Saturday, December 13, 2014

Noah [a new look]

Noah has a new look...he now has glasses.
He got them just before Thanksgiving and is doing so good with them.
We noticed on his second birthday that his right eye was turning in, and it started doing that more and more at different times throughout the day. When I took him in to the Dr. for a cough, I mentioned I was actually more concerned about his eye than the cough. We followed up with an eye doctor...and long story short, he got glasses. He may or may not always need them, but for now...this is his new look! From how we understand it, he doesn't need them necessarily to see "clearly", but just to help his eyes from working so hard to focus on things. They must help, because he leaves them on for the most part...he will take them off when he's tired and when we're driving in the car. 
I'm so proud of him..he is just such a sweet boy.

His first time trying them on...
silly boy.

 He likes "painting" (using markers!)

So innocent..on the way to Topeka for Thanksgiving. 
His glasses are hanging around his neck :)

And sometimes they are used as a toy....not encouraged, but very glad they are next to impossible to break!

Showing off his new "elf" diapers. He is so proud.

He has started to talk SO much more lately, and will repeat alot of what he hears. Some days, his conversation does not stop..whether someone is listening or not. He will go from one thing to the next, and I catch glimpses of what he is talking about. "Baby Jesus seeping (sleeping). Manger. Jonah, gone?? Jonah seeping. Build tower, knock doooowwnn! Mitch-ell coming. Tri-shen!! Tri-shen!! (yelling for Christian)."Whhyyy?????" (which is somehow not the annoying kind of 'why'), and "Noo??" (when being asked something, he answers in question form no) are very common for him to say. He refers to himself as "me" and just the other day said his own name for the first time. And lastly, the way he says someone's name that is teasing/tickling him is just priceless, he lowers his voice, and makes a sheepish face..."Pa-paaaa" (grandpa) is the usual one for this but "Ga-maaaaa" (grandma), "Da-deee" (daddy) and "Mitch-elllll" have also gotten this.

He absolutely loves this snow globe. It is of santa, and it plays "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". 
His interpretations of it are "Frosty!!!! Jingle BEELLLSSSS!!!"
Everything exciting about Christmas usually is referred to Frosty and Jingle Bells. It is quite funny. He loves books, and will grab one, then back his little bootie up to your legs and wait for you to pick him up and start reading. Currently, Frosty the Snowman and a book about the "old barn" that Jesus was born in are his favorite. He will say, "Frosty No-man, read it? or "Baby Jesus, barn. Door shut (in the picture the barn door is shut). Read it??"

He likes hats/helmets...and is a big time goof.

He definitely looks more grown up with his glasses. Part of me is sad that he needs to wear them, just because I think it would be a hassle for him..but truly he doesn't seem to mind, and I'm so glad that they help him. 
I am so proud of my handsome little-big boy.

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