Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Topeka

We went to Topeka Saturday morning to celebrate Christmas with Ben's family.
After we ate dinner, we opened presents...and Christian was a willing Santa boy again. 

His new helicopter!!

 Grandma H. reading his new book about Pete the Cat...he thought it was pretty funny.

 Sam and Christian wearing Sam's head lights...

Grandpa & Grandma H

 Noah successfully slept through another Christmas celebration :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Noah [2 months old]

Our sweet little boy, already two months old. 
You have grown so much in the last month. At one month you weighed 9 lb 3 oz...and now you weigh 12 lb 15 oz. Daddy says all that milk is going straight to your cheeks (and thighs).
You started to smile regularly around 6 weeks...and it gets me everytime.
Between 5-6 weeks, I noticed you developed an umbilical hernia, which is fairly common...Christian always makes a comment on how big your belly button is. 
Shortly after 4 weeks until around 9 weeks you had a routine of getting fussy most often in the evenings for around 30-45 minutes (short periods other times too). You like to bounce...lots of bouncing standing up. My arms should be in better shape now!
You're not such a fan of the swing most of the time, and there's a small percentage that you actually are content in the "bouncer" seat. (However, during that small percentage I end up getting lots of pictures of it looks as if you love the thing!)
Sometimes, what you really love is to just lay on the ground or changing table and kick, kick, kick!

You are still in size 1 diapers...although only because this box is almost done..then its onto size 2 for you!
You are growing out of some of the 0-3 month things, but most of them still seem a bit long for some of them. 
You are still a good eater, you eat about every 2.5-3 hours during the day, and have one longer time in the late evening of going about 5 hours. I'm hoping this time frame could get bumped back to be from about midnight-5am...instead of starting at 8 pm. 
But really you do well at eating, then going back to sleep in the I'm not complaining.
You like to sleep on your tummy (I know, I know, you're not "supposed" to). You pick your head up and move it all over creation very well starting just after 4 weeks...and you've slept SO much easier since then. 
You don't seem bothered by noise for the most part, which is good...because your brother doesn't always hold back on his volume just because you're sleeping.
I've discovered you also like a little bit of your face covered, with a small blanket to go to sleep sometimes...and your hand likes to grab onto reach and grip for my neck often...funny how you have certain preferences and its just a matter of figuring them out. You often take a pacifier, but it isn't something you seem to "have" to have in order to sleep always.

It obvious to see you've changed in the last month....
however, your eyes are still the deep, ocean blue that you came out having. They are so pretty.

[5 weeks]

[6 weeks]
Our first outing together...just being the two of us. I had a dr appt, and you accompanied me to that and to finish Christmas shopping. You do NOT like your car seat as a rule. So finding the opportune time to put you in there is what I strive for....hearing you cry so hard in it just breaks my heart!

 [7 weeks]
You look so big here. You get lots and lots of kisses all over your cheeks and tummy!

[8 weeks]
You celebrated your first Christmas during this week. What a big week for you! During each celebration I think you slept :) You had a big brother that opened lots of gifts for you. 

We had to take a picture of one of your presents...proof that you actually got something, even if you didn't open it :)

 You can look SO furrow your eyebrows and just stare.

But you can also fill your face with happiness...I love it.

Such a sweet, sweet face.

I love you Noah. 
You are such a precious bundle of joy.

Christmas [Sweigart family]

Merry Christmas!!!

I woke up with Noah..and went upstairs to find Ava and Christian in the living room. We went into Mom & Dad's room...and it didn't take too long for more members to wake up and discover that's where everyone was. Good morning and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas Noah Bear :)

After breakfast,  Santa came by and dropped off just enough presents for the grandchildren...
he sure knows how to spoil them :)

 Then we opened up presents from each other....
lots of goodies.

We ate a very filling dinner, and a few necessary naps were taken by a couple boys.
Meanwhile, we played more games. 
After naps, we proceeded downstairs to where we had a "live" nativity.

Here you will notice one of the wiseman...slightly creepy looking, but this picture makes me laugh everytime!

Two of the cutest sheep you will ever see...

and this is "baby Jesus's" backside...

What a happy donkey, with Mary & Joseph and a sleeping baby Jesus...

The sheep are cut off in this finale...but you get the idea.

Then we opened up presents from Mom and Dad downstairs. 
These four were opening up their new cowboy boots!

This picture just made me if opening presents is a serious event. I guess they were just waiting in suspense to see what was inside!

Christian got started right away playing with one of his gifts...
the marble run.

Afterwards, we had another fun activity involving yarn...everyone had an assigned color and you had to follow your piece to the end...where a gift awaited you! Then, we did THE PICKLE. A tradition started several years ago, hiding a pickle ornament in the tree. I actually found it first this year...a true first. But Mom is too nice, and she gives us all an extra present when we're all done finding it. 

 Christian "finding" the his boots that he did NOT take off the entire rest of the day.

Carissa helped make a gingerbread village with the kids...lots of little grabby fingers getting into the candy!

More games in the evening....and of course there was a constant flow of food whenever and pretty much whatever! 

Playing Head Banz with everyone

We stayed the night again...and in the morning Noah was sharing his smiles with his daddy...they are just so sweet. Melts my heart every time!

What a wonderful Christmas celebration.
We are so blessed to have family to spend this time with...celebrating the birth of Jesus together.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

After our own Christmas celebration we went to Mom & Dad's house to play games with Tim & Carissa in the afternoon. Everyone came for supper. amd we had our traditional "appetizer" meal....yum!
Then we all went to church for the Christmas Eve service.
Afterwards we came back to Mom & Dad's to open up stockings and played games.
But first...we got comfy in new matching PJ's that Mom and Dad got for us!

Lots of goodies!!
And we all got Kansas Electric sweatshirts....Christian didn't want to take his off.

Uncle Mitch and Noah

Sometime in the middle of the night, I fed Noah, then came upstairs.
So quiet and still...even with 13 of us in the house (and Mitch was in the room in the shop...not to worry, its like his own suite!).
Ahhh...its Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Family Christmas

I love to look at Christmas trees when its night...and everything but the tree is lit...and its quiet.
It's just so...ahhhhh.

See...not near the feel when its daylight...but still Christmasy all the same!

We celebrated our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. 
I got things around for later that day while Ben and Christian cleaned up downstairs before we could have "Christmas". Wow, what a little trooper...he was SO excited! 
And then we needed to take a few pictures, while Noah was still awake.

The boys

Noah's first Christmas...he wasn't too impressed. 
He enjoyed the majority of it in his crib....sleeping peacefully!

Christian showing his "Super Christian" cape...I made him.

And we saved these precious gifts for last. Leading up to Christmas, whenever anyone would ask Christian what he wanted, he would respond, "A Lightning (McQueen) monster truck and a Mater monster truck." Well, they don't even make those, but Ben really wanted to be crafty and "make" them for him. Too bad I don't have a picture of Elf Ben at took him a few episodes of Parenthood to get them together. We had bought two toy monster trucks, and then the same with the other cars...and he took off the tops and screwed and glued the ones on. I told him, 

Opening one of the monster trucks....priceless reaction.

And good thing we saved them for last...because he didn't want to put them down.