Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial weekend

My Aunt Margie from Canada was visiting at Mom and Dad's for the weekend. Celebrated our anniversary on Saturday. Went to church in Hesston on Sunday. Celebrated my birthday in Hesston with the fam Sunday night. Had a yummy birthday supper!! Went to Brent and Alyssa's Monday noon for a picnic. It was a GOOD weekend!!!!

Christian and Kade playing with the bus at Gma's. He has really found a strong interest in this bus..the boy definitely knows what he likes and doesn't like!

Playing in the pool at Brent and Alyssa's...
Margie watching...Dad pretending he's one of the kids!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

TWO years

May 24...our anniversary. Two years of married life. 
I feel so blessed to have Ben as my husband.
We celebrated by going out to eat and to a movie...a REAL date!

Friday, May 28, 2010

i forgot

So Ben brought it to my attention..I forgot to put a picture of the front yard with the new driveway...the original project. So here it is!, will be a front porch :) Always something I guess!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back the past and present

Just in case you were wondering what our back yard looked like last summer...

Here it is at the end of May 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outside spring project... part 1

So this is the project that we've been working on the last month and a half or so....

The ultimate goal was to have a second driveway so that we didn't have to park in the street. In doing this you will see the other "projects" that were able to be completed because of this.

Dad came with the bobcat to do the digging...

Dig, dig,dig

This is the tree stump that was leftover from the big daddy tree that we took down 2 summers ago....remember the one that Ben was trying to cut down with a little ol' saw. Revert back to  "no harm done" if you need a refresher.
To make it less noticeable, and actually serve some form of purpose we (Ben) made a flower bed to cover it. We just needed some dirt to fill it in.

I think we have enough DIRT!

Outdoor project, Part 2...what to do with all that dirt??

Lots of dirt = new flower beds

Ben built all the flower beds out of landscape timbers...he was a busy little carpenter!
He put one in front of the shed, and the one covering the tree stump is a pyramid-like one.

My little helper and I are planting the flowers :)

One in the front for a tree to go...

A larger bed was put out by the street, in front of the angled driveway. We couldn't "technically" go out to the street with the gravel due to codes. It would've needed to be a specific amount of concrete to be able to do this, in case the city ever wanted to put a sidewalk there. If you've ever seen our street its HIGHLY unlikely they are going to install a sidewalk in our front we chanced it with the flower bed instead. If they really decide to make a sidewalk, I guess we'll have to say farewell to the new plants we just planted there.

And there was still more dirt after all back to the backyard we go...

One by the house, and the newly transplanted bushes in the corner. And the last and final one I don't have a picture of the before or after (I don't think)...its along side the north fence, on the other side of the "tree stump".

Here's our supervisor...sitting in his executive chair. Looking back on some of these pictures, its like finding "where's waldo", except its Christian in this activity thingy.

Outdoor project...part 3...Done.

And here are the final photos of the outdoor project as of now...

This is Ben's precious compost pile...he feeds and takes care of it. Isn't it just beautiful?

I'm hoping that the flowers will continue to grow and fill out. If they were free...I would've planted a whole bunch EVERYWHERE! I guess you can see the last flower bed I said I didn't have any pictures of...its to the right. In the fall, I plan to plant mums there.

There's a little squirrel that jumped in the picture..

The bushes in the corner on the right are the ones Ben transplanted in April... I am amazed and impressed that they are alive and kickin'. 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1st tooth :)

Can you see my one and only tooth?? It's the white thing on the bottom left in my mouth :)

Roommates..the next generation

Since Ranee and I were roommates..maybe there's a chance that our boys will go to good ol' Hesston College and be roommates too! Well, either way I'm sure they will grow up as friends..they had a good start to it this past weekend :) Christian has a little catching up to do, but once he's walking I'm sure they'll be good to go!

They made quite the pair :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Meet Tessa Red Brokaw... 
she was born on March 25.

Hard to believe not very long ago Christian was her size. They do grow so fast.

A new swimsuit after our shopping extravaganza!

I made her a quilt :)

Iowa trip

Justin and Ranee Brokaw
Luke (2), Tessa (7 weeks)

Last weekend we took a trip to Iowa to visit our good friends, the Brokaws. Ranee was my roommate at Hesston College. Whoever placed us together did an amazing job...because I have a lifelong friend, and my only complaint is that we don't live closer to each other! So, they have an adorable family, and we had to meet the newest member Tessa.

We arrived Friday evening in time for supper. Kyle (my cousin, and Ranee's brother-in-law), Julie and their little boy Isaac (almost 2 years old) joined us. Isaac is quite a cutie..and he loves babies! Even though Christian is a BIG baby for him to hold, he wanted to and did so quite effectively :) 

Saturday we had a FULL day of fun filled activities! We first went to a couple shops in Kalona, came home to eat lunch, then....the GIRLS went shopping while the boys stayed home. They have a nice outlet mall nearby..with many good stores I might add! Whew, we did well!! It was a productive shopping day, with plenty of good deals and much needed purchases :) We took a picture of our piles of goodness.

The boys joined us in town for some of the best pizza, and then ice cream too, AND there was a park right across the street that we went to. It was such a nice evening.

There was even a sunset to top off the day! You know its a good day when you can fit in all these things AND get a sunset :)

Good Morning!! 

It's a shame I didn't take any pictures of Ben playing with legos with Luke. He did that several times..and enjoyed it! Luke has quite the vocabulary and it doesn't seem possible that Christian will be saying things like this so soon! Sunday morning we were able to play a little bit more before going to church. After church we ate some lunch and then had to leave to come home. We had such a good time visiting our friends..only wish we could do it more often!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday for Uncle Mitch

Happy Birthday to you...

Christian testing out his new bat bag
(His actual birthday was on May 14, but we celebrated a few days early since we were going to Iowa)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love Christian more than words can say...I love watching him grow...I love seeing his happy faces...I love hearing his jabbering...I love his sweet eyes...I love being his mama!

I feel so blessed to have the gift of a healthy child. It truly is a gift that brings such JOY to my life. I had a wonderful Mother's Day, just celebrating the fact that I am a very happy mama.

Mother's Day Weekend

On Saturday, we went to Hesston to visit Grandpa and Grandma Bergey...and Ben's Uncle Jack and Aunt Karen were visiting from Colorado. They hadn't met Christian yet, so we were all glad to see them :) Ben's Grandma had fallen a couple weeks ago and had surgery on her hip. Since surgery she has been in the Villa recovering, and will hopefully go back to their apartment soon.

Christian appears to be giving Great Gma Bergey lots of LOVE!!

On Sunday, we went to John and Chris's (Ben's uncle and aunt in Inman) place for the Mother's day meal that they host. As usual, it was delicious..always a treat to go :) And they invited my Mom and Dad, so it was nice to have both of our moms with us to celebrate mother's day!

Three of the mama's that were there :)

Then later we went to Mom and Dad's house and had an afternoon and evening of relaxation with the rest of the Sweigart fam (besides Carissa :( ).
Happy Mother's Day!! I love my mom :)