Sunday, October 19, 2014

The newest Hershberger

Jonah Timothy Hershberger
born October 18 @ 3:23 am
7 lbs 9 oz : 19 1/4 inches 

We checked into the hospital around 9:30 pm Friday evening. My water broke, his heart tones weren't the best...I got an epidural, and 2 hours later I pushed for 5 minutes and he was born! It felt like it happened much faster than the other two, but in reality it was only an hour or so less than Noah.

We were SO happy to have him here and healthy. Oh my, I was so glad to hear his cry :)
I am also SO grateful for the staff that I had deliver him...couldn't have asked for better.
I held him for about an hour, and he ate wonderful...then Daddy got to hold him.

Jonah's first bath...
other than his initial cry, this was the first time we heard him cry for just a short bit.

His hair!!
I am amazed at how much hair he much more than either of his brothers had.

Our first family picture of the FIVE of us!!

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