Monday, October 31, 2011

our candy corn

We don't really get into Halloween. This year, whenever Christian would see a pumpkin carved at all...he would say, "ooh..scary. I no like Halloween." I'm not too crushed that he's not a big fan. I did teach him to say "trick or treat" which he did pretty cute...and then I'd tell him to say, "here is my trick (and spin around or something) and this is my treat (and blow a kiss)"
We dressed him up like a piece of candy corn and made about 4 stops. That was just right..and the ending stop we stayed for supper and met some other lovely trick-or-treaters. We'll have to go to that place again next year :) our house..

at Uncle Mitch's house.....and lastly at Grandma and Papa's house with the cousins!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Botanica in the fall

Ben had a break from school and we decided to do something fun.
We went to the Botanica Gardens. I had never been in the fall, and to be honest I was a little skeptical that it was going to be pretty. Needless to say..I was wrong. It was beautiful!

Welcome to the kid land at is pretty amazing.

Rainbow tunnels,  a play house, an AWESOME tree house, wooden logs (tunnels), musical instruments, and an "enchanted Glen" which consisted of The Hungry Caterpillar figures.

And then more BEAUTIFUL scenery on our way out. This willow tree was amazing with the water and fall leaves surrounding it.

I was glad we went. It was just as pretty if not more than the other times I've been in the spring. And now with the children's area available, we may have to visit more often!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

pumpkin patch

We went to Papa's Pumpkin Patch.
Christian talks about going to the pumpkin patch alot...well, he calls the pumpkins themselves "pumpkin patch" as if that's what they are. The concept is maybe not quite all there. He was equally interested in the dirt that surrounded all the pumpkins. Either way I think he enjoyed himself and that's the main thing.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tim & Carissa Wedding

Tim & Carissa

wedding {week before}

Mom, Christian and I drove to Virginia to spend a week and a half with Carissa before her wedding. 
We did various things...helped out when and where we could, shopped, went to the farmer's market, played volleyball, and gathered rocks/leaves/acorns along a stream.

The weather was so beautiful during this time.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Country Fair

We went to the "Country Fair" that was just a couple miles away from us. 
It was a fundraiser event that was taking place for a family that is adopting a little boy. 
We didn't really know the people necessarily, but it looked like a fun event, and it was advertised for any and all to we did!

We had such a fun time. Christian REALLY loved the barrel train ride behind the 4-wheeler. 
He had his hands on the wheel the entire time, just a drivin' away...he went on this a couple different times for lengthy rides!

Then he got his face painted...a turtle. I didn't know how he'd do. He sat so still, and didn't really touch it when she was done.

I think tying for favorite thing to do was playing in the corn bin. 
Whew! They sat in there a LONG time playing.

There was an animal area which we walked through. 

And there was a hay bale maze that Christian tried out several times...of course the "tunnels" were the best part!

Lastly, our little cowboy.