Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween [2014]

Christian got to dress up in his outfit for preschool.
He is Turbo.
(If you are unsure who Turbo is...he's a cartoon racing snail in the movie "Turbo")

And little cowboy.

It was too chilly for him to be unwrapped outside, little pumpkin.

We went to the Villa late afternoon. I think we were about an hour late...last year we went a bit earlier before they were all eating, and we could see more of the residents. Either way, it was good (and we ran into our friends the Hofstetters in the parking lot). We also stopped at Paul and Brenda's before coming back home for supper.

We came home to eat supper. Then, we went to a couple neighbors houses and drove into Uncle Mitch's house.

We finished the evening at Grandpa and Grandma's...the best of all...they feed the adults too!
Mitch, and Brent & Alyssa and kids all came over too. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Botanica and Dad

While Ben had off from school..we wanted to do one "fun" thing all together. 
So we went to Botanica. I think as far as pretty flowers and nature goes, we were a couple weeks late. But the weather was perfect, so they had fun running around and playing...which was the point.

Afterwards, we went to see Dad in the hospital. He had back surgery this morning, so we stopped in to see how he was doing. Having just visited a hospital (when Jonah was born), Christian was really trying to piece everything together. He said, "it is kinda a better reason to go to the hospital when a baby is born." He was concerned for Grandpa and that he was hurting.

And the picture Christian drew when we got home for Grandpa to get better...
"its Grandpa." 
(I think its cute...and I especially find the exact 7 hairs on his head to be quite funny.)

Sunday, October 26, 2014



Happy 2nd Birthday Noah

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah!!
We will have your birthday party next weekend, but we still will celebrate a little on your actual day!

We all went to church in the morning (Jonah's first time)..and then went to Grandma & Grandpa's for lunch. {meatballs, cheesy potatoes, homemade bread, lettuce salad, apple salad, corn, and pumpkin cupcakes for dessert} Both Noah and Christian LOVE some meatballs!

He was pretty excited about his new light up work bench from Grandpa & Grandma. As in..nothing else mattered after he opened it.

He REALLY loves candles. 
This was probably the best part of dessert for him! We let him blow out the candle over a handful of times.

He doesn't touch the rest of the cake..this is very typical. But I assure you he licked every bit of frosting off of it though.

A story from his new book from Papa before going home for a long nap.

Noah [two years]

two years old.

You have changed SO much in the last year. To think that you were just barely learning to walk only ONE year ago...and now, you hardly walk only RUN!
You have such a fun-loving, spunky little personality. You definitely keep us on our toes.

You love your Grandma & Grandpa. You call him "Papa". When we drive anywhere that involves turning into town, and not going straight (as if we are going to their house) you whine and say "gramma, ah, gramma". You started saying her name a couple months ago..and certainly use it often now that you know how to say it!

You love to be outside. If the word is mentioned, you grab your shoes, grab my hand and let me know what you want. "Shoe, side."...put on repeat until something is done. You like to play in the dirt, sand, rocks, push toy vehicles around, use chalk (both on the concrete AND on Daddy's car!), throw balls, and swing. You also love animals. Cleo and Sammy (dog and cat) that live at Grandpa & Grandma's house get alot of attention from you. 

Inside you like to play with blocks, you stack them quite well..both legos and wooden ones. You just seem to find things to play with..not always toys, which usually is alright. I know if you are playing too quiet, you have found something you know you aren't supposed to have. You like to ride on the rocking horse..and you welcome the challenge of rocking it so hard you tip it over frontwards. You have really started liking books in the last several months. You even like to look at them by yourself, and pretend to "read". Along with that, you like to "read" music and play the piano and sing...this is especially your words to the songs are not in any language we understand.

You love to use the hammer. You are really quite good at hitting things square on. You love to help Daddy with any project he is working on, and really know what tools are used for what.

You look so innocent :)
You love Grandma's rolls..particularly the frosting. You have a complete understanding of how to ask for "ca-ee" (candy) and have no self control if given more than one piece..they ALL go in at the same time. Foods that you generally like; pizza, yogurt, cheese, craisins, cereal, meatballs, rice, hamburgers, hotdogs. You will tell us "all done" and give a bit of time before trying to place your bowl to the countertop.

You are so silly.
You like to "tick-o" (tickle) people's toes and give high fives (especially if there is a BIG reaction! You did this to a group of old people at the Water's Edge one evening recently. You went up to them, and held up your hand as if they should know what to do. A few of them did..and you were so proud!)

You are so sweet. 
When you are snuggly, it is the sweetest thing. You give such nice smiles..and will stroke my hair or pat my back. This was actually the day I was contracting, and later that night had Jonah :) You were being especially kind to me that day.

Another big change for you as you turn are now a BIG brother! And you take your job very seriously. You check in on him quite frequently, and can hardly pass by him without giving him at LEAST one kiss. It is so cute how much you love Jonah. 
You love "Dtris-shen" (Christian) alot too. It cracks me up how you say his name..and my goodness you can say it so bossy sometimes!

You have developed a much more extensive vocabulary in the last couple months. You have started to use short (as in three word) sentences. 
"Side? Shoes on." "Mitch-ell, car go???" "Raining out side."
However, this does not mean that you refrain from talking ALOT. Some days it seems as though you are really just carrying on a conversation with either yourself or someone..and its a combination of understandable words and your own jargon. 
Words you use the most: "Dris-shen" (Christian), "mama", "Daddy", "Gram-ma", "Papa", "baby", "Kay" (Kade), "Jace", "Mitch-ell", "meo" (milk), "juiss" (juice), "side" (outside), "shoes on", "swing", "no-no", "hit", "mine", "co-or" (color), "niii-ce" (nice), "kisss" (kiss), "bath", "spash" (splash).
There are many more you CAN say, and you are starting to repeat words more quickly when told what things are. You like to say many animal names accompanied by the sound they make. Your favorites are cow "MOooo" and kitty (scrunched up face with a meow). 

You are one of a kind, Noah. We love you so very much. You keep us all lively with both volume and action! Hope you have a very happy second year of life!