Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun with Daddy

Christian is a fan of his daddy.

He builds towers with him...

 He helps with projects...
(He has especially discovered a new love with these projects...the TAPE MEASURE!)

And he plays with him outside... 
(Mom and Dad's dog...not ours, just to clarify)

I love watching them play together..

Christian loves his daddy :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

healthy as a horse

So...just a recap on the health status of this Hershberger home for the last several months. Ben...tip top shape..his norm. Come to think of it, I don't think I've witnessed him get sick in the years we've known each other. Christian..he has had a few days of a runny nose here and there. More than anything, usually he gets these when his teeth are coming in...but I think that's pretty typical. This last week he had a fever for several days, I took him to the doctor and they said it was just viral..sure enough he hasn't had a fever for over 24 hours now. His overall health is such a blessing.
As far as I go...well, I normally wouldn't write anything on something such as this...but #1 it has been a pretty big part of life the last couple months and #2 I AM SO GLAD TO BE BETTER! So the brief summary of my health is I got a cough, a gross one a couple months ago (probably somewhere the beginning of November of so). A couple weeks went by, it got even worse and chest tightening, so I went to the doctor. I took an didn't do anything, except I discovered I was allergic to then I tried steriods..nothing. So then, they prescribed another antibiotic...10 days...nothing. I tried all kinds of cough medicines, and at work they gave me a breathing tx...nothing helped! I waited a couple more weeks just to gets even worse so I see the doctor a second time, get a chest xray (it was fine), do some respiratory studies (it showed borderline obstruction, which I guess doesn't mean much), get a third prescription for antibiotic (which was by far the most expensive and big daddy of antibiotics I have ever taken) and a stronger round of steroids. All the while, no real answer as to why I have the super annoying, strong, cough.  I felt better for a couple days...and then it was back to the same old story. I tried to think of everything...we had a new furnace installed (that didn't change anything), I shook out all the blinds (since we had scraped off the ceiling not ALL of the stuff had gotten off) and that didn't help, I received a new vacuum for Christmas so I've been using it very faithfully, you get the point.
So the last time I had gone to the doctor was the middle of December...and then...last week sometime I noticed it was getting PRETTY sore on my right side when I coughed. This only got more intense each day. On Sunday I was certain I would rather go through childbirth without any drugs than to cough the way I felt. I took some leftover pain medicine from when I had Christian and I was out for the rest of the day (which I was just glad that I stopped coughing). Monday I got into a different doctor, told him my story...he thought it sounded like my lungs had gotten an infection, I never got over it and now they've been irritated ever since and the coughing is due to bronco spasms. He took another chest xray which looked alright..and he said I  have a couple cracked ribs from the coughing...hence the crazy pain on the right side. The good news in all of this is he prescribed the right medication in a inhaler that has STOPPED THE COUGHING!!!! Therefore, I feel like I'm healthy as a horse and I am oh so happy. I feel my ribs..they remind me they are still not normal on a minute to minute basis...but that's just fine because now they can heal since I'm not coughing. Hallelujah, praise Jesus, AMEN!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


We got enough snow to go sledding behind the 4-wheelers. So Saturday we went over to Mom and Dad's...bundled up and tried it out! Christian wasn't a huge fan of the bundling part, but he loved to be outside and sled for a little bit anyway.

Even Mom (Grandma) went on the sled ride.

Christian and his super cool "boots"

Brent and Ava soaring along...

until now.