Sunday, November 13, 2011

RMV {roommate visit}

Christian and I made a long over due visit to Iowa this week, to visit my dear friend Ranee and her family. He traveled really good both there and back..that's always a blessing.

The first evening we got there, Kyle (my cousin..who just so happens to be Ranee's brother in law as well), was combining in the field in their back yard. He was nice enough to let Christian and I join him for the last little bit. OH boy, Christian loved it. He talked about Kyle for the rest of the time there!

Ranee and Justin have two cute kids..Luke (3) and Tessa (1 1/2). Pictures are good when you can't visit..but it sure is nice to see the real deal in person. Its fun to see them grow up!

 This trip Ranee and I had made a relatively long list of craft things to do together, since we both enjoy doing them..and doing them together is double the enjoyment! Of course we included a shopping outing in the agenda as well..a visit is not complete without that!

After we'd lay the kids down for the night...the crafting came out! The Brokaws have recently built a nice addition to their house..a laundry space/bathroom, two car garage, and basement (where Christian and I slept). We set up our craft shop in the laundry area.

We had a few extra helpers...
I can't remember if I told Justin I wouldn't put this on here or not..but for the record I'm only trying to depict the awesome participant he was in contributing to the crafting. He will have to be nominated for best supportive husband or something. I actually took it to prove to Ben that Justin did this for see if I could boost Ben's excitement in helping me! I don't think I'll hold my breath..which is probably okay for the both of us :) 

More photos of the days together...

Christian was a fan of Ranee's cinnamon rolls..we all were for that matter.

The last evening we were there, the Gingerich's (Ranee's parents), and the Birky's (Kyle & Julie's family) joined us for supper.

And due to the fact that we were so busy chatting, shopping, crafting, and watching our children..this is the only picture we managed to take of the two of us literally seconds before we had to say goodbye. 
We should really learn to do better at this!

 I'm glad we were able to visit. We had fun together as usual. I value Ranee's friendship, even if 98% of it is over the phone or through emails/letters. The extra 2% in person is like icing on the cake! We didn't exactly get all of our crafting endeavors completed..but I'd say that's fine, maybe that means we need to do this more often...(or maybe it means we need to have a more realistic list), regardless I had fun and I"m glad I got to hang out with the Brokaw's for a few days!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Kade Man turns FIVE

Kade turns FIVE on November 10.
We celebrated the weekend before..and it was a GOOD time.

We started with a scavenger hunt outside..

...and we ended up taking a walk in their neighborhood, it was really pretty.

Then Mr. Kade opened presents...he got an awesome hat!

This is Kade's cousin, Blake...he was also their for the birthday bash. 
I couldn't help but put this picture in of him...I had fun with both him and his younger brother Henry. 

And here are a couple "super hero's" eating their pizza...
I think Christian might have been a blind super hero..he had a hard time opening his eyes!

And here is the birthday boy with his Larry Boy birthday cake that his mama made.
I had to put both pictures...they are both SO HIM!

Kade Man, you are such a sweet boy..I truly enjoy watching your sweet and oh so energetic spirit grow up. We love you lots!!!