Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we were at home in the morning.
Actually I went over to Mom and Dad's briefly, and welcomed Tim & Carissa's family to KS..they arrived there as I was leaving.

The whole family came to Mom and Dad's mid afternoon to start the Christmas fun!

We sang a few Christmas songs and then opened our stocking gifts.

Jonah and Uncle Tim (he met the Gredlers for the first time)

We ate a wide range of appetizers for supper...the amount of food is never lacking around these parts.
Then, we all went to church for the Christmas Eve service. We successfully filled an entire bench.

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Prior to bed (we all spent the night), we received a final gift (well the girls and kids did anyway)...pajamas!

After the kids were in bed, the bigger kids played games.
And somehow it led to stories that caused ALOT of laughing. Oh my goodness my cheeks and stomach ached from the laughing!

Oh sweet Jonah, the excitement of Christmas was just too much for him..he welcomed in Christmas all bright-eyed, with his arms and legs a-movin'.

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