out to go to church...it was almost creepy how things were blown over stiff with ice. Around our house it looked like this. (Not creepy...just fascinating!)

Then Thursday morning, it was still really cold..but the sun was shining. 
It looked like everything was coated in crystal.
It sparkled. It was really beautiful.
And it even sounded fancy. It made a constant crackling sound, but it wasn't falling

Then around noon, it REALLY started crackling, and big chunks of ice came falling down from the trees. It was fun to watch..from the steps, not from under the trees. 
By about 3:00, there wasn't a trace of ice, and it was just a typical sunny spring day.
Mother Nature's just keeping it real I guess...wouldn't want to be too predictable...that would just be boring. However, I really am ready for spring..and to plant flowers...so no more funny business, alright?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

MCC sale

This year, the MCC was more significant than the past years...for Christian anyway.
He was given a bank in Sunday School several months ago, and he has been saving his "moneys" in his "MCC bank". He was pretty proud to bring his bank to the sale and shake it out in the coin counter. (Bummer..I don't have a picture with him doing this...and I have no idea how much he saved. But I guess neither of those truly matter.) Then Dad and him spent quite some time at the "money tornado"...the thing where you could drop in a coin and it goes around and around MANY times before dropping. 

Ben and I were supposed to be helping with the pork fritter food station...Noah wasn't really liking to just hang out in the stroller...so I went with Mom and Noah and we looked at the quilts and plants.
Then we walked over to "the slide"....the big granddaddy slide of all slides. 

Grandpa and Christian had been having a BLAST. Well, poor Dad...I think he went up and down 6 times with Christian! I said I wanted to go with him once...oh my goodness. No kidding...I think I had just as much fun as Christian. That thing makes you FLY and SOAR (you literally get some air).

You can't really see him and I on this picture...but you can kind of see how big the slide is.

The next day, Christian saw his empty blue bank and said, "I'm going to save my moneys for the MCC sale and fill it all the way. And I will drop all of them into the tornado." I said, "oh, well the MCC sale is over."
"No, for the NEXT MCC sale."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh Christian

Oh Christian...you continue to be quite the little character.
Here are a few photos of you and things you've been doing...I try and write down some of the things you say, but if I don't do it the minute you say it...I often forget!

You like to hide.
Sometimes you will announce that you are going to go hide. And other times, like this time below, I couldn't find you when I got out of the shower. You are so quiet when you want to be! 

I have no idea how you can squish your body into some of the positions you do!

You love to play. 
Often whatever I am doing, you want to be around, or involved with. 
And then somedays, you can just play and carry on by yourself.
I love to hear you talk to your toys, and have each of them saying very specific conversations to each other. I especially find it interesting when one of them is not being very friendly, and you are telling them they need to be nice..."parenting" them if you will.

You are so silly.
Sometimes you know it...and whatever it is you said or did is followed by a 'proud' look. Then other times, you just say or do something that catches me off guard and I can't help but laugh at you. And then you will notice, and say, "was I silly?"

You got your second ever hair cut..from a professional. Usually I cut your hair, but the last time I did it...I decided I would have the real deal to "reset" what I had done :)
You were more than a little uneasy about this idea. I had a mini "date" with just you...we went to the library, then got a special drink at Sonic before hand....and then you ended up being so big and brave sitting in the chair all by yourself. You were impressed with the cape. You actually almost fell asleep on her during the 7 minute long hair cut...I guess you were relaxed!

You continue to be a picky eater. Although, I feel as though we are gaining ground on certain foods you will more routinely eat a little bit of at least. "Stagetti", meatballs (which may or may not be truly what I make as meatballs...it can just be ground hamburger that is a little bigger pieces within something), bread (plain, no jam or butter for your liking!), apples, applesauce, yogurt (what you call the "stick" kind...which is in the tube and I stick it in the freezer), sometimes grapes, often cuties/tangelos, and ALWAYS cereal!! 
Almost EVERY night you use the stalling technique of "but, I'm SOOOOO hungry!" to keep from having to go to sleep. Obviously, we know what you're up to...but every now and then you really mean it...and you get a plain piece of bread...and then you are satisfied. 
In one of your favorite books, "Huevos Verdes Con Jamon" (Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish, which only Daddy can read to you), it says, "VAIA" when he finally tries the green eggs and likes it. So now, when you try something and like it, you very enthusiastically say VAIA (its pronounced vi-ya)!!!

You can put away some serious bowls of spaghetti ("stagetti")...its often what I make you for lunch.

Your were lining all these cars up...they were having a "meeting" you said.

You love your little brother. Everyday you show it a little more. I think you are enjoying the fact that he responds to you. You like it when I "get him" and Noah laughs...so you will either tell me to do this, or you will try and do it. This maybe doesn't make Noah laugh..but it makes me laugh and Noah just stares at you.
You help me out by with taking care of Noah. And you get excited for him when he is able to grab a toy, when he splashes all around in his bathtub, and most recently when he eats his rice cereal...you HAVE to watch.

Here are a few of the things you have said....

When we were eating...
you: "Let's thank God for our garlic bread."
you eat..
you: "Let's thank God for my steamy cinnamon milk."
you eat..
you: "Hey did Jesus already die?"
me: "Yes."
you: "And He is in Heaven. And Grandma H. is there. No....Grandma Birky is there, and I went to that other heaven." (I think he was talking about the funeral of his Great Grandma Bergey)


Talking to your toys...
"Lets get the show off the road." (Instead of, "lets get the show on the road.")


"Agh. This is making a mess over creation."


Out of the blue...you asked,
"Can you tell me why we don't say gosh?"


I was telling Noah he has a cute tushy when I was changing him. You were in the room of course (you almost always follow me in his room when I change or feed him).
Then you said, "What's a tushy?"
me: "Like a booty. You have a cute booty too."
You: "No I don't, because it is big. That means it is not cute."
(I have no idea where you got the idea that A. You have a big booty because it hardly exists...and B.That a big booty is not cute...no idea where that came from)


"No ah bueno." (meaning No bueno....when you don't like something. It is hilarious how you incorporate this into your responses.)
Then the other day we passed the ice cream store Twisted Cow, and you of course said how you wanted some. After I said, no not now....you replied, "aaaah, YES ah bueno!"


As I walked out with Noah in the morning while you were eating your cereal....
you said, "Well, HOWDY HO NOAH!!!!"
(I busted up laughing.)


"Oh my mercy sakes!!! What on EARTH!" (said in response to four play doh containers stacked up)


I can't remember if I already wrote this one in the blog, but I had it written down still.
...You were prancing around and I asked you several times if you needed to go to the bathroom..and finally you said, "Well, actually you can take me...but I won't ask you."

(This must have been over a month ago, because you are able to take yourself to the bathroom when it comes to peeing. You even got yourself COMPLETELY undressed in the morning, take off your diaper, go to the bathroom, and then pick out clothes and dress yourself. I know this because the other morning, you woke up too early for my liking, and then you went and did all those things and came back in my bed! I was shocked and impressed.)
This one is long

At nap time...you struggled to go to sleep. You came into Noah's room when I was trying to get him to lay down...and said, "I'm hungry. I want cereal." Mind you, you had eaten a large amount of cereal at breakfast, AND a really large bowl of spaghetti for lunch not even an hour prior.
I go downstairs with Noah because he's squealing and "talking". you yell out again saying you're SO HUNGRY!! So I come up and give you a plain piece of whole wheat bread (blech!)...but sure enough you were hungry..and ate it. And I said, "there, now you can go to sleep." 
You: "yeah, I will"

10-15 minutes later, you come downstairs (as Noah also did not feel to go to sleep today..and i was going to feed him). 
me: "Christian, what are you doing up?"
You: "Well, I just needed to give Noah a toy. Can I give him a toy."
me: "He's eating, he doesn't need a toy. Go back to bed."
You: "Well, I think he wants one."
me: "Fine, come down here and sit next to me while he's eating then we'll all go upstairs and lay down."
You: "ok"
We go back upstairs..I tuck you in..then attempt again to lay Noah down.

5 minutes later...you come into Noah's room.
You: "I really have to go potty."
me: "fine, go."
You go...
me:"now, go back to bed."

less than 5 minutes later..you come back into Noah's room
You: "I really have to go poop."
me: "FINE, lets go."
I help you up there...and sure enough you had to go.
You: "There, THAT feels better!!"
me: "Good, now you can lay back down, and you should be able to go to sleep."
You: "Yeah, its cozy."

You laid there for maybe 15 minutes or so, but just talking to yourself  and carrying on. Meanwhile, Noah had fallen asleep, but everytime I laid him down he would pop his head up and start "talking " to me as though he had never fallen asleep.

I finally went into your room, and you said, "Did I take a good nap?" (the usual question after you actually do  take a nap)
me: "No, you didn't fall asleep yet!"
You: "Well, I laid my head down, I just didn't shut my eyes. So did I take a good nap?"
me: "No! You didn't sleep."
You: grinning..."You're KIDDING me!!?"

ahhh, defeat. 
me: "You can get up...we're done with naptime today."


You are extremely hard headed when you want to be..and it frustrates the dickens out of me somedays. I'm hoping when you get older you will use this in a positive light, because surely there is a good reason for you to be practicing it already. 

You maybe have the ability to drive me crazy (you can tell when that happens...and you make the same sound that I do..."uuuuuuugh"...keeping me accountable of sorts!) but I also LOVE YOU LIKE CRAZY!