Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too bad, so sad

What is going on??? Uncle Mitch doing the Vikings song after a touchdown. Too bad they didn't win...but we had fun watching the game anyway. The whole fam went to Mom and Dad's to watch it and we had a "super bowl" supper. 

Hanging with Gpa and Gma

Little paw, big paw

Relaxing with Gpa

Playing with Gma

Monday, January 18, 2010

Go Vikings go!

Just in case you didn't know yet..the VIKINGS won last Sunday! We were all pretty pumped, and we all sported our Vikings outfits. Christian was super happy about the big win, and hoping for them to win this coming Sunday against the they can go to the Super Bowl!

Check up on Grandpa H.

Last Thursday we took a short trip up to Topeka to check in on Phil since he's been home from the hospital. We brought supper and stayed through the evening. It was good to see him at home and on the mend. It was good to see Diana and Sam too :) I didn't realize both Christian and Ben had KU attire on..obviously had to take a picture.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sneaky little boy

Christian discovered his feet the beginning of this week. It has helped him tip from side to side much easier. Yesterday morning he was SO close to rolling over, it looked actually harder to not finish the roll over. I had just laid him down while I went downstairs to put laundry in the washer..and I came back up to find the little stinker had done it! He was so funny..when I said "Christian, what did you do when Mommy wasn't here??" He just SMILED so big, so proud of himself :) Anyway, haven't seen him do it since, but I'm sure this is the beginning of him getting around everywhere!

(So lazy after rolling over back to front...5 months old)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Phil's surgery

Phil's surgery on the Tues the 5th went as planned and they replaced his aortic heart valve. We went to visit him in the hospital on Saturday. He was doing quite well. We were glad we could see him and the rest of the family. He needed to be put on IV heparin to thin his blood a bit more (to prevent blood clots), and ended up going home this last Tuesday. We hope to go up again soon to see them all. We're glad everything went so smoothly so far, and pray recovery continues to go well.


Last week Christian had his first rice cereal feeding...he really seemed to enjoy it. Naturally he made a mess everywhere. He got really excited and would reach and grab the bowl/spoon. Ben says he must just love food already..just like his daddy :)

All done and cleaned up!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five months old!

Whew, already five months old on Jan 2nd. Christian continues to grow, he seems to be getting so long!!! He is already in many 9 month size clothes because of his length.

Of course I have pictures to show for the last month of his life....

If the TV is on, especially sports..he will crank his head in any way to be able to watch it.

He likes to sit in his chair while I'm in the kitchen..he seems to stay pretty entertained!

He now wakes up talking and squealing. When I go to get him and talk, this is what usually happens :)

He LOVES "this is the way the lady goes", bouncing on Grandpa's knee.

New Year's Eve...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

5 months old..Jan 2, 2010

Christian's update:

  • I have officially found my voice this past week and I know how to squeal really HIGH :)
  • Bath time is getting better all the time, I know how to kick and splash
  • I still like to look at books..I even try to put them in my mouth now
  • I think I'm starting to teethe, and if not, I just really like to chew on my hands and occasionally my toys too
  • Mirrors are so fun! I got one for Christmas from Uncle Mitch and not only is it a mirror, but it has a ladybug I love to touch!
  • Peek-a-boo gets me everytime, there's just something about those three little words that make me smile!
  • Car rides still aren't my favorite thing, I'm try letting my Mom and Dad know that almost everytime I get in the carseat...maybe one of these days I'll give up and start enjoying it!
  • I don't know when I'll roll over, I can go to my side..but it just doesn't seem necessary to roll over yet.
  • My hair has gotten a little thicker and a little lighter. Mom told me she thought there was a hint of brown coming to my eyes...I'm not so sure about that though.
  • Most mornings and evenings I get a good work out arm and leg exercises are my own routine..they just go whichever way real fast.
  • I talk more every day. If my mama and daddy aren't listening, I don't mind talking to my toys.
  • Whew, I think that's all I can think of for now..I'm actually sleeping right now, but my mom said she was going to let you know a few things!

Praying for Phil

Today Phil, Ben's dad, has aortic valve replacement surgery today. We are praying that the surgery goes according to plan and his recovery can go smoothly. The surgery is supposed to last approx. 5 hours and then he will spend 5 days in the hospital. And then around 3 months of recovery at home.