Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Mr Hershberger

Mr Hershberger is my favorite teacher.
He's been teaching for two weeks now.
We went to see his classroom today.
I'm quite proud of him.

I hope all 17 of your students appreciate you as much as we do Mr Hershberger.
Have a GREAT first year of teaching, Ben.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ground Breaking


It was a big day for Kansas Electric.
I am very proud of my dad and all he has accomplished.
It was such a nice ceremony. 
Brent and Mitch both spoke, and did a really good job. ( I think the picture above of them is hilarious.)

We were all there, minus the ones in school (Ben, Maddox, and Ava). 
It was a SUPER windy day.

And then afterwards, Uncle Mitch thought it would be fun for the boys to play in the HUGE bulldozer.
They didn't get dirty at all...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hershberger/Bergey Birthday Party

Christian got to celebrate yet another time..oh boy!
We had supper and ate school bus cupcakes.


He then opened some presents...things for his kitchen and a sandwich making kit.
He was a BIG fan!

What a good birthday month!

Monday, August 15, 2011

An adventure..with Aunt Carissa

A type of adventure like you've never had before!!
I love the pictures where Christian can't keep Ava goes back on her own and just hauls him off to catch up. (I believe her words were.."oh no, Christian, you can't get burned on the coals"..because of course that was part of the adventure!)

Carissa you're a pretty special aunt...with a HUGE imagination!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

water park

We ALL (except Mitch) went to the water park on Saturday afternoon.
The last time this happened we were all living at home, at least 15 years ago.
It was great

he looks so little here...he was just an awe.

The game we played...
walk around the pole without looking up...whoever gets dumped on was "out"...we were that family.

I was so surprised by Christian...he loved the water..even if it was pounding on his head and in his face!

He made the turtle into his own slide...he would slide down onto his head..over and over and over again!

Carissa's Bridal Shower

Alyssa and I had a bridal shower for Carissa while she is in Kansas. It was nice to include some of Carissa's friends in the "showering" of our love for her! (I realize I didn't have any pictures of the others there, oops.)
We had yummy food of course, dressed up Carissa in a beautifully custom made wedding dress, opened presents, and provided Carissa with a random assortment of answers/advice regarding married life.

Mom too!

Maybe Carissa will have to come up with something a bit more substantial for the wedding...
this one is a close second choice though!

Tim is one lucky man....
I mean it, he is!

Friday, August 12, 2011

we be plannin'

The beautiful sister...the future Mrs. Gredler :)

My dear sister Carissa is getting married in oh....a couple months.. Oct 15 to be exact. And lucky for us she came "home" this summer for a good chunk of August. So, we got to help get some things checked off her to-do list on her wedding plans. 
Wedding attire (bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dress, mama of the bride dress)....involved shopping, searching for burnt orange, trying on many dresses, still searching for burnt orange, online shopping, and more shopping. Oh, and going out to eat was in there a few times too! We are working with an adaptable we found some winners :)

The girls..Mom, Carissa, Alyssa, and I went to get pedicures one day. This didn't maybe involve much planning for the wedding..but it sure was fun. I think Carissa needs to come home more often, this kind of treatment is something I could get used to!

We also got to help with her invitations. They were her designed (by Alyssa), printed, and addressed..
it was fun :)

Not too much longer...and she will be a married woman!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday with the Sweigarts

Birthday party #2

Another birthday party..oh boy! The Sweigart family all came over for supper and birthday festivities :)

Christian in all his little boy glory....DUMP TRUCKS!

The party exciting bunch, huh!

Dump truck cake....

destroying the "wheels"...

It was a beautiful evening, so we took the party outside. The "bigger boys" played bocce ball and the kids played in the dirt. Doesn't take much to entertain when it involves being outside!

Monkey boy was having fun hanging on the hammock chair with grandma..and then dropping!

 The evening was complete with an almost full moon...