Monday, March 30, 2015

Meet the "greats"

The six new ladies have moved in...

Meet these fine feathered ladies:
Stella and Lola (the black ones in the front), Faye and Fannie (they are the brown-red colored ones), and Lois and Ardis (the yellow ones). 

That's right...they are named after my Great Aunts and one Great Grandma (Fannie).
Christian was given the names on the way back from getting them, and he did not hesitate in deciding who was who.

Ardis is by far the favorite for Christian. Anytime he asks to hold one, he will ask for "Ardis". 
This is the only Great Aunt he actually knows as an actual person. 
She (my Great Aunt, not the chicken) is pretty special to him, as he will write letters to her...and she writes back! He LOVES to get mail, and always knows that it is from her if I say he got something from the mailbox.

(At this point, I have no idea which yellow one is Ardis or Lois...but we usually say it's Ardis regardless.)

Noah was so funny about holding them. 
Well...not so funny the first night. Faye nearly had a fatal interaction with Noah....we let her out inside the house on a rug just to watch and Noah promptly disregarded her presence and accidentally stepped on her leg. Yikes. 

Christian holding Lola. 
I'm a little concerned she is a rooster...which would not make her a she. Let's hope she is a girl indeed. She is just larger than the rest, and definitely the noisiest chirper.

Fannie helped Noah do a puzzle one morning. He carried on as if it was a normal thing to have a chick watch him do his puzzle. He was so happy when it just stood there..he'd said, "Fannie watching me! Fannie standing on my puzzle. Funny!"

With Ardis!
He wanted me to take a picture so we can send it to her. Christian said, "She will be so surprised to meet another Ardis! She might be confused, thinking, 'What? How can that be Ardis and I am Ardis!!' and then she will say, "OH...I see, its a chicken."
 He has a running commentary for most anything!

Stella got to see what the dirt garden was like when the weather was warmer. She's the smallest of them all.

Here they are trying to figure out their water bottle with a poultry nipple attached.
Some of them, kind of seem to have it figured out...but we put a bowl of water in there they can for sure have some while they are learning. Hopefully, they figure it out, it sure is less messy to deal with keeping the water clean.

Their temporary a water heater cardboard box, inside our laundry room.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Evening at the ranch

We had a good day..
we worked at Mom and Dad's during the day (since Dad had rotator cuff surgery...he's down one arm for a bit!). Then in the evening, we were invited to BAMAK ranch. It was also the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament...there was a big TV set up outside so we could watch the games while we were enjoying our time outdoors!

It was a beautiful evening..
Jonah with Grandma

Christian has been wanting to go fishing so badly...and he was so pleased.

Hercules and Christian

The big boys were all fishing.

Ava, Aunt Alyssa, and Noah

Beautiful ending to the day.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting ready for the ladies

We decided sometime last year, that this spring we would get some raise for eggs.
Well, the time has come!

Ben started on making a home for these future ladies over spring break.
He had to buy the framing supplies..but used a lot of scrap supplies from other projects for the outside.

Christian and Noah were quite the helpers.

Noah 'helping' measure with Daddy's tape measure...
and whenever the saw was in use, the protective ear gear was applied...
which was comical to watch.

He can have such a serious face...but he's a softy at heart.

It still needs a roof applied, and be painted...but the chicks won't live in it right away anyway...
so we were ready 'enough' to get the ladies.

They arrived at the store on Wednesday morning. Before Christian went to preschool, we went to pick them up. This picture was very fitting...Christian had been awake for quite some time and VERY excited about getting the chicks, as both Noah and Jonah had to woken up in order to leave (hence the yawn from Noah).

After we picked them up, Christian held the box in the back seat...talking to them the whole way back. He is hilarious about how sincere he talks to animals (real or fake). 
He was telling them, "It's okay chickies...its alright, I'm here. I'm your new mama."
I let him show his preschool class his very new baby chicks before taking them home and getting them settled.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Glimpses of Spring

A collection of pictures over the last month or so.

Mom's Birthday...with some pretty tasty chocolate cupcakes with coconut frosting.

After Brent's birthday meal..Dad shot off a rocket...
Uncle Mitch and Noah patiently waiting.

Despite Noah's face...he loved the four-wheeler ride!

A pretty cool car tower made by Daddy.

Christian's parachute (several plastic sacks tied together by him)...he was running around the yard attempting to "fly".

Jonah enjoys the outdoors too!

A Freddy's outing...
on the left, Christian is giving Noah strict instructions to do something,
and on the right, he is sharing his drink.
Oh, how things can change in just a moment.

At Uncle Mitch's place..
while Daddy helped put up a light, Christian and Noah put Mitch's new chalk to use.

Spring we have enjoyed your appearance so far...we hope to see a lot more of you!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Visiting Great Grandpa Birky

Last week, very last minute I went with Mom and the boys to MN to visit my grandpa. Mom was planning on going all along, and then when she asked if I would like to..I said I would..but I had to work. That was going to be my answer if I could find someone to fill my hours scheduled...and within a couple hours I had it covered. 
It was a good week to go for us, Christian had spring break from preschool and Ben was going to have parent-teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday evening.

So, we headed out Sunday afternoon and drove to Sioux Falls for the night. Noah was a pistol to get to sleep...finally, after a phone call to Daddy to sing the special Spanish lullaby song...he went to sleep! You'd never guess the little angel, sleeping so nice and sweet next to his big brother would be so difficult.

 We left the next morning around 9:45 or so. Christian and Noah were good little travelers. Jonah, on the other hand, decided to show his severe grouchy side during this trip. Yikes. Homeboy was not excited about the car seat for that long, and he let us know it! But again, look here just as sweet as can be when he got out of it for a break. 

We stopped at Fleet Farm in Fargo on the way, and both Christian and Noah got Vikings ball caps. Oh my...they were pumped.

We got to Grandpa's place around 3:00. Jonah met his Great Grandpa for the first time and Noah didn't waste anytime making friends with him. We stayed at his place for awhile, and then went to supper with him. Afterwards, we went to Tam (my cousin) & Cal's for the night. 

Two of their grandchildren were spending the night. Christian and Lydia are both quite the conversationalists...they are very entertaining how they can carry on. And Christian had the understanding that Caleb's name was "K-Love", as in the Christian radio station we listen to. He said to me, "Isn't that neat, his name is K-Love..I know that, its the radio we listen to." 
We had a nice time at their house, and we had the best monkey bread in the morning. Oh yum. We also got to meet the newest little grandbaby in the morning, Colden...he is pretty sweet.

Before going back to Grandpa's, we stopped by the church and showed Christian where Grandma was buried. That was another conversation that was just so hard to explain, "Well, how is she in Heaven if she is buried? Is her skin just down there?" 
We went inside the church just to show him what it looked like too.

We took Grandpa to Perkins for lunch. He drew pigs on the coloring sheet for Noah. And Christian had a special meal of rainbow sprinkle pancakes!

 We went back to his place for a bit, and then we all went to my Aunt Carol & Kenny's home.
 The boys liked all the fun "rides" Grandpa gave them...on Jazzy and his recliner that lifted up.

The boys played and played in Carol's basement. Lots of toys that they could get out! We went on a walk outside was very nice weather surprisingly. The snow had been busy melting over the past several days.

The next day, we went into town to a few stores, and then picked up Grandpa to come back to Carol's house. That afternoon my Aunt Margie flew in from Canada, she stayed at Carol's too.

This was the best we could get of a four-generation picture.

That evening Carol had the siblings over for supper. Stanley took Grandpa home... and just prior to bed, Christian and Noah started to play with their Great Uncle David. Oh my....Noah and Christian both giggled so much. They loved it. 

To top off their night, they were read a book by their Great Aunt Margie...and ate many handfuls of caramel popcorn. Noah would get down mid story for "mo popcorn" and promptly climb back up to listen to the story again.

We left around 10:00 Thursday morning. We made it home just before 11:00 that night. And oh boy, it was nice not to be in a van, or strapped down to carseats for some. Daddy was glad to see us too!

I was glad for the opportunity to go with Mom. It was nice to visit Grandpa and the other family we were able to stay with/see while we were there.