Sunday, May 25, 2014

All in a day

This is an assortment of pictures throughout one day. 

These typical. 
I don't know why Christian loves strings/ropes/anything he can "hook" things up to or connect things to...but he does. And Noah, well he's just proud to have climbed on his chair!

 While Ben and Christian were outside working, Noah and I stayed out of the way..and stayed inside.
His "job" was to rearrange any furniture possible (he will move these chairs ALL over the place) 
AND carry his Bible around. Both jobs he does with authority.

Meanwhile Ben and Christian were busy digging the holes for the beginning stage of the treehouse!
They both have quite the ideas they've been discussing about what this treehouse will entail. I am very curious how it will all come together. I LOVE how they can have these conversations..and then work together. It is so funny to watch how Christian takes this seriously. 
He would dig for awhile..then Ben would come over and they would switch holes. It was one of those moments I will have etched in my mind...just so sweet to watch them work together.

They also were working on the well for a bit. It had a leak in the pipe, so Ben dug out around it to fix it. This little baby bird had fallen down in the hole..and the mama bird was nowhere to be seen. They found a worm while they were digging the treehouse holes, so tried to feed it to the bird. It would chirp so loudly...and open its mouth, but everytime Ben tried to drop it would miss. 

Noah, didn't want to watch from inside any longer..he needed to feel included. 
Although Ben is going to start working in June..he has lots of projects going before then..with just one week off from school in between jobs. He's painting a family friends' house in McPherson, he started the treehouse and the deck for our house, and he fixed the well (hallelujah!). He's just a handy hard-working fella..glad I can call him my husband for 6 whole years now!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Suds with my two best buds

I decided I need to be more intentional about doing "fun" things with the boys. 
So I looked no further than to pinterest for ideas.

Oh MAN did they love this. 
Suds, colored suds. That's really all it was.
2 T dish soap mixed with 1/4 c water....add some food coloring. BAM.
They started out all sweet and innocent. 

Christian gave me two thumbs up!

And it quickly deescalated to a very soapy mess...

Lots of suds..everywhere! Flinging bits of soap were

It sounds like an oxymoron for soap to be messy. It makes you clean, right? They were covered in we had mid morning baths.
Even if it only lasted 20 minutes, it was new fun = lots of smiles and laughter = totally worth it. 
So, one of the things on my list of things to do this at least one pinterest fun project with the boys a week.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I love how these two can be the most loving brothers. 
(They have their moments of not..of course)

This was on our way back from Wichita one evening. We had gone to get things for a few projects..AND we ate at Olive Garden..AND they loved it. What? It somehow felt rewarding to be able to eat at an actual restaurant, just the 4 of us..and it went smooth..and everybody ate their food!

Walking on the Hesston College campus. 
Christian had a brief interview with a college student for her class. I love how he just took Noah's hand, like "I got this..I know where we're going."

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Noah [18 1/2 months] are you already 1 1/2 years old! You are definitely acting like it, but that doesn't mean time isn't flying by!! You make sure I have plenty to do in my days. You are a boy with a mission.

Typically, you go to bed around 8-8:30, I rock you with a bottle of milk (almond seem to have issues with whole milk still)...and then lay you down with your white blanket and your Christmas lullaby music (the same one Christian sleeps to). You wake up usually very early morning 4-5:30...and we give you a little more milk..and you sleep in until 8:30-9. 

You wake up talking to yourself in your own language...and I come to get you. You hand me your blanket, pretend to lay your head down and snuggle for maybe up to a minute maximum...and then you want down and take off for the day! When ever you are ready for your nap (usually around noon or so) you will just start following me around, wanting me to hold you, or you bring me your blanket. You take a two hour nap most days.

You like to eat bananas, dry cereal (Honeycombs are your favorite), granola bars, yogurt, cheese, pasta, pizza, peaches, pineapple, meatballs, hotdogs, many foods you can use your own fork to eat with (you seem to have a strong preference about feeding yourself!!).

I recently had to adjust the straps on your high chair. You were quite the little master at getting out, even if strapped in with the tray up against you. And you'd very PROUDLY get out...climb on top of your tray, and the one day (prior to me realizing you could do this) were on top of the kitchen counter just walking around. I had gone to quick change my clothes and you surprised me :)

You don't say alot of words. Rarely do you use dada, and other than a couple times have I ever heard you say mama. You like to mock words frequently on your own terms...such as the word "click" (cli)(when you get strapped in your carseat/high chair), "sock" (ck sound), "ball" (ba), "light" (yi), "wheee" (that's probably the one used most often and the most clear!), and last but not least "beep" (m-bee)...used to BEEP noses! 
You like to use that game of beeping MY nose when you should be sleeping some nights, and I eventually go in there and attempt to rock you....I'll shut my eyes, in hopes that you will too. Instead, you just look up at me as I peek at you...and then you get the "look", and you start pushing my nose. When I don't do or say anything, you do it a little harder and start saying "m-bee" "m-bee!". Its hard not to laugh at you...and sometimes I do...its funny. You are funny. This is also the time of night when you give out your open mouthed kisses most freely. So, you see my dear, you have me in a need to be sleeping when this is happening...but how can I turn down plenty of kisses, and your funny little looks while saying "m-bee!"?? It can be done...and you do get put back to bed. 
(Daddy isn't as keen of your little games at that hour, trust me :) )

You have quite the looks. Your eyes are very playful. You can look out of the corner or tops of your eyes so ornery!! And although you don't give out your laughs to just anyone..when you do, it just makes my heart SO happy. You like to give hugs to your brother and others your own age. Sometimes this doesn't go over well...when the other person is the same usually ends up with both of you on the ground because you knocked them over.

I know you're up to no good when the house is too quiet. You've either climbed up something you're not supposed to..or gotten ahold of a phone, or other item that you know you're not supposed to have. You have a strong passion for phones. Mercy, you think you're entitled to them. 
I think the only thing we've found that you are scared of is water that comes in spray form...such as the shower or sprinkler outside. You absolutely HATE getting a shower, or water poured on you. 

You are so curious. Your brother is not always so appreciative of your curiosity. You are always trying to figure out a way in or around or on top of wherever you are. You are quite good at emptying drawers of any the kitchen or bedrooms in particular. You get up on your tippy toes often to try and reach!! We call you Twinkle are always on the go! You can open our sliding screen door by yourself (which we will have to get a latch for or something!)...I realized this one morning when I came out to the kitchen to find that you had helped yourself outside!! You definitely LOVE to go outside. You often bring me your shoes and head to the door. like shoes in general try on anybody's that are lying around! 

Its safe to say you are most definitely a GRANDPA'S BOY! If he is in sight, you go straight for him. It is so funny. Just today, I just said the words "papa" a couple times in a row, and you just giggled and giggled! I think he's a fan of you too :) You like many of the male people in the family (don't worry, I know you still like me too!)...Daddy, Christian, and Uncle Mitch....and our neighbor Bill (who I'm pretty sure you think looks like Grandpa!).

You are a pretty happy guy Noah! We are so grateful for you. You keep me on my toes...some days a little too well :) But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you!

Things you love:
-being outside
-going down the slide (which you now do by yourself sometimes)
-animals (you love to see Cleo..Gpa & Gma's dog, and their chickens too!)
-bath time (no showers...but you do love baths!)
-doing "round and round the garden" on your hand :)....its so cute!
-playing in the sand/dirt

Things you're not a fan of:
-getting your nose cleaned (which needs it alot lately!)
-changing your diaper
-when someone leaves and doesn't take you with!
-the feel of grass/plants on your feet or really any part of you
-talking :)...I'm sure you will be soon enough...maybe we all talk more than enough for you!

You weigh 22 lbs 6 oz (7%) and 32 1/4" tall (47%), have light brown/blonde hair, very blue eyes, 7 teeth, wear 12-18 month clothes, size 5 shoes.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day [2014]

 Mothers Day. 
Its a day I feel so blessed to have my two little boys that have made me a mama. And also a day to be reminded how special my mom is to me!
Ben had gone to Topeka Saturday to help his parents move into a different he was at least able to see his mom on Mother's Day weekend! We are quite thankful for her too!

This year we just did one mother's day celebration. We went to Mitch's house after church. He grilled us some very tasty kabobs with steak, chicken, and shrimp. Ben made the angel food cake...and strawberries. We spent the early afternoon there. It was quite warm..but also EXTREMELY windy, so it made it next to impossible to play games outside!

This was the best picture with the both of them I got for the day. 
Love them both...definitely have changed my life forever!

 We were matching...hence just the three of us :)

 The mamas

(We were missing Carissa for these photos...I don't know why she couldn't have made it for the meal...its only a "short" drive?!) 

I love my mom. 
Couldn't imagine life without her.

It's an extra special feeling to have another little baby that will someday call me mama growing inside.
So thankful for these thankful.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Outside helpers

The weather has finally been nice. It kind of skipped spring for a couple days I feel like...seeings it went from 50's to 90's. But I'll take it, I was just done with cooler weather!

We've been outside most days. We're not doing a garden like we have in the past at our house. We planted a few vegetables in pots and are calling it good. I also got some flowers to put in containers..and a few different things to put in the front bed of our house. 

We went over to help Grandma plant a few things one day. The sprinkler had been running, and there was such an irresistible puddle to play in. It started out pretty innocent...and quickly got MUCH messier from there.

I really should've taken a picture of his back side with and without his shirt on. He had a large very muddy spot on his bum...and his diaper was weighed down so far he couldn't walk right from all the water he sat in. 

Christian had found flags in Grandma and Grandpa's yard (from the sprinkler system that was just put in)...and he thought he needed to "decorate" the flower bed we just planted.

"Sure. I can do it!"
Helping me move the flower pots to the front of our house to plant new ones in.

 My biggest helper of all :) We cleared off all the mulch and took out several things that were planted in there and transplanted them to other areas (they needed more sun). Then Ben planted several hostas, laid down plastic weed barrier, then covered back up with mulch. 

Thankful for the weather, the plants/flowers, and all my handy helpers!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garbage Truck Cures All

Christian was having a particularly rough day this Wednesday (4/30). He hadn't napped and really needed one...he had built a track with his blocks...and then Noah came along and gave him a hard time with it! The reason I started videoing this was he kept saying, "Its gruined. Its all gruined!!!" And I wanted to get a video of how he said ruined, because he uses that word frequently.

You'll just have to watch to see....but the garbage truck definitely saved the day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sprinkler Fun

It has been warm. It feels lovely to me :)
Christian was REALLY wanting to go swimming..the pool is not warm yet, or the sprinkler will do. He was excited! And his little farmer tan just cracks me up.

We received this lovely tractor sprinkled lately..and it was wonderful and all...but lets just put it is defective. Sorry Brent, but it doesn't really work. So we switched out sprinklers..and the fun continued. Oh, it was so fun for me to watch. I love watching his shear JOY from just running through water!

Noah is not a fan of the sprinkler. It wigged him out. He was intrigued by it..he likes to watch, and he even got really close. But when the water sprinkled over over. He was perfectly fine being held by Daddy (who looks thrilled to be talking on the phone!).

I'm sure there are plenty more sprinkler...and soon pool days ahead!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Baby Chicks

Grandma and Grandpa got a little over 50 brand new baby chicks at the end of April.
They are so soft and SO cute. 
Christian talks so nice to them, as if they really understand him. He likes to hold them..its pretty cute how he takes it very seriously. "Ohhhh, they are so cute. Cute little chicky. Ohhhhh. Ahhhh. Look at them. They are just adorable."
Noah..he just watches and giggles at them. He likes the idea of touching them, and then he does (not near as gently as Christian!) and just laughs.

After many visits with the chicks...I think I've decided it is the one pet I think I could handle right now. And it would be convenient if we got some that laid eggs. Maybe in the near future we will have a few (definitely not 50) of our own.