Sunday, March 28, 2010

March family times...

Happy Birthday Brent...March 3.

PEEK-A-BOO....Ava entertaining Christian 


Love for Gma

Playing with Gpa

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Mr. Handsome

He is just such a sweet boy :) We love him SO much!

Gpa and Gma's visit

Grandpa and Grandma H. came for a visit this last weekend. Its always nice to see them...and they can see Christian and how much he has grown!

KU and the zoo

We went over to Justin and Steph Yoder's house to watch the KU vs K-state game. The boys were showing their KU attire...Ben has yet to get me a shirt to wear :)

KU won by quite a bit..I don't remember the final score.

Last week we had several nice days of sunny weather. I am very ready for spring to come! Alyssa took Ava and Kade to the zoo one day, and called to see if we wanted to join. Christian enjoys walks outside, can't say he really cared one way or the other that we went to the zoo..but it was fun all the same! We were watching the tigers up close during a training session. They are BIG!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

7 months old!

I know every month I say..he's already _ months old...but really, its so amazing how fast the time flies! Christian is definitely not a newborn anymore! Last Saturday, Ben, Christian, Mitchell and I went to the last men's basketball game at WSU. It was entertaining to go and Christian didn't seem to mind all the noise. Afterwards, I had to go to work, so they came in to the hospital and we weighed Christian. He was 18# 12 oz with clothes on and all. I guess that would explain why carrying the car seat in and out of the car with him in it is getting to be a more serious task. He eats his food much better now, we have tried most vegetables now I think and just beginning the fruit. Anything new, he makes the scrunched up face and acts like he will spit it out, but after he tries a couple bites usually he does pretty well with the rest. We all had the "crud" this month, including Christian. We didn't have to take him in because on the 10th day he was starting to get better, and the doctor's office said if it lasts 10 days bring him in. Very grateful to have a healthy family, and our nights are restful again!

Here are some of the latest pictures of the growing baby....

He loves his little activity toy. It is pretty entertaining to watch him rock back and forth in this..he thinks he is BIG stuff!

He still loves bath time. And of course if his feet are available, they're going to be pulled up to his face.

Happy with Daddy. He is laughing more everyday. He gets a bit shy around other people doing it though. For now, just trust me that its pretty cute :)

And one with mama :) I do love my little boy. He is a pretty big fan of attacking my face with an open mouth. I'm going to guess this is a form of "kiss"..or he just wants to eat my face. He won't do it to Ben even when given a prime opportunity..I told Ben maybe he needs a smoother shaven face :)

More in the life of Christian....
- Rolls both ways whenever, wherever
-He's in no hurry to sit by himself..he'd rather just fold in half if you try letting him sit. 
-He loves to move his fingers and watch them, rather than just the entire hand
-He loves to stand with help, he thinks he's something special!!
-No teeth for the little man yet...chews on things, but no sight of them just yet.
-VERY interested in looking at his surroundings, especially in new places
-Still loves to be sang and read to..he doesn't even mind if you're off tune or singing wrong words
-Beginning to jabber much more! 
-His hair has gotten much thicker
-He REALLY likes looking in the mirror, and finding the people he knows in there with him