Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer Days

We've had a good summer. 
It seems to have gone by quite quickly...but that's just how they usually go.

This was our summer list...
some things are yet to be done (but then again, summer isn't exactly over, considering we've had the hottest days this past week!).

Here are some of the everyday goodness of our summer...

Peaches..oh my they have been so tasty this summer.
I froze a half bushel.

Christian, with just a 'little' help from his Daddy...drew a picture of me surfing (belly and all!).

This baby bunny was in a near death run in with me and the lawn mower. I had no idea there was a bunny nest, and as I nearly ran over it, three of these little fellas went in three different directions. For about 5 minutes, we let the boys play with it, and then it was released to the tree line.

We've enjoyed our deck!! On the nice evenings, we like to eat outside.
And sometimes...we, or maybe just Christian wear fancy hats to keep the sun out of our eyes.

Walks/bike rides to Crosswinds. 
Christian used to ask to go there for the "secret hideout"...which is just the covered basketball court he likes to ride his bike around on.
But last spring they put up a new playground, which has been an added bonus. 

Lots of loveliness...

Noah had his first experience with finger paint...he must have thought it was ketchup...because he was trying to lick it off his fingers.

We went to an event in town...Art in the Park.

We've been reading chapter books to Christian..the 'goal' for summer was to read 10.
The tenth one is nearing completion. He is a pretty big fan of them. We usually read at LEAST one chapter before he takes a nap/quiet time and then again at bedtime. "Just ONE more chapter???" is always requested.
The list of books we have read: Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, Little House in the Big Woods, A Bear Called Paddington, Mary Poppins, Mr. Popper's Penguins, The Enormous Egg, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, The Little House on the Prairie, and lastly Runaway Ralph.

Many of our summer days were spent swimming at some point. 
Both boys like the water...Noah is very pleased with sitting on the steps and splashing and pushing Grandpa in the water.
Christian started out the summer with a life jacket or floaties in order to swim. Now, he LOVES to go under water and swim like a little fish! How does this happen??

Various random times at "Papa" and Grandma's house.

And last but not least...we had this guy home with us (for at least a couple weeks). He worked for Preferred Builders in town until the last week of July. I think its safe to say we all enjoy having him around more. He was able to complete the deck, get a major start on the tree house, is halfway done with re-organizing the garage, made shelves for the storage room, and built a different closet organizer for Christian's closet. Not only do we love him for the Daddy/Husband he is...he is just quite handy.

A few of the leftover 'list' items:
Once it cools off a bit more I believe a camp out and camp fire, complete with s'mores is in the future.

We never made it to the McPherson Water Park, and we only went once to the Splash Park in town after Christian was finished with swim lessons (he wasn't that big of a fan). It's hard to really "need" to go to something like this when a very nice pool is so conveniently located at Grandpa and Grandma's house!

I don't know as if I did a Pinterest project every week with the boys...but we did a few things..and they never lacked something to do. That was the main thing, I didn't want to hear "I'm so bored!"...and although I heard that a couple times, I believe that was also in combination with the unspoken 'I'm so tired and need a nap!'

And lastly, I thought it was a obtainable goal to finish 2 photo books..but alas, it didn't happen. I did complete my first Blurb book for 2008...and I am very pleased with it. I like to have a hard copy of the things I put on the blog...and have the ability to add more pictures/comments.

It has been a fun and fulfilling summer!!
And although it has been a relatively mild summer (hardly any days over 100)...
I will be ready to welcome fall with open arms!

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