Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday Surprise

We got home from the Hershberger Christmas gathering late afternoon. 
Christian and I went over to Mom and Dad's while Ben and the other two stayed home and took naps.

We were told in preparing for the events surrounding Christmas to keep Sunday evening open for a surprise. Well, to Christian the surprise was blasting off rockets (they had put them together while we were off having Christmas). He was SUPER excited to watch them take off. It was a perfect day for it, it was so still out, hardly ANY wind! That very rarely happens.


Grandpa showing Maddox how to make it launch.

Blast OFF!

Christian and Jace..
two very happy 5 year olds.

The actual surprise was not launching rockets...
but rather a trip to Wichita in a big bus altogether to look at Christmas lights!!!
Our good friend, Ivan, was our bus driver :)

We had a very good time.

These people had a few lights!

Before heading home, we stopped at Coldstone Creamery for dessert.
What a treat!

 It was a very fun outing all together...
thank you Mom and Dad.

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