Sunday, April 16, 2017

He is Risen

He is RISEN! 
I love Easter...I love what it means, and that we have such a special reason to celebrate!

One way we celebrate is by dressing up...
and I get to call all 5 of these handsome fellas mine!

 We went to church, and then to Mom and Dad's for the afternoon.

Isaac's first Easter!

We had a delicious meal and later we all participated in an Easter egg hunt outside. 

 To complete the afternoon, we celebrated Dad's birthday (which is tomorrow)...
he even got a bunny cake :)

Grateful for the gift of eternal salvation and the reason we have that is 
all because of Jesus. Happy Easter!!!! (And Happy Birthday Dad!!!!)

Friday, April 7, 2017

Isaac [3 months]

Isaac you are 3 months old, and just about the snuggliest little guy ever.
Oh boy, you are loved by all of us!

You are apart of our daily lives in whatever we do...

We are fascinated by the things you can do...and the noises you make. Jonah in particular enjoys copying you, which makes it even more entertaining!

You are growing so so fast. You weigh about 15 pounds, and quickly leaving 3-6 month clothes. I feel like in the last week, you have certainly changed looks and size!

When you're not held, you like your little chair. I've discovered the baby carrier is the easiest and happiest way for you to come with me grocery shopping, etc.

Jonah has not lost interest in you...he loves you very much. He gives you approximately 80 kisses a day (give or take), and crowds your space VERY well. Good thing you don't seem to mind at all.

Noah still refers you to "Sweet Isaac", and he enjoys talking to you as if you can reply back. He likes to check to see what you're up to quite often.

And Christian is just the biggest brother, who just learned how to hold you while standing. He may not look so sure, and you don't either..but you actually liked it quite a bit and he was pretty proud.

Oh Isaac, you can give the MOST serious faces...and it becomes a halfway smile before you light up your whole face with a big smile.

You LOVE bath time..
which is good because you can do some numbers on the both of us with your ability to spit up.

You have found your hands, and you are starting to drool like crazy. You can squeal and "talk" and kick you legs like you're trying to start a fire. I know its only a matter of time before you are on the move...but for now, I'm loving the snuggly, smiley little guy that you are.

Isaac Jesse, we love you and you bring so much joy to our family.