Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jonah [two months]

Oh sweet are two months old.

You seem to be growing like a weed these days. You are filling out those 3 month clothes quite nicely, and are moving up to size 2 diapers as soon as the package of 1's are finished.
We weighed you on the home scale the other day for an idea of how much you are...almost 14 pounds.

At night you sleep in our room, in the pack n' play next to our bed. You sleep well in my opinion. You usually have a 4-5 hour stretch, occasionally 6 hours..then wake up, eat and go back to sleep without much of any effort. Good job little buddy.

Noah is still a HUGE fan of yours, always wanting to know where you are..instructing us what to do with you..."Jo-nah, sit in chair" and then he will try and reach to hold you to 'carry you' over to your chair. He has lots of love to give you..and so far, you don't seem to mind the fact that he invades any personal space that you may or may not want.

This picture just makes me laugh...
we enjoyed several days outdoors this last month. 
You like to go on walks in the baby wrap carrier, and don't seem to mind being outside when we sit on the deck to watch your brothers play.

Probably the biggest highlight of this month, is that you started smiling! 
It melts my heart...your sweet little face just so happy. You started smiling at 7 don't hand them out a whole lot...but especially if someone you know is close and talking to you, your face can really light up.

You still have blue eyes. They are a dark blue..but still definitely blue. Your hair has gotten a little lighter, I think, but there seems to be the same amount of it as it was from birth.

I love this picture of Christian and you. Christian was just a-talking to you, asking you to give him a smile...and you obliged. He would get so proud that you did this!

Jonah, you are a good baby. 
You sleep nicely. You eat well. You are overall quite content...and super snuggly. And we think you're pretty cute too.
We just really love and adore you!