Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just for Daddy!

what a GREAT DADDY you are...

I love watching you be the Daddy you are. Christian has a wonderful role model.

Christian's dedication/Father's day

Last Sunday was Father's Day and we had Christian dedicated at church! It was a good day. Our parents both came and Uncle Sam, Uncle Mitch, and Aunt Carissa were also there!! We had a meal at our house afterwards with all of them :)

My Dad is a pretty special guy...he just really has lots to give... LOVE, work, advice. I look up to him and am very blessed to have him as my Daddy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun with Sweigart family!

Here's some random pictures...

We've made several trips up to Hesston in the last week. Tia C (Carissa) is in town for awhile because she had knee surgery this past Monday. She came home last Thursday, and will stay for several weeks :) Lucky for us...too bad that she had to have knee surgery..but we still get to spend time with her!

So....this picture was supposed to be of the three of us. Mom thought of a brilliant idea as Dad was taking it, to push our heads in....a little too hard!

Toss the baby game...Christian loves it!

and lastly....Mom and Dad got a new puppy, "Snickers". Christian isn't so sure of her yet, but he sure likes watching from a distance. He's funny..he tries to mimic sounds and "puppy" is one of them.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

culture meets nature

We had the privilege of being invited to go to the symphony in the Flint Hills with some friends of ours. Every year for the past 5 years they put on this symphony in some pasture in the Flint Hills and sell a limited number of tickets...I believe it was 6,000. Apparently, when the tickets go on sale, they sell out within 2 hours. Some friends of ours got 6 tickets, and so nicely asked if we would like to go! We may not be the biggest symphony "go-ers"...but it was pretty amazing sitting there in the wide open space of Kansas listening to the music. Before the concert they drove us around the didn't seem like we were in Kansas with all the green, rolling hills, and trees.

It was hard to grasp how it really was...but they were about 6,000 people on the side of a slope in a pasture with the symphony in the tent at the bottom.

Ivan and Ashley Moore...the super nice friends that took us with them. You might be able to get a small glimpse of the average age by looking at a few of the surrounding people in the picture....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our family

Each year we have taken pictures in the wheat...first our wedding pictures, last summer with Christian growing inside of me, and now the 3 of us!!

On the move...

Here's Christian in action!

I think it's safe to say..its time to "baby proof" our house.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

10 months

Christian is 10 months old. 
Whew..he is quite an active little boy now. Seems like a week before his "month" birthday he does something new...sits up, gets a tooth, and now its crawling! He has his own creative way of doing it..he uses his head as a third arm and doesn't get up on his knees all the way. Regardless, he can definitely get around..and fearless at that!

He usually takes 2-3 naps a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and sometimes one in the evening. He wakes up looking so happy :)

He likes fruit! We started giving him fresh fruit in this handy little mesh chewy thing..pineapple and strawberries are his favorite!

"so proud!"

Its getting harder to take his picture when he is staying still. He likes to talk to the camera though, so usually for a moment I can still get it. 

He jabbers quite a bit and says "da-da-da-da" alot! I think once he is actually identifying Ben as "da-da" it will probably be even more special :) 

Patty cake, animal sounds, peek-a-boo, this little piggy..those are some of his favorite reasons to smile and get excited.

The changing table has turned into an instant crying fit! Not sure why this is...but YIKES, he can get pretty unhappy about it.

He knows who he wants and what he wants. He will reach for people (has been for about a month). He also shakes his head "no" a little too well sometimes, especially at his vegetables :)

Not the best eater these days...he likes his milk and juice though! 

He weighed 19# and 28.5 in long at his 10 month check appt. (That made him in the 15 %ile for weight, and 45 % for height). Somehow he seems like he's a lot longer than that.

He's still such a sweet loving little boy! We love him SO very much :)