Friday, November 25, 2016


We have much to be thankful for....
and although we are thankful all year long, it is especially noted this time of year with Thanksgiving.

We are grateful for family, both near and far...and in between!
Ben's parents came the day before Thanksgiving to visit. It was nice to have them here...the boys certainly enjoyed it too.

Thanksgiving day, we went over to Mom and Dad's for a noon meal. So usual. There was PLENTY of food, good food. I had to work at 3, but Ben and the boys went onto the Hershberger gathering after Jonah woke up from his nap.

 Thankful and Blessed.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend getaway

Mom and Dad offered to watch the boys sometime prior to this next little baby's arrival. So we gladly took them up on that, and enjoyed a weekend to ourselves.
Friday night, we simply went to Wichita out to eat at Mikes Wine Dive (which was good!) and then went across the street to Watermark Bookstore and looked around awhile before heading home. The next morning, we ate at Neighbors in McPherson (YUM!) before going to Kansas City.

We ate at the counter, and watched them work. Its such a small restaurant, but its obviously a hit for breakfast...and for good reason. And I met a friend, I forget his name, but he had to be in his 80's...I kind of talked to him instead of Ben for the last 15 minutes.

We went to the outlet mall first and walked around...
then went to the Plaza. 

We decided to just get appetizers and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. It ended up being WELL over an hour wait. There were so many people in there, and we went in at 5:30.

Ben got the regular cheesecake with strawberries, and I got the lemon cheesecake with raspberry sauce. AHHHHHH-mazing. I could've probably eaten a second piece. 

We stayed at a hotel downtown...and headed back mid morning. It was a refreshing getaway...and a reality check that indeed we are having another child in the near future :)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kade BIrthday [#10]

Saturday mornings sometimes have a special treat...when Grandpa brings donuts! Oh man, these boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Grandpa and donuts! They are spoiled.

After donuts and some playing, we headed to Kade's house for his birthday party!
He turned 10 this year! 

Such a pretty day.

Jonah found the softest spot around...great for resting.

Happy Birthday Kade-man! 
You bring many laughs and smiles to our house...the boys all love you to pieces (and so do we!).

Jonah met a girl (Kade's cousin on the other side) at the party...
they hit it off real well. I tried not to interrupt their date. She was doing all the talking, and he would reply with "uh-huh"....he's already figuring things out!

Our boys

One thing I know to be true is we have three boys, and each one has their own way. I think if I were to explain to the people that make really random comments about having all boys, whether they're trying to be "sympathetic" or helpful or whatever you want to call it...I wish they could just know that obviously they are not all the same,  and I love them each dearly. People are funny in general about pregnancy, and about what gender each family has, and all kinds of other things they really don't need to share their thoughts on. But that's alright. 
My boys. 
Love them, love that they are different.

He is more and more of a wild card. He has such a soft and mild look when he is around people he doesn't know. He is tough, he likes to play rough with his brothers/daddy and even mama. He is increasingly verbalizing his entitlement to belongings. He is ornery, and knows how to push buttons...and does so often when he is wanting to get a rise out of someone (ahem....Noah).
He has definitely entered the little boy phase, yet still likes to be held from time to time like a toddler/baby. He is VERY playful.

(He just moved to his big boy bed...sharing a room with Noah! He wasn't so sure about leaving HIS bed aka the crib...but has adjusted very well.)

He is hilarious. He is shy. He is super mechanically minded, and can build things crazy well with/without instructions. He can verbalize his thoughts and feelings very well for a four year old. He is a teaser to a certain point, and gets a sense of anxiety of he thinks someone will tease him back. He retains knowledge super well (he knows WAY more about sea animals than I certainly do!). He can flat out ignore a person if he is in the middle of playing/doing something he likes or just doesn't want to do whatever it is the person is saying. As in...I actually wondered if he was hard of hearing for awhile.

He is confident (at home and maybe at school?) in being right. He is smart; loves to read and tell the stories from what he reads. He has a very soft, sincere side that is aware of others feelings. He loves to tell and hear jokes/stories. He has a very good memory, and is not afraid to recall what he has learned when it is pertinent. He is growing up into a young man, and can be so observant and helpful.

(These pictures were from Mother-Son night at was Bingo night!) 

 Oh these, its not quiet around here. Its not tidy either. And I'm beginning to understand that in just a few years, our grocery bill will be SIGNIFICANTLY higher. But, I love that they each hold a special place in our hearts...on the good days and bad. I wouldn't trade them for the world. And for this next little baby brother...I am very excited to meet you, learn your personality, and love on you too! You have 3 big brothers that are pretty excited about you already!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fall Outdoors

This crazy ol' weather has stayed warm for quite some time. 
We were picking tomatoes from our garden the first week in November. I can't ever remember a time that has happened. The upside is that the boys can play outside without getting all bundled up! And they are always up for playing outside.