Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas [Sweigart family]

Merry CHRISTmas!
We all got around in the morning...ate some breakfast, and awaited Santa's arrival.
Carissa is super special :)

Santa arrived late morning...each grandchild received a gift from him..what a generous man.

Santa and company

Christian giving Santa a hug and thanking him for his remote control car. 
He was so excited!

We sang more Christmas songs, Dad read the birth of Jesus story from the Bible, and then we opened up gifts from each other. 

Mia and Gia (or as dressed in character as Anna and Elsa)

We ate a very good Christmas dinner...and then those that needed naps, took them.

Those that didn't take naps, played games or just relaxed.
The 'train game'..Ticket to Ride. Complete with puppy chow at our side, or carmel popcorn, or delicious cupcakes, or any number of cookies..anything you wanted to eat (not that we were really 'hungry'..but who's keeping track anyway).

Our annual Christmas play...
a cute little pantless sheep (Noah) adorable angel (Ava)

a couple shepherds resting (Maddox and Ava)

and a sleeping baby Jesus (Jonah)

the entire cast.

We then opened gifts downstairs...
the ones from Mom and Dad (or Grandma and Grandpa..depending on who you are!)

The fun didn't stop there....
supper, more surprises, the pickle (oh how the pickle find is fun!)

and a special treat of Mitch reading a bedtime book to the kids
The Book With No Pictures.
(It is hilarious...especially if you have an animated reader, and they have not read through it before.)

If you want to know what it sounds like you may watch this video...if you want to be surprised what the book is not watch this :)

After the kids were in bed (which this particular evening took quite some time for hmm...Noah!) the big boys went in the hot tub, and then we played games again.
Oh my...LOTS and LOTS of laughing.

It was a very memorable Christmas.

We all stayed over night again...
Friday morning, this was the view in the living room.

Friday highlights included:
the hot tub with Grandpa, a movie (Annie) at the movie theatre for all but Mom, Noah, and Jonah, and pizza back at Mom and Dad's.

We are blessed. Truly blessed. 
Sometimes that feeling almost overwhelms me..which is a good thing..I guess its when your heart is so full, it doesn't know what else to do but cry.


the brokaws said...

The Gingerichs also enjoy Ticket to Ride and a large supply of snacks. We have yet to do the all out Christmas Story re-enactment though...maybe next year. :) You Sweigarts make me happy.

The Hershberger Home said...

I have a feeling the Gingerich/Sweigart Christmas celebrations have many similarities....all in which make for belly filling and belly laughing times :)

Carissa Gredler said...

Didn't realize I was such a photo-bomber. You got some good pics that I want!