Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby love

Our little baby boy is 22 weeks along now, growing quite well I'd say. He sure does know how to kick and squirm, which has been fun for Ben to be able to feel. I'm grateful that everything is still going good, really can't complain :) Whenever Maddox sees me, he likes to try and listen to the baby. It's pretty funny how intrigued he is by it.

Happy Birthday Dad Sweigart

April 17 was Dad Sweigart's birthday..which we celebrated on Sunday with the family. We had a yummy meal, and had a good time together. Hope you have a great 54th year of life Dad!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a day!

Last Saturday, Mom and Dad Sweigart came up to Wichita to help get our future garden ready. Kinda funny, I just realized I don't have pictures of that even taking place. Well, not only did Dad till up the garden...he put up a new back porch light fixture AND dramatically helped change the looks of the front of our yard! I had mentioned that we wanted to do something different, and that we didn't like the shrubs that were there. I guess that's all it took...Ben and him hooked up a chain to the truck, and all four shrubs were out of the ground in no time!! After he tilled up that area, it made such a huge difference already. 

Later that afternoon Ben and I went to the store and bought edging and fabric to lay down. We looked at new shrubs, but decided to wait a little bit to buy those. However, while we were shopping, we looked at patio sets. For our anniversary and both birthdays, we decided to buy one a little early so we can enjoy it all summer! We also picked out some new paint colors for 2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs. The baby's room will be painted a different shade of green from the already green color it is..but that's the only left to buy. We didn't know we were going to have such a productive day...quite a pleasant surprise!

On a side note, we were quite disturbed to find out that sometime during the night Friday night Mitch's car (which was parked outside our house on the street) got a broken window. He had parked it there while going to visit Carissa in Virginia. We have never had these kind of issues, most of our neighbors are pretty old. But apparently, when talking with a few of them on Saturday this happened a street over and the kids that do it just drive by and swing a baseball bat out the window simply to be destructive. In the process of cleaning up the window mess and trying to protect it from the rain that was moving in that night...I may have had a run-in with the saran wrap tube! Who knew those cardboard tubes could be so violent if you don't tear it the appropriate way.

 Oh, and this also bumps up another project we were planning on doing at some point...a widened driveway. That will hopefully be done next month. In the meantime, we look extra special parking in the grass (where the future driveway will be).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He has RISEN!

Easter is such a meaningful time to celebrate...Jesus' gift of salvation is such an incredible gift! 

We spent Easter in Hesston (well at least for a little bit I did)..had brunch/church at Whitestone, then went over to Mom and Dad Sweigart's for a bit of lunch before going to Grandma and Grandpa Hershberger's for another lunch. All the food was wonderful, and it was good to see everyone that came.

I had to leave for work mid-meal which was pretty disappointing. Ben was able to stay in Hesston, spending more time with both sides of the family. He said it was a good time..which I don't doubt. I quickly realized after getting to work why I didn't get called off, because it was quite busy and not enough nurses to go around. It ended up being an alright evening, I was the charge nurse (that happens when the "routine charge nurse" is either on vacation or sick). I think there is an unspoken (well, I guess sometimes spoken) understanding amongst people that work in a setting which requires you to work holidays, weekends, etc...obviously I love my job, but that is definitely not one of the perks. I'm scheduled for Mother's Day as well, I can hope that all the pregnant women do not feel a need to live up to the designated day!

Regardless of how we each celebrated, it was still a wonderful day and I'm grateful for what Christ did for us!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad Hershberger!

We spent the weekend in Topeka at Mom and Dad Hershberger's to celebrate Phil's birthday (4/3). Saturday we were able to see the "new" house that Phil bought to fix up. Its exciting to see it in the beginning stages, then to return to see all the changes take place. We had a good time spending time with everyone, Sam was there as well.