Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August moments

We do not have cats..but the neighbors down the street do, and they roamed into our yard for the evening, and wouldn't leave despite the treatment they received from Noah and Jonah. They were well loved on..but when I saw their owners return, I was very okay with them going back HOME!

My dear friend Sonia, and her family moved this month...all the way to North Dakota.
I will miss them!

Just never know quite what you're going to see with this guy.

A pre-supper entertainment.
Play-doh, spaghetti noodles, and Cheerios....they made quite the creations.

 Art work.

Its still hot..thank goodness for Grandpa and Grandma's pool.

He got to sit in the front of Papa's truck.

Oh Noah...Ardis sure does put up with you sometimes :)

 It was a cool enough 'hot' to be able to play at the park a little.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Noah [First Year of Preschool]

We decided just a couple weeks ago that it would be a good idea for Noah to go to preschool...IF they had an opening. I emailed, and a spot had opened up..so it was meant to be!
He was pretty excited AND nervous to go to preschool "like Christian did!"

On the morning of his first day, he said, "Is today the day I get to go!?!?!?"
Yes it is!
"Okay!! I'm not gonna be shy, I'm not gonna be shyyyyyy (in his little nervous giggle)."

 He was so excited, he was just giddy.
I really could've seen this initial drop off MUCH different..as in the complete opposite! It just makes me feel like this really was a good idea to send him this year :)

And a couple weeks later, when his NEW book bag came from Grandma..
another EXCITED boy :) 

So proud of you Noah...you are so brave and smart! 
I hope you have a blast in preschool this year and make some new friends :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's a...

We found out the newest little Hershberger baby is another BOY!
Glad to see he looks healthy and growing as he should.

Oh yes, it takes a few tries to get a semi-good one!!

This squirt, is not such a squirt...he's growing like a weed!

Noah has some serious classic looks...
and they don't hold back much!

The best I could get of him, in between running around like a crazy boy!

 Another boy...
I love each and every one! I am a blessed mama :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School [2016]

I got to back to school shopping with my soon to be 1st grader! We didn't get too wild and crazy. After we registered for school, we headed to Wichita. Christian picked On The Border to eat lunch, which is fine by me!!
We went to pick up new shoes...super bright ones! Then we finished up at Target...and a treat from Sonic for the ride home :)

My two handsome boys on their first day of school..2016-17 year.
1st Grade ----- HS Spanish (2nd year teaching at HHS)

Christian 1st Grade >>> Mrs. Kaufman
Most looking forward to: "Being with my friends and playing at recess."

He got off the bus with a beaming smile...and said, "I had a GREAT first day!!!"

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Christian [Seven Years]

How is my once little baby..already 7 years old! You are becoming quite the handsome young boy. Here are a few things about you, at this age that I want to remember:

You have such a fun-filled spirit. You are very sociable, and LOVE to be surrounded with kids your age. You have a loving heart, and are aware of the feelings others have around you. You get along with kids and adults alike. You're biggest "people" issue is your brothers right now. When you play nice and want to get along...oh man, you guys have the happiest, funnest times. And when you want to play the "big brother/parent" role, it can get downright ugly from time to time. I try and remind you that your brothers are like automatic friends built into our family...they can be your best friends for life, and always there for you, even when your other friends are busy or moved on..but I don't know as if you are buying into my idea just yet.

You are smart. Over the past year, I cannot even begin to describe how amazed I am with your academic abilities. You read chapter books very well. The Magic Treehouse Books and The Boxcar Children are ones you are currently reading. You still enjoy being read to as well. We are on the third book in the Shiloh (the dog) series. You do well at math too. I just didn't expect you to just pick up and take off with what you hear and see. I'm grateful you seem to enjoy learning.

You are active. Riding bike, playing catch with the softball, shooting baskets, kicking the soccer ball, throwing sticks/darts, playing in the sand pile/dirt pile, building with Legos, jumping on the trampoline, rollerblading, swimming, and driving 4-wheeler are some of your favorites!

You share a bedroom with Noah, for just a little longer. You will be moving downstairs to your own bedroom, and have not been overly excited about the idea...but not arguing about it either. You sleep with your two blankets, and always request a bedtime story (from Daddy). You sleep SO much better now that your tonsils are out, and are much better rested in general!!

Your eating habits have improved by leaps and bounds. You are actually giving me hope that it will be fun to cook for you and your brothers one day. I appreciate that you will at least try the things you formerly stated you "DID NOT LIKE!!!!" without even attempting them. And as it turns out, often you are a big encourager to Noah to try new foods and get him to eat his meals! You have grown up so much in this area of being a helper to things you know are struggles. 

You like to help out around the house. You help me clean...you love to use my Norwex cloths and mop, which I am VERY okay with! You help pick up without complaining TOO much. You also help Daddy out with projects from time to time. 

You have Christian heart...you really have a longing to learn more about God and hear what is in the Bible. I love that you question and then are able to retell the things you learned. I am so happy to know you genuinely have an interest in following what God wants in your life, and I hope that Daddy and I can help you grow in this as well!

You are growing in so many ways (literally growing TALL). I am so excited to see how this seventh year of life treats you! You will be gaining another brother this year (which you clearly stated you would like a sister....but "it's okay its a brother, it really will be okay!"). Even on the tough days, when its really hard being the oldest brother...you REALLY are a great big brother, and I'm proud of you.

I love you SO very much Christian Mitchell....you are incredibly special!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Christian's 7th Birthday

We had one more pre-birthday celebration with Ben's family when they came over to celebrate Grandpa John's birthday. He had a birthday mid July...and so they both were celebrated together. 

I just loved his face..he was excited about his art kit, legos and suction bow/arrow set.

Grandpa H had his lap full...they love to do coloring/art, and he is a perfect fit for that!!

The next day, Christian had to try out the bow/arrow set. They went to the hardware store to buy a scrap piece of plastic-y stuff to use as the target!

August 2nd!!! 
Officially SEVEN years old...
first thing in the morning, we led him outside to one of his birthday presents from us!

And then he opened his present from Noah and Jonah...
another lego set!

That evening we went to Mom and Dad's for supper...
hotdogs, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, apple salad (a random assortment of requests!),
and some form of ice cream dessert for his birthday meal to be complete!!!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY Christian! 
That's alot of happy's. You are such a special 7 year old boy, and we LOVE you SO very much!!