Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28/29

Sweigart Christmas...

We started the family celebration Tuesday evening...in fashion..with new MATCHING pajamas for everyone!! I didn't get the whole family picture on my camera, but I have a few of the clan :).

..and matching cousins Kade and Christian.

And we played some Wii..the Just Dance game that we brought over. It was quite entertaining, and funny to watch everyone participate.

And..we played other games too.

The next morning we had brunch and then started opening presents..stockings first. Christian sat so nice on his own big chair. There were LOTS of goodies to open!

We had a very LARGE meal for dinner..and then opened more presents. We all received wonderful things..but truly spending time with each other was just as special :)  

And...played some more Just Dance!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26

Hershberger/Kilmer Christmas...

Ben's family and the Kilmer's (minus Angee :( ) joined us on Sunday for dinner at our house. We ate and then opened some presents and just spent time together. We were glad to have them all over.

 ~The boys (Phil, Sam, Ben, and Nate...Christian was taking a nap).

~Grandma H. and Christian looking at his new book from them

~My gift from Phil and Diana, a picture of Christian drawn by Phil...it is so special! (I should really have a picture of it outside the wrapping paper, but I don't.)

Our Christmas...

The three of us celebrated later in the evening. We opened stockings, and then a few other presents. Christian isn't the child that tears open the presents to see what's inside. He would rather climb on them, maybe tear a little off and point at the inside to have us just open it and get it out. Silly little boy. I'm thinking next year it will be different!

Giving Elmo a kiss.

His new BARN!-

Saturday, December 25, 2010

December 25

Christmas Day...

We went to Harper on Christmas Day to celebrate with the extended Hershberger family at Tim and Faith's house. We had a big, fancy meal...and then opened presents!

From there we drove back to Hesston...
David, Teresa and family (minus Camille and Russell) were in KS, so we got to see them. We got to meet Molly, who was just born in September. AND, we were able to get our blood pressure checked by Isaac (2 years old...and super cute!).

Isaac telling Christian ALL about the tractor book.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas.2010

Merry Christmas...from Ben, Jessica. and Christian.

 I'm not sure where to begin a reflection on this year. It almost feels like a blur..a good blur, but still a bit all jumbled together (probably a bit like this letter).

First things first is our little, growing boy Christian! We enjoy our no longer quiet home...there is always a little someone into "something" these days. Christian is becoming quite a little boy with his own personality. He turned ONE August 2. He started walking at 14 months..well more like he took his first steps around that time but has been running ever since! He sings and jabbers, and squawks (when he's being a stinker). He loves tractors, trucks and being outside! We are so grateful to have a healthy and happy little boy ...he is such a joy!

I didn't know this year would bring so much change...We (Ben) had done several landscaping projects to our home in Wichita this past spring/summer. It really made things look nicer...and then we came across a place in Hesston for sale. We weren't even really trying to move yet, but it all worked into place and we eventually got to move to our "new" home. Our family was a huge help in the transition between homes! We are still in the process of making our house our "home", but I think that just takes time. It's exciting to see the projects take place, one thing at a time. Along with the change in address, my change in jobs has been a smooth transition. Newton's maternal child is different from Wichita, but I REALLY like my schedule so that I am home more with Christian.  I am very thankful that my Mom and sister-in-law are willing to watch Christian on the days I do work. Now that Ben is now done with school, it'll bring a new change to what our schedules will do...but we will figure it out as it comes. I know we are both glad that he has graduated!

We took a several trips this year which were definitely memorable. In February, we went to Cancun with the Sweigart Family...which was a wonderful time on the beach! In May, we went to Iowa to visit our good friends,  the Brokaws and their newest member, Tessa. And then in June, we went to the Birky reunion in MN. OH, and the Sweigart girls went on their first ever Chication in October...which was so much fun!

We are grateful for what God has given, and look forward to what the future holds. I am reminded of those that have had a hard year for whatever reason. This is a difficult time of year to have struggles it seems. So I will keep them in my prayers and be grateful for all I have! So glad to have such good family and friends to celebrate this season of celebrating Jesus' birth with.


The Graduate

Ben completed his bachelor's degree at Wichita State University last weekend...he has gone from paying money to go to school, to getting paid to teach in school! I'm quite proud of him :) It seemed like this day was so far off, and now here it is!! Congratulations Ben, I love you.
 He has been offered a long term sub position through the end of the year at the school that he was student teaching at. He decided to decline this just because he wants to take advantage of trying out the different schools closer to home...and hopefully get a full time position in the fall. If nothing else, there are already daily openings for a substitute in the Wichita schools.

Our families came over after graduation for a supper/party!