Friday, August 15, 2014

Christians comments

Phrases and/or comments Christian has said in the last several months:

Right as I get home from work..Christian greets me with "Mama!! I don't have a diaper on..or undies on...I'm going cammmmando!"

Just before bed, Noah was running up and down the hallway. Christian pipes up and tells him, "'re going faster than your little body can carry ya."

"I have a hankerin' for...."

"Well practically...."

"For instance..."

"What in the dickens..." "That really scared the dickens out of me!" "That hurt like the dickens!"

"That's incredible..."

"You better check yourself....before you wreck yourself." He came out to the laundry room one day while I was loading the washer, tilted his head to the side with a smile...and said this. I nearly busted out laughing...simply because I know he learned it from us saying it to him when he gets out of line with his attitude and sassiness. (We had to have a talk about appropriate usage of this. He is not to use this, even as a lighthearted phrase anywhere other than home.)

"You're unbelievable mommy!" (He was referencing something off of the Planes movie..however, it sounded like a sassy comeback. When he was talked to from Ben about it..he seemed genuinely innocent, as if it was a compliment. It's all in how you phrase it whether it's a good thing or not I suppose.)

Talking to Ben..he was telling him about a character he saw on Cartoon Network (he must have seen at Grandma's house). He said, "have you ever seen the character Mr. Biscuit?? He is so silly. He is on the Cartoon 'Nerwerk'." Ben asked if meant Cartoon Network. "No, Cartoon 'Nerwerk'." (followed by a long pause) "That word really tripped me up Daddy. It's Cartoon Net-Work."

"I'd rather...." (this phrase is used by FAR the most!)

"I have somethin' to tell ya...." (another phrase used A LOT!!! This is usually when he's said something that he already knows the answer 'can I have a piece of gum' or 'can we go to Grandma's house'. It is not usually something to TELL me, rather he is just trying to come up with a different way of being able to ASK for something he know he can't have right at this time!)

"Somethin' stinks! Somethin' stinks SUPER bad!" (the kid has a serious scent detector!! I guess God gave some of us better smellers than's not necessarily a gift...but I must say, I understand his issue of having to endure certain scents!)

When referencing time..he is usually very extreme. It is usually, "I haven't done that in about a year mommy!" (when in reality it was one, MAYBE  two days)

He had been wanting to paint something on wood lately. I bought a wooden bird for him to paint..and he was so excited to do it. "OH Mommy...this is SO friendly of you to let me paint!"

"I just love you so much. I love you more than a show or movie. I love you more than my cars. I love you more than my legos."
(these are not all given as examples at one given time..but at random times he will say "I love you SO much" followed by an example of just HOW much he means. I must say, it makes my heart so full of joy when he gives his own example...because I KNOW just how much those things are important to him!)

There are so many more conversations that I can simply not remember...but they are crazy funny sometimes. He talks like an old man. And it isn't always what he's saying..but the way he says is just pretty funny.

Words he still says in his own way:
"Gruined" = ruined
"Bracktfast" = breakfast...there is definitely a hard T in the middle
"Critchen" = Christian
"Andies" = undies
"Root Beard" = root beer

We never know when you're going to repeat something you may have picked up along the can be an hour later...or MONTHS...
 You keep us on our toes, Christian. That is for sure!

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