Monday, October 4, 2010


Our first ever "chication"was held Oct 1-3 in Kansas City...and I'm hoping this can be an annual event :) We (Mom, Alyssa, Carissa, and I) had ourselves a weekend full of wonderful things. Friday afternoon, Mom, Alyssa and I drove up to KC and picked up Carissa from the airport, which was uneventful (and that in itself is worth noting, considering it was Carissa flying :) We took our things to the hotel..a nice hotel near the plaza, got our things settled, then took a shuttle van to eat at Jackstack BBQ. It was quite tasty. That evening we played games...but the most entertaining part of the evening was getting our (Carissa and my) pull out couch ready to sleep in. Mind you, this is a Hilton we're staying at, its not a hole in the wall cheap-o motel. Well, this couch sofa was just so bad, it was quite comical. The best way to describe it was like laying down on only springs, no mattressy part, just crunchy springs. So, we both tried it out, and it was just hilarious. I called down to the front desk, and told them we had a problem, I asked if we could just get two cots..they explained they couldn't have cots in the I asked if we could have a new mattress for the sofa..they said they would bring more mattress pads. A bit later, this man that did not speak english brought a couple rinky dink sheet looking things. I said, "oh dear, here, come and feel the bed. You will see that it is not good." He looked at me funny, and reached to touch it and said "oh, I see"...but he didn't really see, I could tell that was as far as that conversation was going to go. So anyways, we put the extra "mattress pads" on, in addition to the comforter from Mom and Alyssa's bed, and the other extra bedding that was in the room, and snuggled in for a nice cozy night! :)

Saturday morning, we ate the full course continental breakfast and headed off to our spa treatment of an hour long masssage!!! This was quite the treat...thank you MOM! I think we all enjoyed it quite a bit. Ahhh. After that, we went down to the plaza and did some shopping and eating... then went out to a mall and did a bit more shopping..then came back to the plaza to do some more the Cheesecake Factory!

That night, we didn't have the energy to play games. However, we did have the energy to lay in the super comfy sofa bed and take lots of ridiculous pictures!!! That was probably the funniest part of the whole trip. Who knew that a digital camera could offer so much cheap entertainment? I guess for the purpose of this blog, it's not valid, because the pictures were taken on Mom's camera. It was funny though, just trust me. Mom had told the people at the front desk earlier in the day about our unfortunate mattress situation. Due to the full house they were having, the best they could do was give us a BUNCH of extra blankets to form a "mattress pad". It actually worked fairly was quite the process, but it was much better than the spring crunch to the back. Ahhh..memories.
This is just a glimpse of the process of setting our bed up the second night...

Sunday, we ate the breakfast again at the hotel, and then headed off to get a pedicure at the mall. We did a little shopping there and then went to an outlet mall and did a bit more shopping there before our chication time came to an end. We took Carissa back to the airport :( and headed back home.

It was a very fun and memorable time together. I'm glad I have these lovely ladies in my family...and that they are ALL just as crazy if not MORE than me :)

AND...and a BIG THANK YOU to Mom for making this happen! Love you.