Saturday, January 26, 2013

Noah [3 months]

* you weigh 13 lb 8 oz and are 24 in long

* you eat every 2.5-4 hours during the day, and you take one longer stretch at night (5-6 hours)

*you wear 3-6 month clothes, alot of your 3 month clothes you have grown out of

*you wear size 2 diapers

*I don't think you've lost any hair, but you surely haven't gained anymore..and your head has it looks thinner.

*your eyes are still deep blue, like the ocean

*you move your arms and legs are getting in some good workouts in!

*you don't really appreciate being on your tummy a whole lot (unless it is to sleep)..but you can hold your head up when you lay down to check things out. You just don't like to do it for too long!

*you are SO happy in the morning, with lots to share about your night. I will bring you into bed with me and visit with you until Christian wakes up.

*your umbilical hernia is almost all the way resolved (YAY!)

*you LOVE your baths

*you have changed looks so many times in this last month..I feel like depending on how you are positioned you can even look so different! You are your own little guy (every now and then I can see glimpses of what Christian looked like...but overall you're just you!)

*you have developed a liking to a certain kind of pacifier...the orange ones from Newton

*you like your activity gym (especially the penguin and mirror part) and the bouncer seat (the ladybug that sings)

*you don't spit up a whole lot..but you're learning how to drool and blow bubbles real good!

*you laugh when you get really excited if I'm talking to you...its more like a short cough..but by the look on your face, its definitely a laugh!

*you know your family! You are especially fond of mama (I suppose we see each other the most still!)

*you are supporting yourself more when propped against something, not quite ready to sit in the bumbo seat yet though

*you still have a serious dislike for the carseat! Its really a shame, since you do have to be in one for QUITE a few more years when we drive anywhere. I have hope your feelings will change :)

*you're what the Dr called a "happy camper"...bottom line from this is, when you go poop you usually have an all out blow out!

*you like your like it alot! You try to eat it often :) I guess it has good taste.

*you like to be rocked lying on your tummy, standing up...especially in the evening. (Nothing like being picky huh!) We give you gripe water sometimes too..and that seems to settle your tummy. Its better than what it was from 4-8 weeks though!

*you have "happy eyes" when you really give a good gets me EVERY time..such joy!

*you have a family that LOVES you a WHOLE lot little fella!

Hers's a look over the past month....

(9 weeks)

(10 weeks)

(11 weeks)

 You and your brother have a couple outfits that seem to match, and Christian thinks that pretty special so he will say, "take a picture of me and Noah!"

(12 weeks)

Well little man, you keep on growing and changing.... I'm grateful you're a healthy boy!
I love you lots, Noah Bear :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christians commentary

Naptime struggles...I tell him he needs to lay down
He says, "but I don't know to!"
I tell him, "you can lay here for 15 minutes and then I'll come get you up....or you can lay here until daddy comes home."
His answer..."I don't know which option."
"Well, how about you lay here with your eyes closed and think about it for a little bit."

Then he'll come out when he thinks it's been long enough and proudly say, "did I take a good nap?"

"It will take for long." (meaning it will take a long time)


"oh no, I gruined my cape." (ruined= he rubbed up on some chalk with it on)


We went into a store the other day, and the cashier was being friendly to Christian. He asked him how he was, "Oh, pretty good." As he's answering though, he's looking at the guy and quickly follows his reply with, "Yeah, and my daddy shaved his face today." (Hmmm....this cashier just happened to have a rather scuzzy face, in dire need of a razor). The cashier guy just laughed.

"what did you say?" .....this is repeated SO many times during the day. Ben was actually concerned he couldn't hear us. No worries, I think his hearing is just fine. He uses this when it's a new saying/phrase someone says or if I'm saying what we're going to be doing or well..just a lot of different times. It's almost like the "why?" phase most kids go through.


Noah had an all out blowout in his diaper and Christian gets very interested for some reason with those. "I need to see."
"Holy mack-a-mo-lee. That is a whole bunch."
As I'm cleaning him up with wipes, he says, "I know, it's cold honn-ey. Oh honey, I know it's cold isn't it?"

"last week"= last night, SEVERAL months ago...really a reference to anytime in the past
"I goed to that place that has the barn, and it was really really muddy, and we couldn't go down the big huge slide because it was too muddy. Yeah, remember that mommy, we goed there last week."
(referencing the pumpkin patch that we went to early October.)


"Noah is like a hoot owl." (when Noah's eyes are wide awake.)

The other day, we were waiting in the dr's office while grandma was getting her back staples removed. There was an Indian couple with a small little girl next to us. They were talking in English and every now and then they would speak their language.
Christian says, "hey! They know to speak Spanish. He is talking in Spanish!"
I kind of shook my head at him a little...not really knowing what to say.
And then he says, "oh, I mean English, they know English."
I said, "yes, they do know English."
Pretty soon the man says something else in his language.
Christian looks up and whispers to me, "He DOES know spanish! See, he said "baaala baaaala."
I couldn't help but just smile...I wanted to laugh. So innocent. There was no reason to try and correct him.

He wanted to go to the grocery store with me. He was saying hi to virtually everybody we came across. We were in an aisle, and he says hi to a lady next to response. He tries again, "Hiiii," this time with a smile. No response...not even a glance over. So he says, "She didn't say hi. She must not hear me." I quickly turned the cart in the other direction and after we out of earshot I explained that sometimes people just don't say hi back. "Well that is not very frwendly."
Luckily, everyone but that lady was more than happy to talk to him and gave him more than the time of day.

We went to the high school basketball games last Friday night. Christian loved it! He was equally if not more interested in all the equipment in the gym, needing to know the names and uses for everything. Then he'd inform me of what everything was used for throughout the game....and go back to double checking by asking..."is that the practice hoop? Is that red thing for 'lollyball'?" It was entertaining. As we were leaving there was a family behind us commenting on "the small baby." Christian pipes up and turns his head around while continuing to walk and says, "His name is Noah." This opened up more conversing back and forth...he was just a wealth of information. As we walk to our car and them to theirs...he says, "good-NIGHT!"

He is very aware of people's expressions and toy's expressions for that matter. He is quick too...I may be slightly frustrated and haven't said a word yet, and he will say, "Mama, are you kinda fa-wrus-trwated?" It's hard to stay totally frustrated when he I guess that's a good thing :) 
As far as toys go, if the eyes are slanted downward as if they are angry..."Oh, this one is mean, he has mean eyes."
In the picture below, he had said Nemo looked he picked him up and got up in the chair while he was cradling him. And he held him like this for a few minutes and rocked him, while patting him. 
Uncle Mitch is quite the influence. Since Christian doesn't forget much of anything...and repeats close to everything, Mitchell has some "interesting" phrases that are saved to be repeated only at home since we know they are just silly....or back to Mitchell since he's the one that taught him :)
 Here are a few...."You're a twerp", "You're fired" (said in a Donald Trump sort of New York accent), "No yooooouuuu. No yoooouuuuu man." (it doesn't really make sense...but its hilarious when they go back and forth saying this, because Christian just starts laughing, "
He will often refer to his uncles....Uncle Mitch "He is SO silly, and he drives a 'race car' " and Uncle Brent "He kinda makes me laugh. Yeah, cause he kinda likes to tickle me. He is such a little stinker."

I hurt my finger today, and it was bothering me at supper. Christian looks across at me and says, "Does your sing-ger (finger) kinda hurt you, mama?" Yeah, it kinda does. "Well, Jesus can heal it. Did you know that?" "Yeah, and God will make it feel better." He does soak up everything....EVERYTHING.

Ben had fixed his monster truck toy that was coming apart, and Christian was showing me it. I said, "oh, I see. Did Daddy fix that for you?"
"Yeah, he did. Kinda impressive isn't it?"
.......what in the world??? I guess he's an adult now.

These are just a few of the latest...I really wish I would write them down as he says them, because I forget so many! There is never a dull moment. He makes me laugh daily. (He went throw a couple week period where he made me want to pull my hair out daily too....but there's no need to write a whole long novel on that!)

I love you little man, I love you to pieces!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vikings fans

We got all decked out to watch the Vikings/Packers game...and took some classy family photos.

Bummer...they lost :(