Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is here :)

I love this fall weather, not too cold but just cool enough that you know its fall. Its just a cozy feeling. Christian and I often go on walks with our neighbors, Kellie and Liam. This was the first time Christian rode in the stroller without the carseat inside..he's just getting so grown up you know :) Both Christian and Liam enjoy the its nice that we can all get out an enjoy this beautiful weather.

The mum we had planted last year had gradually grown over the summer, and began to bloom a couple weeks ago. It is quite large and colorful now. Liam was trying to smell them, he'd stick his head way down on them!

I wanted a picture of the yellow rose at its fullest point, it was beautiful. Some ladies from our church brought it over along with a baby quilt for Christian the other day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Grandpa Hershberger

Great Grandma Hershberger

Grandma H.

Uncle Sam

Hershberger Family picture

Happy 25th Ben!!

Ben's 25th birthday celebration was last Sunday. His actual birthday isn't until October 1st...this coming Thursday. He requested the birthday meal, and wanted to have both of our families to join us as we did last year. We had "taco bake", a recipe my Aunt Shirley had given, a strawberry/jello salad, and "stop light" salad (with corn, green/red peppers, and tomotoes in it). For dessert we had an Oreo dessert, cherry cheesecake, and Scotcharoos! We had a good time with all that could come, we were missing his Grandpa and Grandma Bergey and my sister Carissa!

I had decorated his "cake" but it obviously needed the rest of the this is proof of the credit given to his age!

Hesston College centennial celebration

Last weekend was Hesston College's centennial celebration/homecoming weekend. As part of the centennial celebration Ben's Grandma Hershberger and Aunt Faith Penner made a quilt. This was unveiled following Friday evening's play The Quilter's play..which we went to and it was very good. As you can see, the quilt they made is like a piece of art!

 7 - 8 weeks

Monday, September 28, 2009


My heart hurts for a co-worker of mine tonight. Sarah Etheridge lost her husband today, Brian, in a shooting. He was a Sedgwick County deputy on duty. I just can't even begin to understand what she must be feeling now, and in the months to come. They have a 2 year old little girl, Natalie. I know there is nothing I can do to fix it, or make her pain go all I know to do is pray. So sorry, it is so sad.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cousins visit Kansas

My cousin Donna and husband Andy, with their two sons Sam (2) and Joshua (7 months) came to visit Mom and Dad. They're from MN, and were coming home from a trip to Colorado. We all were invited over for supper so we could enjoy seeing them as well! Their boys are too cute! Christian wore his Twins outfit his Uncle Mitch had gave him :)

Trip to Topeka

We made a trip to Topeka for the weekend to see Grandpa and Grandma H. We went to church on Sunday so many could meet Christian! We were also able to see the house that Phil has been fixing up to's always amazing to see the difference from the way it was originally bought.

Christian 7 weeks old 

Before church on Sunday we sat outside their backyard. It was such a perfect morning, so peaceful. 

On the way home we had to stop along the way to feed was a remote gravel drive off of hwy 50, next to this old one room school house. It was kind of neat, there were 2 outhouses, I'm guessing "boys" and "girls".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

6 weeks old

Christian is 6 weeks old and continuing to grow! Here are some of the newest changes:
  • He gave me his first "real" smile on Sunday :)     (made his mama happy)
  • He focuses much better, and will follow with his eyes. He will just look and listen when talked to. He will also make many more noises (his way of talking I guess)
  • When lying down while awake, he is much more active. He will move his arms and legs all around. 
  • He is officially growing out of the clothes that were once way too big on him! 
  • We are still trying to figure out a nighttime schedule..but I'm hoping its coming along. Last night he slept 4 hours at a time, so that's a nice amount of sleep for me too!
  • His hair might be thinning a little on top..but still dark brown. 
  • He is still a good snuggler...his Daddy likes to do this while watching football!
He continues to bring much joy to our house. It's hard to believe that he is really ours sometimes, just such a blessing! And I'm really glad that I'm not back at work yet (6 weeks is when some go back, I plan on taking the full 12).

Here are some more pictures..I'm sure I have too many, but I really don't think there is such a thing as too many!

a visit from the Brokaws

My roommate at Hesston College and her family came to visit us and got to meet Christian! Justin and Ben spent some time working on the newest job, scraping on Saturday while Ranee, me and the boys went shopping (nothing like we used to do, but it was still shopping!!). It was so good to have them here, it makes me wish we could live closer to each other. Oh well, I'll b visiting them sometime in the meet their newest baby that will arrive!

Luke and Ben playing with our very limited toy selection for him...he was so good..and SO cute!

Playing with Christian :)

The Brokaws..Justin, Ranee, and Luke

Feeding me "soup" he made 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day in the kitchen

Christian and I went to Hesston to help Mom make applesauce. There is nothing like fresh homemade applesauce..makes my mouth water thinking about it. 

I also wanted to make dinner rolls with her supervision to make sure I knew what I was doing...I think I know how to make them now!

Then, they had SO many tomatoes I asked if I could use them to make pizza/spaghetti I did that while I was there too. Quite the productive day I must say!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

The weather was beautiful yesterday. Ben spent the morning working...he started a new job/house to paint. He came home by noon because Mom Hershberger came to visit and bring us dinner. Later in the afternoon we went to Hesston to spend time with the Sweigart family. We went on the four-wheelers, which is always a lot of fun for all of us! Dad Sweigart had made new trails in the backyard, so we tried those out for awhile.

I thought the scenery looked very "Kansas" I had Maddox and Ava pose during our 4-wheeler ride

My handsome husband :)

As part of one of his group assignments for a class, Ben has to dress and act like a nerdy teacher. I think he won't have a problem with the outfit he borrowed from my mom. Since Ben doesn't really look at this blog, I figured I'm safe in posting these...