Thursday, July 23, 2015

Last of Colorado

These are not in any particular order...just some random photos from Colorado.

[Rudy's...good barbeque place. Manitou Springs]

[Brothers (and Noah). Royal Gorge]

[at the cabin]

The next four pictures were taken at House Rock Kitchen in Bueno Vista. It had been a rainy evening, but ended up being really nice to sit outside on their covered patio. They had unique play things for the kids and bocce ball. It ended up being a cool, but beautiful evening.
 [Tim and Brent playing bocce ball]

[Ava and Gia building a bird house with blocks outside at House Rock Kitchen.}

[Mia, Christian, Kade, Jace, and Maddox working together to make the magnetic pvc pipe ball run]

[Aunt Carissa and Jonah]

[Icecream treat at Kay's. Bueno Vista.]

[Mia and Christian at a mexican restaurant in Bueno Vista.]

[Christian and Kade at the cabin right before leaving for KS]

We had a really good time. In the evenings, we played games in the one cabin and had a monitor that could handle the 100 ft or whatever it was in between the other cabin. It was a great location to enjoy each other and beautiful surroundings. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the good time!
We all left Wednesday morning...back to reality.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Scenic drive [Colorado]

On Tuesday, we all went out on a scenic drive with no real set agenda. 
Really, true, raw beauty all around.

An old ghost town, St Elmo, where they had a chipmunk feeding zone. Oh boy, there were alot of chipmunks..stuffing their cheeks!!

Fresh mountain air, with nature all was good to soak it all in.

Water Fun [Colorado]

One of the highlights of where we stayed in Colorado was the swimming pool and water slide.
On Monday, we all went swimming for a bit in the morning. Then some went white water rafting in the afternoon, while the rest of us went back to the pool for as long as the weather cooperated (it was cloudy/raining..and then lightning which is when we called it quits). As long as we were in the water, it felt great! However, we did not stay in the to the MANY rides down the waterslide. The second we would go down, we each (Ben, Alyssa, and I) had a kid asking to ride with us! 

Part of the next day we spent more time with the whole family at the pool as was fun for sure.

Noah liked it all of about two times..then that was enough.

If only this was the video of was SO funny. "That's not funny!" her line right after her ride down....oh, but it, so funny.

The Birthday Girl!!! (We celebrated with pancakes in the morning, egg salad sandwiches and/or grilled cheese sandwiches at lunch complete with a cookie tower cake.)

The slide fun...
(Alyssa and Mia)

(Mitch and Maddox)

The walk...
(Tim and Jace)

(Brent and Kade...I think its pretty funny how nonchalant Kade is when Brent is a bit animated.)

(Grandpa and Ava....and with Christian)

 (Mia and Ava)

Everyone but Jonah tried it out at least once. It was a fun time!

Monday, July 20, 2015


We arrived at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort mid afternoon Sunday.
It was SO pretty and serene all around.

We unpacked our things between the two cabins that were next to each other. They were nice sized cabins, one slightly larger than the other. Our family stayed in the loft portion of one, with Mitch in the bedroom, and Maddox/Ava/Kade slept in the living area. The rest of the family had bedrooms/loft area in the other cabin.

Noah didn't waste ANY time getting his new Noah's Ark puzzle from Focus on the Family out. He is a puzzle man!

We went swimming for a bit in one of the pools (fed by the hot springs...a comfortable warm bath temperature). Then Dad went to pick up pizza. Ohhh, it was good pizza, brick oven...delicious.
The kids did a lot of coloring around the coffee table throughout the several days we spent there. Before bed, Grandpa usually shared a bedtime story (those are always a hit for everyone).

Noah...such a cozy little nook of a bed on the floor next to our bed in the loft.

In the morning, these two had their deep conversation over finding "Waldo"

Jonah had many people to look after him..which is good, as he likes to explore!

 A few other pictures from around the cabins...

Royal Gorge

Sunday we went to the Royal Gorge.
It was a warm, sunny day.

We all rode over the gorge on the gondola. Whew, it was high up there. I have discovered that the older I thoughts on heights are not what they once were.

On the other side of the gorge, we walked to the playground area. They had a carousel of sorts (half of the horses were unable to be ridden on). The actual playground, the older kids played on. The rocking toys that have the springs were probably my favorite entertainment. Noah was the only age/size appropriate rider..but that didn't stop a few other grown men to play on them too!

We watched a magic show in the theater, and then walked across the bridge.
It is so crazy how they were able to build a bridge that has held up this long, and held up the forest fire a few years ago.

Noah looking through the cracks of the wood planks on the bridge, to see WAYYYYY down there.

I feel like we have a very similar picture to this taken about 20 years ago...the siblings at the Kansas flag.

Our family on the bridge at the Royal Gorge 

We also rode the train around the area by the gorge. After that we were pretty warm and ready to move on to the next adventure.