Friday, November 29, 2013

Gpa & Gma H {Thanksgiving Weekend}

I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day...
however, I went in the night before and helped..and ended up staying until 6 am. SO...they were so nice and let me have Thanksgiving Day off :) 
All that to say, because I was scheduled..we planned on spending Thanksgiving with my side here in town. So Ben's family, including Sam and Ruby (his cousin from Germany) came over on Friday morning to see us. 

Grandma H. brought a Pete the Cate book, and character for the book.
Christian LOVED it. 
I love the picture of him and her. I was also impressed Noah sat still long enough for a picture :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

These are our days...

Some days I wonder what it is that I in how does the day seem to disappear?

See how nice they can play...

And then a turn of events...Noah is not what you'd call "graceful".

 I think there was probably a whacking of a piece of train track...and that really would not feel good. Sorry buddy. (This was a matter of seconds..I obviously had my camera out because they WERE playing nicely...and how quickly it changed.)

Bath time is always a good time. They both love them...and they love taking them together.
Lots of laughter goes on in here!

Then there is this guy...
he occupying a very large portion of my day :) 
On the go...climbing, walking, going down stairs, going into bathrooms...splashing in the toilet water (yum), feeding him food, putting him down for a nap, trying to get into areas he shouldn't be...just watching a one year old kind of stuff!

Some days I maybe feel like they aren't productive...
but they are..
just in a different way than what I had in mind.
I have to remind myself of that...especially when the house reflects that all I've done is watched two children. And nothing else!

Ohhh Christian

 At play.
He is always coming up with a way to make things connect the untraditional style. 
Often bricks, chairs, blocks, are used to create some kind of bridge or tunnel. He has a very active imagination and puts a creative spin on his play. That said..he often will follow me around when I'm trying to get work done instead of playing and say, "I just like to follow you everywhere you go!" (Why is it that happens...when there are literally hundreds of things to play with!?)

At bedtime.
Daddy almost always tucks him in and reads him a Bible story. He knows himself some Bible stories...and it melts my heart to hear him say throughout the day part of a story and then explain why that happened. And then he'll wonder how miracles happen and how did Jesus rise from the dead? He has some good questions sometimes...and I hope we are answering in a way that makes him grasp the awesomeness of how Great our God really is. I think I learn more from him about things regarding faith than I do going to church. (Maybe that sounds bad...or maybe Christian just challenges me in a different way that I don't have to answer to at church.)

At work.
He loves to help. "I can handle it" is still a frequently used phrase...or when its not suitable to his timing or liking (ie. picking up his toys) it changes to "Well, actually, I can't handle that." He can make some great construction sites out of legos, blocks, or the most recently received toy...a doll house.
He needed to build up walls and make gates so the animals could go in and out.

The self appointment "demo" man, Noah...doesn't always have a happy customer about his wrecking abilities. I often hear, "No, no mess maker here!' "Uggggghh. He is making my work HARDER!! I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!" and the latest that he used was....
"No, Noah. No, no, no, no, business for you here. I don't have business for you. Nope, not here. No business. You don't have any business here!" Repeated about 3 times. Unfortunately for Christian, Noah doesn't take no for an answer...and has to be physically removed :) 

At being you...
He has a STRONG opinion on certain things...that if we are REALLY up for a challenge, we go ahead and take him up on it. Clothes are one area he usually has a definite idea of what needs to be worn. It often has to be "cool" or "fast". I think if he could wear his Nike pants with the lime green stripe down the side it would happen every single day. Jeans are a big issue...although he knows for school and church these are just times that we sometimes have to wear them. I had no idea a little boy would have such an opinion on this...I really thought I could just lay out some clothes and that was that. Phaa! Another area of independence or maybe just stubbornness is still food. Picky. Picky. Picky. Poor Ben just does NOT understand how this can be with his love for really baffles him..and seriously frustrates him at times.

He has a light hearted spirit. He can be so playful, so loving, and so genuinely happy. When he sings while he's makes me smile. And when he talks so sweet to Noah, "Noah, buddy. It's alright...I'm here for you. You can do it." "Yay yay Noah!! You can do it. YOU are doing it! HE'S WALKING!" Or when he just randomly says while we're driving, "Mommy?!?.....I love you all the way to space."

And lastly one of his favorite things to do...with his the wii. Oh my, this lights up his face!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Give Thanks

We have so much to be thankful for...
so much.
Health, Family, Our home, Jobs, Faith, Friends....just so much.

This year, we had a thankful tree on our table. And everyday (well, nearly everyday) we would add a leaf of something we were thankful for. Christian and I contributed the most to the tree...but Ben had a few, and Noah had a few (via Christian). We had found the perfect branch for it on a walk. 

I had fun doing this. It was so sweet listening to the things that Christian would say he is thankful for. Somedays, he was much less creative...but other days, throughout the day he would say, "I know!! We should put THIS on the thankful tree...
"the beautiful sunshine","the colorful trees", a family member", one of his buddies at preschool, "steamy cinnamon milk", trains, race cars.

I think the two he picked for Noah, were "bananas" and "anything I can climb on"...very fitting.

Some of mine...
A handy husband, warm showers, a washing machine!!! (this was on a day that I think I did 6 loads..involving sickness...yuck), music/my piano, our cozy bed, my boys (Ben, Christian, Noah)

And Ben's...
laughter, Jesus, vacation (as in the brief break from school over Thanksgiving)

This an so much more we are thankful for. 
We are blessed. And I'm grateful that even as a four year old, Christian can recognize that God has blessed us with things we are thankful for.

Monday, November 11, 2013

On the go

Noah just turned one...but it seems as though he should be able to stay a baby a little bit longer.
Obviously, he is fine with moving on. 
He is walking more and more...getting up from the floor and taking off. Oh boy.

He got a slide for his birthday...both boys LOVE to climb on it.
It is amazing how each day Noah seems to get a little more curious, and little more brave to climb all over it on his own, and then turn around and go down backwards. He also mastered the real stairs on his own, he turns around and promptly goes down. 

That pointer finger is starting to get used more and more to show what he wants.
There are only a couple words that he uses...."go!" and "whoa!"
....not even mama or dada. Silly guy.

They really do love to play with each other...
and it used to be Christian I'd have to remind to be gentle to Noah.
However, within the last several really have to watch what it is Noah has to play with...because he will BANG whatever is around..even Christian's head. Ooouch.

Bathtime has become Ben's domain ever since Noah was big enough to sit up very well in the bathtub..and both Christian and him could bathe together. They love it...all the giggling and splashing that takes place is quite entertaining to listen to from the other room. I think this was one of that last times Noah used the baby tub within the big tub...he thinks he's SUCH big stuff now.

He looks WAY too grown up in this picture. He's an active, on-the-go ALL the time kind of little fella. I can count on limited personal productivity when he is awake...but I obviously wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kade #7

Kade turned 7...he's getting so big!
He cracks me up often.
I love how he tries to carry on very adult-like conversations with Christian.or Noah for that matter.
He can be so sweet and sincere.
He can also be very ornery.
He has a very creative imagination.
He LOVES the outdoors.

So at his birthday party...we were able to be outside during the whole thing!
It was an absolutely beautiful day!!

We had a scavenger hunt (and went on a walk), we ate pizza and birthday cake outside, and opened up presents outside too.
Afterwards, we all went to check out/play on the new property Brent and Alyssa are getting. 
LOTS of room to roam and play :)

Happy Birthday Kade indeed are quite the special and sweet young man.
We love you so much.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

lovely leaves

The leaves have been so colorful lately...and abundance of them have started to fall.
Christian loves to rake. Grandma gave him the perfect size real rake...and he has been busy making piles of leaves! (There's plenty more where that came from my keep up the good work!)

This little fella just loves to watch anything his brother does..and being outside. Win-win.

Feelings about the leaves....
 playful, free, and happy.

lovely, lovely, leaves
Only down side is when they all fall off...then the trees "don't have their clothes on anymore..and they are naked!'

Friday, November 1, 2013

My big marshmallow and little pumpkin

We don't get to hyped up over halloween. 
But it is fun to get dressed up in a silly costume and go say hi (or trick-or-treat) to people we know.
This is the first year Christian had an opinion on his outfit.
At first he wanted to be a rocket ship, then an astronaut, and then...he said, "I know. I want to be a marshmallow!" Done. That was it...a roasting marshmallow it is...I think he said this at lunch when we was eating, looking out the window in our backyard where we have had several campfires including roasting marshmallows this fall. 

And as far as Noah goes...I found this at a thrift store for cheap..and that was that :)
Funny to think last year, he was 5 days old..and fit INSIDE a pumpkin..and this year he is a very active and growing pumpkin!

I must say, they were a pretty cute pair if I do say so myself..both of them had an element of soft and fluffy!

A dancing marshmallow...
I think he was dancing to the song, "Do the Twist" as we had just heard it on the radio earlier in the day. Noah thought it was pretty funny.

We went to a couple of our neighbors...we have such good neighbors. Then we went to the Villa. That was my favorite. I had no idea they would actual have the residents handing out candy...I just thought we'd go by and show off the boys in their little costumes. And to top it off..this is a picture of our dear "friend" that we see EVERYTIME we go in to D'Angelos at lunch to eat. He always has a smile on his face and says hi to us. Christian always goes up to him and shakes his hand and says "hi, how you doin' today?" It makes my heart happy. 

 We stopped by Uncle Mitch's house.
He had a GIANT gorilla at his house...both boys were very amused by him. 

 We made a few more stops...
and for our final stop we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house...
always fun treats there!!