Thursday, July 31, 2008

A trip to Topeka

Following Ava's birthday party, we headed up to Topeka to see Ben's parents for the weekend. It was good to visit them. We also got to see the house that Ben's dad fixed up and is now on the market. Sunday afternoon we went to a reception party of a friend of Ben's that got married the previous weekend. Nearly every weekend since we've gotten back from our honeymoon we've been out of town/state. It's been nice that we could go so many places this summer, but I think we're both ready for some time at home now.

Little Birthday Girl

Our niece, Ava, turned three on July 21. We celebrated at Brent and Alyssa's house last weekend with the family. It was a festive occasion with Tinkerbell and all. She's getting to be quite the little lady!

A picnic set from us. Brent did such a wonderful job of demonstrating how it works to "play picnic".

Blowing out the candles on the Tinkerbell cake. Good job!

Monday, July 21, 2008

July weddings

More traveling...last month it was reunions, this month it is weddings! Kira Johnson and Pete VanderPloeg got married near Denver, CO on July 12th. Kira is a college friend of Ben's. We carpooled with other college friends and had a good time. Jack and Karen (Ben's uncle/aunt) live outside of Denver so we were able to stay with them and visit for the brief weekend. The weekend was beautiful all around.

Hesston College friends/alumni

The following weekend, Camille Birky (my cousin) and Russell Adrian were married in Mountain Lake, MN on July 19th. My mom rode up with us, leaving very early the morning of the wedding. The wedding went well and they had a very tasty reception dinner. Usually we don't to see the Birky family this much in one summer (our wedding, reunion, this wedding), but it has been a nice treat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fourth of July 50's party

On the fourth of July, Carissa came for a 10 day visit. We picked her up from the airport and headed to Hesston to Mom and Dad's, where they were hosting a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend, Cindy. In honor of her 50th..they had a 50's theme to go along with it...and we participated. It was fun. The glasses I'm wearing were Brenda's when she was in 5th grade..they maybe were a bit off centered at times.

Later, Ben and I went into town to celebrate the 4th with friends. It was a good night!

Monday, July 14, 2008

no harm done??

I've waited a little while to post this, because it took that long to sink in that it could've been much worse. Ben is a handy man to have around the house, he's made me shelves to store things, repairs stuff here and there, fixing up the garage, etc. While I was at work during the first part of July, he was working on cleaning up the backyard by cutting down small branches. Apparently, he thought the task was too minor and decided he was up for cutting down the whole tree piece by piece (which really does need to come down b/c its mostly dead and has a slew of carpenter ants that occasionally make their way to our house).

He had bought a hand saw and a little yellow rope for the job, and used a ladder to get to a climbing point in the tree. Note..I did not know this is what he was up to before it was too late. On the fourth of July, I was informed of the plan and was concerned for two major things..#1 the safety of his life and #2 the safety of the house. He said neither one should be an issue. :) oh goodie. So I stayed outside "trying" to help...I tugged on the little yellow rope when told, and the big branch did not come down with all my efforts. The branch was cut over 3/4th the way through and wouldn't budge. We had to pick up Carissa from the airport and go to Hesston for the evening, so we left it. It was still standing in the morning, and as we were talking in the dining room about how to get it down....BOOOOOOMMM! Sure enough, we didn't have to wonder anymore how it was going to come down. Unfortunately, the little yellow rope didn't do much good and indeed the big ol' branch landed on the house. It made a small hole, which Ben patched, and hit the thing the holds the power line to the house. The cable that supports the power line needed to be fixed, but the actual power line stayed connected (thank goodness). Needless to say, we will be using different equipment to get the remainder of the tree down with several more people involved. I am very glad no one got hurt and we are planning on re-roofing the house and gutters (which he just took down last night) this summer anyways...which is a good thing...otherwise I don't think this would be a talking matter :).