Saturday, April 16, 2016


The last several days has had several big moments with our friends.

Kira and Brody had a baby! Baby girl Maizy, born April 12th, while we were in Mexico.
Look at all her hair!!

Friday night, the Masons and Yoders were in we all went out to eat at Granite City.
It was an evening full of laughing, catching up, and good food.

Saturday night, we went to a very special resident (soon to be attending OBGYN's) 30th birthday party. It was at Kellie and Jeremy's house in Wichita (our old neighbor's on Maus Ln). There were many friends/co-workers there and we had a really good time. It didn't make me wish to live in Wichita again...and it didn't make me wish for different neighbors...but I sure to miss hanging out with Kellie as often as we used to!!

It was good to catch up with friends, celebrate with friends, and just know that even when time gets away from us and we have our own busyness of life...these are some pretty special friends. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [Adios]

Our last day in Mexico....

Ben and the boys walking to breakfast.

This was our table every day for breakfast...
the fresh fruit was such a treat to have every morning. T
he raspberries, strawberries and pineapple were my favorite!

Ben took the boys down to the pool for a final swim, while I finished getting packed up before coming down. Another beautiful, sunny day!

Good ol' Uncle Brent...Jace and Christian loved it.

Jonah proved that he is totally and completely unsafe in the water. He has no sense of fear and went under at least a couple times while surrounded by adults. Thankfully, he was fine...but he needs 150% attention while in/around water.

 Adios are beautiful.

 We ate lunch at the resort, and then headed to the airport.
We spent a very brief time all together after getting checked in before saying goodbye to the Gredlers.
Our flight wasn't long after we got to our gate either..and we were on our way home via a short stop in Houston. The flights went well, and we had some very tired passengers by the time we arrived at the airport at 11ish pm.

What a fun and memorable thankful we all got to go. 
Very thankful for Mom and Dad, thankful for their 40 years of love and dedication to each other, and thankful they let us all join them on this trip to celebrate their anniversary!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

~ Mexico ~ [special family night]

Mom and Dad arranged for us to have professional pictures taken on the beach.
Here are a few of my favorites that they took.

And I did take a few while we were down there with my own camera...

The only downside...was the wind. It was a bit tricky to try and keep my hair out of my face!

Then another special fun surprise for the evening...we had supper on the beach. 
I felt like I was dreaming..or watching my own life happening like it was a movie.
It was all so very lovely.

Christian had a bite of octopus in his mouth. He said he'd try it!! Now he can say, he jumped off a cliff and ate octopus :)

This little tiger was out after the bread was distributed. He stayed sleeping until the very added to the magical, relaxing, and great meal time.

Oh wow, this is an evening and meal I will never forget. 
Thanks to these two parents for 40 years definitely worth celebrating in a very special way.

~ Mexico ~ [Dia Cinco]

As this was our final full day in Mexico...I feel like we made the most of it!

I had to get a picture of Jonah with his friends...he liked almost all the waiters. Probably because they really liked him. I couldn't believe that he went to them so easily. Ivan and Erik were are servers every morning...they were always very friendly and accommodating.

After breakfast, we went down to the beach and Dad, Christian and Noah got started on making the mound mountain as the base for the last sand castle. 

Tim & Carissa and family, Brent & Alyssa and family, and Ben & I walked down the beach to Playa del Carmen. We walked around to some of the shops for a short bit, and then walked back. There's nothing quite like going for a walk along the ocean...we certainly don't have a view of that back home.

When we got back to 'our' beach...Dad had stayed at building the sand castle base. It was HUGE!!!!!

For quite some time after that, many of us participated in shaping and forming the sand castle.
Brent and Ben create the animals. Dad is quite the sand castle go-to man....if you need something ie; water, leveling off, shovel he will get it done, as well as add his own creations and talk to the spectators as they come and go. Carissa, Alyssa, and I added the drizzle effect and the shape like/number additions to the castle. We each contribute...however, Brent & Ben should get a little extra credit for creativity and Dad for the brunt work.


All 19 of us by the sand castle...

We relaxed a bit in the pool, before getting ready for the next big pictures on the beach!!