Thursday, December 4, 2008


As a labor and delivery nurse I witness a miracle every time a baby is born..and it really never gets old. I guess this week is above and beyond miracle week...not due to the number of babies born, but the stories that went with the pregnant mothers.
Two days ago, I helped with a c-section of a mother that was told her baby had anomalies that were incompatible with life. Meaning, once the baby was born the baby would maybe live a couple days maximum. They were sent to Kansas City last week from our hospital, because they found that the baby had severe spinal cord damage (thinking it was spina bifida), only one kidney, and hydrocephalus (alot of fluid around the head). The hope was that the specialized surgeons in KC could do surgery on the baby right after he was born and he would survive. She was prepped and ready for the c-section in KC, when the doctor came in and said they weren't going to do it because the baby was not going to survive and the anomalies were incompatible with life. So, they come back to Wichita and we were going to do the surgery and comfort care for the newborn. They were such a nice couple and ready for what they were facing...I'm sure a bit numb after the roller coaster ride of the mixed prognosis's they were told. We do the c-section, and they cover the exposed spinal defect, but do nothing further as far as "promoting life." However, the baby is crying and not terribly long after he is moving his legs and doing really pretty well. I asked the nurse from the NICU if the baby had a chance since it seemed to be doing fine, and she said no, it'll die. Well, yesterday I checked to see if the infant had made it or not...and it was in the NICU waiting to be transferred to Kansas City for surgery! It was peeing, and eating, and everything...everything they said it wasn't going to do. The baby was supposed to be flown today, and I pray that the surgeries go smoothly, and this family can bring home their baby boy Joshua. I just couldn't imagine going through all the emotions that they must have...trying to prepare themselves..and now hope for his life! Anyway, I thought that was pretty amazing..
Secondly, I had a mother last night that came in as an outpatient for contractions. She wasn't due until late January. When I went to put the monitors on her belly, I noticed a very large scar running all the way down her abdomen. I asked what it was from and she said it was from being stabbed. Obviously the questions didn't end with this...she was stabbed by her going to be ex-husband in the back and both sides of her neck in June of this year. They performed surgery to fix her kidney and carotid artery, as well as the excessive internal bleeding. Not only is this a miracle that she survived..but she was pregnant at the time it happened and didn't know it. She was just a few weeks along, and couple weeks later when she went in for an emergency appendectomy she found out. I told the lady that she was quite the walking miracle, and her baby must be meant to be for a reason.
Sorry this is so long..but these things don't happen everyday and when they do...there is no other words to describe it than "its a miracle."

Friday, November 28, 2008

So thankful, so blessed (part 2)

Mid-afternoon we left the Hershberger gathering and headed to Mom and Dad Sweigart's in Hesston. After a round of everyone participating in reasons to be thankful (Maddox maybe gave a number of reasons) we enjoyed another filling meal. We missed Carissa...but look forward to her being with us for Christmas. The rest of the evening we played some games and relaxed. Oh yes, how could I forget..I thought it'd be nice to take some pictures of the "boys"..well, that obviously is more of a challenge then I could manage.

So thankful, so blessed (part 1)

Thanksgiving is such a good time to celebrate all our blessings in life. We are blessed in so many ways. One of them is having both of our families living in the "area". This makes holidays and celebrations double the fun. On Thanksgiving, we had dinner with the Hershberger family and Bergey grandparents at Mark and Beth Goertz's home in Inman at noon. Table(s) full of homecooked food made for a wonderful meal. It was also Grandpa Hershberger's 82nd birthday!!!

Oh Christmas Tree

Last Sunday afternoon, Dad Sweigart and Brent picked Ben and I up to go pick out Christmas trees. It is quite the process as Ben learned :) After an hour or more we had 3 trees in the back of Dad's truck. We didn't have a chance to decorate it until Wednesday night. I must say it is shorter than previous years..but very festive all the same.

Katie's Wedding

Katie Simmering, a friend from middle school/high school/college was married on Nov 22nd. I'm the bridesmaid on the far left.

The reception was held at Reba's restaurant in Newton...we had Thanksgiving dinner.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A general update

Just thought I'd give a general update on our everyday lives...

Ben continues to work at the elementary school with first graders. He is now working there 3-4 hours, 4 days a week and well as going to his classes at WSU. Starting December 1st I will be working full time, instead of per diem. As far as the amount of work, this only means that I will have a regular set schedule rather than scheduling myself. We're enjoying life, and looking forward to spending holidays with our families.

A productive day

After several months of wishing for an electrician in the family to fix some issues around the house...turns out my Dad decided to grant that wish! A new light in the stairway, switch in the hallway that works, the ugly lamp post that didn't work removed, and last but not least a NEW front porch light that works!!! All these things...but wait, there's more...the remainder of the limbs from the tree that was cut down this summer were taken from the backyard. I must say the "lawn ornaments" won't be missed.

Then this evening we joined Mom and Dad Hershberger and Grandpa and Grandma Hershberger for a delicious supper. It was a very productive day...a very good one!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lots of leaves

On Sat afternoon Ben built a compost area as a home for all the leaves in our yard. I didn't take a picture before...but just imagine leaves covering every inch of the yard and that is pretty much what it looked like. I must say I was pretty impressed with his little project.

nephew turns two

On Nov 10, Kade turned two!! We celebrated at his house on the 8th with a tractor theme. Kade loves tractors! He even a received a tractor he could ride on! The fun included ring around the rosy, playing with the toys he opened, and eating of course. He is quite the little boy, very active and doesn't let much slow him down (even stitches to his head the night before).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So much love...
no end of giving...
open arms welcomed everyone who entered home...
home cooked food to fill all bellies...
so much love...
a laugh that was contagious...
calm, peaceful spirit...
genuine care about each person's life...
so much love...
letters, so good about sending letters...
the perfect lap to lay my head on...
admirable faith...
just so much love...
valued each and every family member...
an inner joy that radiated outward...
such a strong woman...
so much love...

Memories...on this day, that is what I treasure the most. Each one of these memories is a blessing. The love she shared I will never forget. She is at home in heaven, but her life here on earth will not be forgotten. Miss you Grandma, I miss you very much.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Costumes for all?!?

Although halloween isn't exactly a time that we "celebrate" was pretty fun to go to Hesston to wait for three little trick-or-treater's in particular. We stopped at our neighbors house first to see little Liam (5 months old) dressed up like a pea pod (I forgot to get him a food). Then we ate supper at Mom and Dad Sweigart's and spent the evening visiting..and bringing out the costumes we used from back in the day! The kitty mask is what I wore when I was 3 years old...only 22 years ago!

And Ben thought I looked scary in the kitty mask!!! He was able to create his own scariness on his own :). Oh, and no these were not the three trick-or-treater's I was talking about. Those three were MUCH cuter.

Kade was Bob the tomato (Veggie Tales)

Ava was Tinkerbell

Maddox was Larry Boy (Veggie Tales)

Hardly believable!

Just had to put a picture of the price of gas, because I can hardly believe its going to stay like this...although I can hardly believe it actually got this low after being nearly 4 dollars/gallon a few weeks ago!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

random recent pictures

I realized I didn't have a recent picture of our house, since the changes over the summer. And the other ones I just thought were cute.

Ahh, it is fall...

This last weekend, we went to Hesston for a pumpkin carving party at Mom and Dad Sweigart's. It was a good time, this time Ben and I made a tractor. There was a cat (Brent and Alyssa) two funny faces (Mom and Ava..and Dad and Maddox/Ava) and a deer (Mitch..Maddox kinda lost interest immediately after seeing what it involved). After the pumpkins were finished, we had homemade pizza! It definately felt like fall when we were leaving...BRRR! I think that was the first night it was below freezing this season. Right now, it feels quite chilly...I'm drinking some coffee with the electric heater on, and a woodwick candle burning (my pretend fire place)...probably the real heater will have to go on this week sometime. This is my favorite time of year...feels so cozy, all the fall smells, even the football (ask Ben, I watched quite a bit with him on Saturday)...and of course being thankful for all the wonderful things we are blessed with!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our own fall festivities!! (day 5:part 2)

Carissa had a whole evening of events planned..Darren and Dan (a friend of hers, who I actually went to HC with as well) joined us. We ate homemade pizza and then proceeded to the pumpkin carving!! Ben and I were together, Darren and Jenny, and Carissa and Dan. It was quite the event. Removing the guts from the pumpkin, coming up with a design, drawing it out, then cutting it out. We all did a pretty amazing job. To finish off the night, we had hot apple cider and caramel apples! Quite the home fall festival it was.

We had a good time visiting Carissa, and all the activities we did as well. We arrived safely home on Sunday night around 10:30.

Fall Festivals and more...(day 5: part 1)

Saturday was full of activities. The three of us drove out to the apple farm we went to last year. It was a bit different this year, but still very enjoyable. We ate apple donuts and rode on a hay rack ride through the apple trees.

Then we stopped in a small town, to go to a fall festival...the main street was full of little craft vendors and such. We stopped to eat popoosa's (a central america meal), which was pretty good...its similar to a quesadilla. In the afternoon, the three of us and Jenny (one of Carissa's roommate's) went golfing! It was a par 3 course, which is like real golf but on a much smaller scale. I think I'm going to go ahead and say none of us were great, but we all had a great time. I'm not exactly gifted in controlling the ball, or controlling my strength...which was a bad combination with a good sized creek nearby. Not to worry, I wasn't the only one, Carissa had the same problem. We found other balls to use, and proceeded with our "intense" game.